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The Powerful Benefits of Bergamot & Why YOUR Liver Needs It

If you are even moderately overweight, you probably have a serious problem, which may kill you eventually and you and your doctors would never know. If you are very overweight, you’ll have this condition for sure. It’s called non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Let me explain… (I’ll get to the benefits of bergamot shortly.)

Everyone today has heard of metabolic syndrome or metabolic disease: overweight, blood pressure, a tendency to diabetes, lousy blood fats and likely to die young of heart disease; right?

But what’s missing from the commonly agreed list of symptoms is liver damage.

The liver absorbs fat and ceases to function well (see image, showing enlargement, discoloration and biopsy changes):


Eventually the liver becomes scarred, develops cirrhosis and death is the next stop down the highway. Did you know that over 50% of deaths due to cirrhosis of the liver are caused by NAFLD? You probably thought alcoholism was the main cause of cirrhosis. But that only accounts for 6% of cirrhosis deaths!

So think again.

I don’t have the figures for Europe but I do know that 30% of Americans have NAFLD. And Greece, where I just took Vivien for a dream holiday, has evidence of steatosis in 31%, according to a recent study.1

What it comes down to is our livers are under siege! They are hammered with aggressive and toxic chemicals, which our livers toil to neutralize for us. What’s worse is we abuse our beautiful, tireless livers with crappy diet, sugar and carbs. Result: not “carb liver” but fatty liver disease (also known as non-alcoholic steato-hepatitis or NASH).

Why This Powerful Italian Citrus Makes All the Difference

But there is a new and very effective solution (losing weight is important too): Bergamot juice (Citrus bergamia). But it has to be from the right place: Calabria in southern Italy.

There have been attempts to copy this production in other parts of the world but these have failed to provide the quality. Apparently the microclimate, terrain and soil quality there are unique.

I’m sworn to secrecy about a paper about to be published. But I can quote an older study (25 Nov 2015), which found that good quality bergamot extract

In a study by Professor Rosano involving 107 patients with metabolic syndrome and NAFLD and who were treated for 120 days with polyphenol-rich 38% citrus bergamot extract (same formula as my original Bergamot Plus). In addition to the expected significant improvements in cholesterol levels, lipid particle characteristics, blood sugar and inflammation, there was a strikingly positive effect on both liver function and structure.

Bergamot therapy converted the typical patient from severe steatosis (fatty liver) to the moderate category in 12 weeks. Standard liver function blood test also quickly normalized in the majority of patients.2

This is something to shout about!

According to Professor Rosano, “Based upon our research, bergamot polyphenol appears to be a clinically useful and effective treatment for patients with fatty liver disease, especially in those with abnormal lipids”. The complete results of this study have been published in a peer reviewed journal and the liver data has been submitted in abstract form to the 2014 annual meeting of the American College of Gastroenterologists.

How to Boost Your Cardio-Vascular Health with The Benefits of Bergamot

I have already written for my subscribers about the value benefits of Bergamot extract. Dr. Ross Walker in Australia has been leading the field for years, showing how statins—which are useless and even dangerous—can be improved by one single nutraceutical: bergamot extract BPF 38%. Same formula and strength as I have been offering as Dr. Keith’s Own® Bergamot Plus)

The BPF stands for bergamot-derived polyphenol fraction. It means the amount of power ingredient. It must be properly certified to mean anything. More of that later.

The world-leading researcher of bergamot juice science is professor Vincenzo Mollace MD PhD, professor at the Faculty of Pharmacology & Toxicology, University of Catanzaro, Italy.

One of his many investigations showed Bergamot monotherapy (on its own) to:

  • Be a powerful cardiometabolic regulator that routinely improves vascular health
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Naturally treat metabolic syndrome
  • Significantly normalize liver function in patients with fatty liver disorders

Using only 1000 mg of citrus bergamot extract daily (Dr. Keith’s Own® Bergamot Plus has more), research patients demonstrated a 29% reduction in total cholesterol; 36% decrease in LDL cholesterol & a 40% increase in HDL cholesterol. The average reductions in triglycerides & blood glucose were 30% & 20% respectively.3

In fact in one of professor Mollace’s papers in PharmaNutrition, the researchers state clearly: “…bergamot BPF has a potential to become a “one pill” natural therapy against metabolic syndrome and dyslipidemias.”4 (my italics)

Certainly I would never dream of taking statins, which are loaded with fake science and problems. I do take bergamot BPF however!

Boners, Stiffies and Fun!

Come on, we’re all grown-ups around here! You can still call them erections, if you prefer. The thing to grasp is that erectile dysfunction may be a very dangerous heart warning. It may mean clogged arteries, which are not so deadly below the belt but could put you in your grave if the arteries of the heart are affected.

