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The Future Of Medicine

I predict the extreme polarization of medical sciences. There will be a small (and diminishing) corps of dedicated individuals; real scientists who want to make a difference. Through them, and only through them, we will continue to make significant advances in medicine.

But their effort will be swamped out by the continuing wave of lies and corruption which passes for “science”. It contains no new discoveries, only new ways of lying about what the pharmaceutical industry is peddling.

But those who criticize this system of rampant corruption will be increasingly pilloried and attacked as incompetent, dangerous, dishonest, stupid. It’s already happening with criticism of the “anti-vaccine loonies” and other pejoratives.

The only way of surviving in this coming world of chemicalized madness is to look after yourself. But the medical industry won’t like that. It will become more and more difficult, as suppliers of natural products and experts in non-pharma healing are increasingly marginalized or even criminalized.

People like me could end up in jail, for teaching you that nature can heal!

Investigative reporter Jon Rappoport ( has just written a piece about the disturbing trend to bar sportsmen and women from receiving good care from holistic experts; care that really works, as opposed to expensive and worthless orthodox treatments.

NFL quarterback Tom Brady is probably the world’s top footballer. He and some of his Patriots teammates have gone outside the boundaries for help—to independent trainer/nutritionist Alex Guerrero. This move obviously raised conflicts with the Patriots’ medical staff. Coach Bill Belichick eventually restricted players’ access to Guerrero—the trainer could no longer fly with the team, stand on the sidelines during games, or treat players inside the New England stadium.

Belichick is, of course, criminally negligent, if he would prefer his players to remain sick longer, just as a sop to orthodox doctors. It doesn’t make any rational sense.

As for Brady, he continues to play football at a high level, at age 40 and has developed, with Guerrero, his TB12 system for natural health and peak performance. Grossly out-of-shape sports writers tend to be irked by Brady’s longevity in the game. They enjoy predicting he’ll suddenly fall apart.

But he won’t. So long as he stays away from orthodox doctors and takes care of himself, he’ll be just fine!

Unlike Glenn Fry, of the Eagles, who listened to his doctor. It cost him his life. His death led to his wife, Cindy, filing a lawsuit against Mt. Sinai Hospital and Dr. Steven Itzkowitz.

Frey’s longtime manager, Irving Azoff told The Wrap (an entertainment and media news website founded by Sharon Waxman in 2009): “The death of Eagles co-founder Glenn Frey…at age 67 can be blamed in part on the medications he was taking.”

“‘The colitis and pneumonia were side effects from all the meds Frey was taking for arthritis,’ Azoff said. ‘He died from complications of ulcer and colitis after being treated with drugs for his rheumatoid arthritis which he had for over 15 years’.”

“Azoff declined to specify the drug in question, saying that he had been counseled by an attorney not to do so.” []

These examples just show the grip that orthodoxy has, over reason, over truth, over health and healing.

But I predict the attacks on good people will get worse, more violent and more dangerous. There are silent weapons out there, more deadly than a cosh or a knife between the ribs. We now have the appalling spectacle of people who complain being grabbed off the streets, shot full of dangerous psychiatric meds and labelled mentally impaired, for no other reason than criticizing the system.

Yep, it’s here. Well, Australia, actually. It seems if you live in Queensland, you are now monitored by an idiotic psychiatric front group, grandly labelled the Queensland Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (QFTAC), an agency staffed by Queensland Police officers and loony clinicians from the Queensland Forensic Mental Health Service to identify people who are thought to “fixate” on government officials and other public identities.

In other words, if you don’t accept the lies and control from the vicious thugs in government, you are “mentally sick” and they will grab you off the streets as a public menace.

Couldn’t happen? Think again.  Former Origin Energy executive and whistleblower Fiona Wilson was detained by the new Queensland Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (QFTAC) and injected with drugs against her will and without any charges laid against her. Shades of the old USSR! Most of their psychiatric patients were political dissenters.

The only way of surviving in this coming world of chemicalized madness is to look after yourself. But the medical industry won’t like that. Through real scientists who want to make positive change, we will continue to make significant advances in the future of medicine. Click here to learn more...

Fiona Wilson has since been released but must report for her monthly injections otherwise she will be detained again. She has since moved hundreds of kilometers away from Brisbane to begin a new life with her partner but is still trapped in this new system. Fiona has exhausted her bank account fighting this to date but now needs a barrister to appeal the QFTAC’s harsh new laws.

What was she doing that had her labeled as a psychiatric menace? Fiona was merely trying to contact the relevant Queensland Minister about the evidence of corruption that she was exposing.

Instead of acting on Fiona’s evidence, the Minister referred her to QFTAC. So that tells me two things: Australia is given over to a medical “care” system gone crazier than any patients I ever met. And that the government is well aware of this setup and is starting to use it to silence people who are not happy with government performance or behavior.

I need hardly remind my intelligent readers that that’s how Hitler took over Germany: he broke down and took over the democratic control system, making protesting the system a serious crime and forcing judges to do his bidding and injustices. Eventually, people were being hanged and guillotined, just for objecting to the excesses of Nazism.

Move over Ned Kelley (murderer), the psychs are coming to power. The New World Order that George Orwell warned us about is here, NOW.

It’s coming everywhere, to a Congress, Assembly or Parliament near you! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

If you want to donate and help Fiona, there is a fundraiser website here.

The basis of all this criminal malevolence is, of course, our old enemy the psychiatrists. As I have written repeatedly, they have absolutely no diagnostic system; no identifiable diseases; no objective tests. It’s all just opinion and hokum.

So what’s to stop this insane power group from inventing more diseases: like being crazy about rap, still thinking Elvis is King, standing too close to women in a line, watching steam trains go by, or logging onto Facebook more than once a week (OK, that last one could be real!)

And of course the final irony: did you spot it? Well, isn’t the QFTAC absolutely “fixated” on spotting troublemakers and its own officers are all seriously mentally ill, according to their own stupid definitions!

Sick. The system is sick. Patients don’t even count anymore.

Creepiest thing of all? Try searching online for “Queensland FTAC”. You’ll find virtually NOTHING. No real pictures of Fiona Wilson (just the one I used here). No staff. No premises. NOTHING.

Be afraid… Be VERY afraid!

And don’t forget to get a hold of my awesome anti-psychiatry book: REAL SECRETS TO TRANSFORMING MENTAL HEALTH. It’s words-as-a-pesticide, to kill the rats and roaches (sorry, take down the psychiatrists)

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