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The Killer Physicians

Party In Las Vegas

Before my savage article this week, let me share some shots taken over the weekend of 13th/14th Dec. The first one is me mounted on an oxygenator system, researching for you guys. You’ll be astonished what I found at the A4M conference this year (American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine). I’ll be sharing that with you in a new issue soon.


The second is a shot of me, Dr. Garry Gordon (right, my left), and our good friend Norman Shealy (left).


The second party group is as follows:


Me, Dr. Roy Heilbron MD and Dr. John Kressler MD. And, yes… I do believe that’s Garry Gordon again, just in front of that erotic painting in the background (Morel’s Restaurant at The Venetian).

There were two beautiful ladies with us, but one of them took the photos!

OK, now let’s get on with the business of the week: killer physicians.

Stay Away From Doctors!

I’ve said it before and said it often: if you want to live long and live well, STAY AWAY FROM DOCTORS! At least stay away from my orthodox colleagues.

Figures have been bandied around for years about the number of preventable deaths caused by doctors: yes, if they were preventable, they were CAUSED by blundering ineptness on the part of attending physicians.

That’s a total horror story.

In fact, a new study (2013) supersedes even Barbara Starfield’s sensational revelations of July 2000, in which she reported around 119,000 deaths a year, due to medical error and incompetence. Note that this statistic didn’t just include outright medical errors (7,000 or so) but included 106,000 of deaths due to the “correct” FDA-approved pharmaceutical drugs, properly prescribed. [JAMA, July 26, 2000]

Starfield was a public-health expert at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health; she should know. Now we have to face the fact that her estimates were not nearly high enough: according to this new study, it’s more than 400,000 preventable deaths per year among hospital patients, according to: “A new, evidence-based estimate of patient harms,” by JT James (J Patient Saf, Sept. 9, 2013).

This is a shocking increase over Starfield’s earlier estimate.

This is a huge increase over the previous figure I’ve cited: 119,000. That number comes from Dr. Barbara Starfield’s review, “Is US health really the best in the world?“.

It was published on July 26, 2000, in the Journal of the American Medical Association. At the time, Starfield was a revered public-health expert at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.

Combining the two statistics, we conclude that there are 500,000 deaths every year in the USA. (400,000 hospital deaths every year plus 100,000 deaths from medicines directly attributable to the medical profession and its ways.

That would be 5 MILLION deaths caused by the US medical system every decade.

But isn’t the medical profession supposed to be saving lives, not killing patients?

Well, yes… but it’s a bit naïve to think they are honestly doing their best, when clearly they are maniacs on the loose!

And don’t you folks in the rest of the world relax and think, “Hah! That’s the USA. It couldn’t’ happen here.” Oh yes it could. The US has gone public with its dirty washing, that’s all, while the other secrets remain buried in the laundry pile elsewhere.

But I‘m not even done. That’s deaths. What about serious injuries caused by medical error? You don’t think it happens? Get real…

The 2013 study I just cited also concludes: “Serious harm seems to be 10- to 20-fold more common than lethal harm.”

That amounts to between 4 million and 8 million incidents of serious harm in US hospitals, which can include brain damage, coma, stroke, paralysis, amputating the wrong limb, hemorrhage, unnecessary major surgery, life-threatening superbug infections, etc.

PLUS, as Jon Rappaport smartly points out, this doesn’t even include deaths due to the aggressive, ill-advised and dangerous vaccination regime here, which far exceeds what the rest of the world considers necessary to protect our young ones.

Only a tiny fraction of vaccine injuries ever get reported (yes, including deaths, which are never blamed on vaccinations in the previous 72 hours, but on some other imaginary “cause” of death).

So—we don’t know; but I can use my experience over many decades, in consensus with many good doctors who are equally appalled, to suggest that these doctor-induced injuries too run into the MILLIONS. (the proper word is iatrogenic, which is Greek for “caused by doctors”)

Let me also slip in a note here for the victims of mass slayings, who are almost invariably killed by patients taking psychiatric meds (I’m thinking Columbine, etc.). They may not amount to many hundreds but they are definitely the victims of numbing medical error plus criminal greed by Big Pharma. I don’t want them forgotten in the roll call.

It’s bad enough they do what they do; it’s bad enough they are licensed butchers and murderers; what really irks me is they become enraged when they see anyone doing a better job, with less hazard and getting better results.

These killer physicians backed by Big Pharma attack with a frenzied fury, which belies a mad dog mentality, foaming at the mouth and snarling in rage.

Quite a few would be better off shot, mad dogs that they are. It might do the national averages a power of good to eliminate a few of these doctors.

Don’t get me started on the Big Pharma killers and psychopaths. They make incompetent doctors look like a Girl Scout troop!

Even though there are myriads of incompetent doctors, there are wonderful holistic practitioners that care about your health and wellbeing. I am one of them!

I am dedicated to helping you take good care of your emotional and physical health, so you don’t have to suffer at the hands of killer physicians.

I urge to keep reading my writings each week and you will discover how you can truly become health literate.

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