Now here’s one of today’s stupidest medical follies—and yes, there are very many, we all know—the idea of replacing a tiny 2-inch piece of coronary artery with a piece of vein from the leg. Common sense will tell you that if the coronary arteries are rotten, ALL arteries are rotten.

To replace a 2-inch piece of rotten pipe and leave the rest of the plumbing in disrepair is something no self-respecting plumber would do. Therefore we may conclude that cardiovascular surgeons are not self-respecting and not even as smart as plumbers. They are just greedy.

Figures also bear out that coronary grafts are a waste of time. There must be something better.

Well there is: you are already reading about it. One of the best proofs that bergamot polyphenols help restore artery health is the fact that taking it can help ED.

I’m looking at a paper right now5 which makes the story plain. Again, this is professor Mollace and colleagues in Catanzaro, Italy: “BPF alone or in combination with other medical plants represents a novel natural therapeutic option for counteracting ED in patients with cardiometabolic disorders.”

Even better proof is the glowing enthusiasm that patients have for taking Bergamot Plus “Physician Strength”. The people who supply me (and hence supply you) also supply the main orthodox doctors and they have “leaked” to Viv and I that this stuff is avidly sought by male patients.

How Do You Tell The Good Stuff?

Now I have to warn you, sadly, that there is junk being peddled out there, using the kind of science I am quoting you. Even Dr. Stephen Sinatra and Dr. Julian Whittaker are selling BPF far below the quality I would demand.

Their problem is not that they’re dishonest: they can’t even buy the good stuff!

All of the bergamot science I have shared with you has an official BPF rating of at least 38%. Today’s version of my Bergamot BPF Dr. Keith’s Own® Physician Strength Bergamot is way over that (47%).

But not everyone can buy it. It costs a lot more, so less profit, which is why famous doctors don’t use it and dodgy online stores fake it.

But I happen to have a direct line, through my good friend Selwyn Barr and the team who took over his operation right here in Las Vegas: Martin and Logan.

These are the ONLY people who the Instituto del Bergamotta in Italy will sell to. Selwyn cornered the market, at a time when Bergamot extract wasn’t so famous. Now he reaps the rewards. Me too, because I’m a friend of his. And now, importantly, YOURSELVES, because I am releasing it to you!

benefits-of-bergamot-Citrus-bergamiaBergamot or Citrus bergamia. You can almost smell it off the image!

To get the full health effect, one needs to ingest 1300 mg of the juice extract daily with a concentration of at least 38%. My Dr. Keith’s Own® Bergamot Plus and my new and even more powerful Physician Strength both exceed those recommendations!

Don’t buy the cheaper stuff, because it’s more or less worthless (don’t fall for the idea that half price, half strength, gives you half the benefits: it won’t give you any!)

All of the science in this newsletter, and for my related product Dr. Keith’s Own® Bergamot Plus, was done utilizing the very best of BPF extract available. It’s the only thing to trust because it is the exact stuff used in the scientific trials and validated by professor Mollace and the Instituto del Bergamotta. It’s also the formula used by Dr. Ross walker in Australia, with his rapidly-growing list of over 5,000 statin-busting patients on Bergamot Extract!

What Is Different About My Latest Offering?

Quality! There’s nothing wrong with Dr. Keith’s Own® Bergamot Plus. It’s a great choice. It was formulated several years ago and remains the actual compound researched by Dr. Ross Walker in Australia. The BPF is an amazing 40% —streets ahead of anyone else (celebrity doctors are doing 30% at best).

But all the while, the Calabrians have been working on further and further refining their BPF and have got it up from 40% to an amazing 47%. Now with Dr. Keith’s Own® Physician Strength Bergamot, we took something that was already great and made it even better!

My Dr. Keith’s Own® Physician Strength Bergamot is the best you can buy anywhere, using bergamot extracts purified in Calabria, under the watchful eye of the Instituto del Bergamotta, which certifies it’s BPF percentage.

It costs a little more. But how much does a heart attack cost, or cirrhosis?

I’ve included some alpha lipoic acid, one of the finest liver friends known! If you ever get poisoned by Deathcap, or a mushroom like it, it’s your liver that is killed. You won’t survive that. So just pray someone gets you onto alpha lipoic acid quick. It’s the only known antidote!

benefits-of-bergamot-deathcapDeathcap mushroom is quickly lethal, unless you take alpha lipoic acid.

We all need to take this stuff. It seems like the ideal way to preserve our hearts, arteries and livers, in a world that is in great toxic overload.

I wouldn’t be without mine!

It’s very affordable and I am giving some deals. See below for a message from my sales team…

You can now get Dr. Keith’s Own®  Physician Strength Bergamot at these special prices!



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Ingredients & Supplement Facts


Don’t miss out on the benefits of bergamot, order yours today!

1. Aliment Pharmacol Ther. 2011;34(3):274-285
3. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Science: Volume 18, Issue July 11th, 2012
5. PharmaNutrition, Elsevier, online 11 March 2016

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