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The Age Of Telemedicine Cometh

One thing that the COVID-19 scare has done is to push forward the inevitable arrival of telemedicine. The time will come soon, if it hasn’t already, when there are more online consultations with doctors than in the flesh.

For some this is a good thing. For others, not so welcome.

Telemedicine has provided a unique opportunity for doctors to be present in a patient’s home, understand their living situation, and speak to members of their family. Physicians can gain a more holistic view of their patients, which allows them to identify specific challenges that patients face and determine their ability to remain under self-quarantine. 

In the time of a pandemic, this was one of the few opportunities for patients to interact with their physicians without the barriers imposed by face masks. 

But it all lacks the personal touch, the genuine interaction, that is such a vital part of sitting down with a doctor and unloading!

I predict that the personal touch will be less of a factor than simple economics. So far insurance companies have been reluctant to sanction online “visits”, writing prescriptions, and so forth. But the convenience is undeniable. The health and safety factor of not having to go to a place where maybe-infectious patients are gathered in numbers is also undeniable.

It saves the patient travel money. Ultimately, it must save the insurance companies.

But there are a lot of technological challenges. The lockdown rule alone has reduced the internet, almost to its knees. Bandwidth is being used by those forced to stay at home, to watch videos, play games, spend hours on Facebook and otherwise amuse themselves online, at the expense of those who need to use the internet to do work.

There are times of the day where I live, for instance, when the internet slows down dramatically. I believe that to be when the Chinese, Koreans and Asians come online in their millions (possibly billions?) in their early morning. Some days the internet seizes up altogether.

Unfortunately, video capability needed for such packages as Skype and Zoom, requite a LOT of bandwidth. Depending on where you live and who you are trying to connect with, a tele-meeting can be just impossible.

Even the phones seize up some days, because of the sheer volume of calls among bored, frustrated individuals. To make the empty claim that lockdown is needed for public health and safety is just disingenuous, when so many lives are being disrupted and damaged.

So What Can You Do?

Well, let’s be smart and combine telemedicine management with an honest and knowledgeable approach to the risks of COVID-19.

To help this along, I have assembled a band of expert doctors who can meet with you online, and tell you what to do for optimum health. In the present climate, for example, that would be to know how to become proof against the COVID-19 virus (plus any “real” threats out there too)!

Actually, I shouldn’t joke. COVID-19 is real enough. It does kill. But as I have said before: it only kills certain individuals and therefore we should be helping those individuals get to safety, not locking down healthy people and destroying the very fabric of society.

The lockdown has proven worthless anyway. Intelligent experts (not the shills and government lackeys) are all agreed that isolation, lockdown, social distancing and wearing masks are all of limited worth, if any. What little benefit has been measurable will evaporate as soon as restrictions are lifted.

Crucifying the lives of billions is pointless, just to create “slowdown figures”, if when restrictions are lifted, the infections that were being blocked or held back will simply erupt. All the “benefits” or pretend gains will disappear. There will be a “catch up” phase, when numbers go crazy again. That’s not control in any sense of the word. 

Flattening the curve, a term so beloved of armchair epidemiologists, does NOT mean reducing the overall numbers. A certain number of people will get this disease, whether it’s all at once or spun out over half a year. That proportion of the population was set in stone LONG BEFORE THE SO-CALLED “PANDEMIC” WAS ANNOUNCED.

Talk To A Top Doctor

If you want to get some help, you are worried or consider yourself definitely at risk, please book an interaction with one of my doctors. It won’t be me. I said an expert! (seriously, though, the doctor you want to talk to is someone expert in metabolic syndrome: obesity, diabetes, diabesity, blood pressure and heart disease, who has also studied the true science of Coronavirus).

The cost is modest: $99 for 20 minutes. You can do a LOT in 20 minutes (normal in the USA for in the office is a mere 6 minutes, I’m told) and we are generous about a little overrun.

Click Here To Book Your Private Consultation

Meantime, I have been approached by what sounds like a massive telemedicine group. It’s coming! The future looks bright. It’s inevitable that the world is going more and more online and, whereas I deplore jerks like Jeff Bezos getting mega-wealthy because of it, the ease of ordering and working online is hard to deny. Even I shop on Amazon!

Stay Safe,

Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby

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