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The G-spot is real and it’s official

The fabled G-spot, the oh-so-sensitive part of the anterior vaginal wall that thrills women to orgasm does really seem to exist. But (and it’s a BIG but), it seems only about 30% of women have one!

Emmanuele Jannini, who is male by the way, at the University of L’Aquila in Italy (it had to be Italy, I guess) studied a small group of women. Bottom line (hey, I’m a guy): what he found was that the lucky women have a thickened patch on the anterior vaginal wall, which could be detected with fancy ultrasound equipment.

Those without this patch had never had vaginal orgasms. Five out of eight with a clear “G-spot” (shouldn’t that really be “V-spot” or maybe even “O-spot”?) did have regular vaginal orgasms*. What’s more the other three were easily trained to develop it and started having vaginal orgasms.

The “have-nots” could not learn vaginal orgasms and so had to make do with clitoral ones. Those are not bad from what I hear! (the sounds she makes; get it?)

So the myth is both true and not true. Male lovers should try to establish which group their partners falls in. If she has the real thing, it could save a lot of contortions, trying to reach the clitoris at the same time as having penetrative intercourse.

*Kidding aside, the G-spot is named after Ernst Gräfenberg, a German gynaecologist who in 1950s proposed that a sensitive point on the vaginal wall could provoke a really intense orgasm in some women.

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