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The best way to quit smoking, without a doubt.

So if you smoke, or know someone close who does, listen up. Side-smoke dangers are now clearly established and so smoking affects us all.

A recent clinical trial reported at the American College of Chest Physicians 73rd Annual Scientific Assembly (Oct 2007) showed that one method stands out way ahead of the rest when it comes to stopping smoking: and it isn’t will power!

The researchers took 67 patients with heart or lung problems and divided them into 4 groups. The control group quit smoking without any supportive treatment, a second group underwent hypnotherapy, a third group received nicotine replacement therapy (NRT – pills or patch), and the fourth group received both hypnotherapy and NRT.

Patients selected their own treatment approach, which was strongly influenced by their previous experiences with smoking cessation, with most patients choosing a different method.

More women chose hypnotherapy, whereas men were more likely to choose a patch or go cold turkey. After 26 weeks, the results were assessed. You may be surprised or maybe you can guess.

Hypnotic suggestion was the clear winner, with over 50% of patients remaining non-smokers at 6 months. Cold turkey came second with 25% and NRT was a miserable 16%. Interestingly to me, hypnotism and NRT combined didn’t work any better than just hypnotism alone. [American College of Chest Physicians 73rd Annual Scientific Assembly: Abstract 6066. Presented October 22, 2007].

So forget the expensive chemical answer (NRT) and don’t suffer the hard route with just will power. Get hypnotism, which had DOUBLE the success rate of “cold turkey”.

In addition, one can say that good support from friends and family is helpful.

The main criticism I have of this study is that the numbers were small. Also the individuals entered into the trial were all sick people, with dangerous heart or lung complaints and were thus strongly motivated to quit smoking. How far one can generalize the findings and apply them to (I almost wrote “fit, healthy smokers”, which would be an oxymoron) all would-be quitters, I can’t say.

Common sense though says do what worked best in this trial.

You can get stop-smoking hypnotism and other downloads from this page:

You are covered by a full money back guarantee from the vendor.



I invented it and used it with fabulous success in the early 1980s. It was based on sublingual neutralization therapy (Miller’s method). In fact it was only when I became famous as an allergist and people were flying in from all over the world and I just got too busy that we had to discontinue it.

Richard Mackarness hit on the same idea about a year later and wrote a book that covered the general principles, called A LITTLE OF WHAT YOU FANCY. It’s available on Amazon but at ridiculous prices, from individuals profiteering because of its scarcity.

There is more detail on it here:  but I have to tell you that the link to Robert Brynin’s ADDICTION NEUTRALIZATION program no longer works. I’m trying urgently to find out where he is; my first wife worked for him for a time and so I’m hoping she has maintained contact.



Bioresonance is an important therapeutic principle I have explained in great detail in the book VIRTUAL MEDICINE. If you haven’t yet bought a copy, go here:  If you have, turn to chapter 6.

In brief it means to adapt the body’s own energy field and invert certain key frequencies, so cancelling them out. You can do the same thing with the frequency signal of a substance. It works for wheat allergy, mercury detox and so on. Tobacco is just another toxin.

The practitioner has to be careful; I have seen a case with just a tiny signal for “wheat” cause a wheat-sensitive patient to go straight into an asthma attack. What is so remarkable is that no wheat was even in the room: just an energy/information signal. It’s a whole new medical paradigm and why I called my book VIRTUAL MEDICINE.

Those offering bioresonance therapy for wannabe quitters claim around 90% success. Always beware of statistics like that from somebody trying to sell you something! But I can tell you the method really does work and works very often.

Here’s my table, in order of success priority:

1.    Bioresonance if you can find it

2.    Hypnotism

3.    Sublingual neutralization, aka. addiction neutralization

4.    Counseling, Allan Carr etc.

5.    Nicotine replacement therapy




Again, something I discovered in the early 80s and used a lot. When somebody quits smoking, they are under quite severe stress. I used to administer a temporary low dose of steroids. To me this made more sense than using anti-depressants, which is the fashion.

You’ll need an extraordinarily co-operative MD for this. But it really did help (first 10 days, maximum).

Nowadays I would use well-loved and tested complex homeopathic remedies, such as Traumeel and Nervoheel. These are made by HEEL company and are available from or




Yes and for the same reason, let me recommend The Doctor’s Chocolate. I guess I’ll now have to write and tell you about that in my next e-mail. But basically it is a healthy chocolate I designed, which contains L-theanine. This amino acid, which occurs naturally in green tea, is a powerful relaxant and de-stresser. It has been studied a great deal and shown to generate brain alpha-waves, the pattern of relaxation and calm.

It also tastes delicious, has next to no fat and sugar and is just 20 calories per piece. So you can gorge it without putting on weight, as smoking quitters are known to do. In fact the non-sugar sweetener (xylitol) is a pronounced appetite suppressant, so you won’t even gorge! (people have lost up to 50 lbs in just a few weeks, eating my chocolate.

If you can’t wait for the next e-mail and want to know more NOW, go here!

That’s all, Prof.



I enjoy your newsletters and your recent appearance on Coast2CoastAM. I quit smoking cigarettes in 1975 by temporarily changing to canned snuff (e.g., Copenhagen) which was so disgusting it was easy to quit. I recommend it over nicotine gum which seems to become a lifetime habit for many, for example the notorious Don Imus. No doubt cigarette smoking cause thousands or millions of deaths worldwide.
I do enjoy a premium handmade cigar (temporarily legal, that is to say not Cuban) now and again, usually one a week, on a weekend afternoon on the patio, with lots of fresh air like the stuff they breathe in smoke-free Los Angeles, with my brother and maybe 2 fingers of Laphroaig.
But really, how clearly established are these dangers and what is the scientific evidence for this statement from your newsletter today titled "The Best Way to Quit Smoking, Without a Doubt":
       "Side-smoke dangers and now clearly established and so smoking affects us all."
I have heard the statement "50 thousand per year die from second-hand smoke" so many times that if I weren’t such a skeptic I might believe it. 
As I recall, the WHO did a huge study which is never cited and which tended to indicate 2nd hand smoke might actually be beneficial. Of course this flies in the face of common sense, like quantum physics.
I don’t smoke in a month nearly as many cigars as Mark Twain or George Burns did in a day, but I do smoke better quality cigars than either of these other old geezers did (lol).
I just hope the always reliable congress doesn’t turn me into a criminal with the help of well-meaning people from Vitamin D rich California.
That subject notwithstanding, keep up the good work and best wishes for your continued success.
Lee Tatham

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