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The Recreational Drugscape Problem

It’s no secret that I detest and despise street drugs. I am not impressed by the hogwash of “plant teachers” and pseudo-spiritual window dressing. 

I suppose there’s a bit of arrogance in this: I have to question why someone cannot find themselves without chemically disrupting their brain—or whether, indeed, that kind of nonsense can ever lead to true spiritual insights that last. 

Otherwise, why would an individual go on doing it? It wears off! True spiritual insights do not “wear off”. So having to keep repeating the dose is a sure sign it’s not really doing any good.

In my own journey of exploration, resulting in my science of Being that I call Supernoetics®, I did not and never have used chemical “insights”. It violates my fundamental tenet of Being, which is that we know ALL, but have to selectively unknow some of it, in order to have an interesting game.

On other words, you don’t have to GO there, you just have to BE.

No, I think the truth is that—like medicines, alcohol, compulsive sex, gambling and other addictions—there is no lasting relief from doing it. Drug adventures may be amusing, to some. But it is only a temporary fix.

Naturally, everyone knows and admires the exploratory work of brilliant English writer Aldous Huxley (who wrote Brave New World – very appropriate for our COVID times). In an era when such a thing was not illegal, he experimented with peyote (mescaline) and wrote a very insightful book called The Doors of Perception.

Huxley, a classical scholar at Oxford, helped coin the word “psychedelic” in a way. He corresponded with British psychiatrist Humphry Osmond, who is credited with inventing that word. Huxley’s own suggestion was a much more beautiful word: phanerothyme (Greek phaneroein- “visible” and Greek thymos “soul”, thus “visible soul”)

Huxley’s mescaline experiences probably led to the inclusion of drug therapy as chemical handcuffs in “Brave New World”. Citizens were kept zapped by a fictional hallucinogenic called soma. It kept them serene and malleable, unable to resist being manipulated and controlled.

It’s safe to say that Huxley really changed the world. It wasn’t just the fact that The Doors Of Perception was such an influential book. 

He was also personally instrumental in introducing luminaries like Allen Ginsberg and Timothy Leary to the possibilities of LSD and psychedelic experimentation. Without Aldous Huxley there might have been no “turn on, tune in, drop out,” no Sargeant Pepper, no Merry Pranksters, no Ram Dass, no Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas…

Anyway, to conclude, Huxley famously took a massive overdose of LSD on November 22nd, 1963, to finish himself off as he lay dying with cancer. His wife Laura was present and complicit in his self-euthanasia. “Light and free you let go, darling; forward and up,” his wife whispered to him as he drifted away. “You are going forward and up; you are going toward the light.”

Nobody was paying attention to this death, because that was the same day that JFK was assassinated.

Anyway, this isn’t a history lesson. I want to get my teeth into the so-called “War on Drugs”. First off: ALL WARS ARE WRONG – and that means metaphorical wars too. It sets the stage with one aggressive (even nasty) group claiming the moral high ground: they are “right” and THEIR view is to be forced on all others. Not a sound basis for a workable formula, I have found!

So now we have endless crime, drug trafficking, muggings and murders to pay for all this costly indulgence, and youngsters with their lives wrecked, because there is no safe or managed environment in which they can “explore” and get it out of their system. Many go to jail for little more than curiosity as to what all the fuss is about.

OK, so given my implacable hostility to recreational drugs, you might be surprised that I think the “War on Drugs” is a Godless and worthless pursuit. It’s a game nobody can win. 

It has obviously not worked. Not one jot less drug-taking and jailings to show for decades of effort. Actually, making substances illegal has simple resulted in massive crime cartels (nothing so vast or crooked as Big Pharma, however!) Drug trafficking is now HUGE and threatens the GNP of some countries.

I’m one of those simple souls who thinks if you just abandoned the “war” and legalized all psychedelics, the problem would rapidly fade to nothing. I’m talking, of course, about making marijuana, heroin, LSD, DMT… into prescription drugs (but not crack and methamphetamine). The joke is all these substances are easy and cheap to make. They only command high prices (and therefore worth murder and deadly risk) because they are illegal.

Once under the control of doctors and specialists, an individual can be “weaned” off drugs, without having to resort to crime just to pay for the habit. Right there, you solve two problems at once: drug crime will vanish and murder and muggings to pay for over-priced illegal substances will also fade to nothing.

Thing is, these arguments have been around a very l-o-n-g time and have been systematically ignored. Nobody has even had the balls to try a test experiment for a couple of years, to see what happened and extrapolate from there. It leaves one with the suspicion that there is another agenda running; maybe like today, where the pretence of a government acting for our “safety” and security is an utter and obvious scam.

Is it too much to believe that certain people who are pretending to be upright are, in reality, getting a back hander? Obviously the drug cartels don’t want the war disbanded. They are fabulously rich, totally unscrupulous and with the means to bribe and corrupt almost anyone (or pay for the assassination of someone who stands in their way).

From Wagner and Lynch Law Firm website

It’s their game and they are winning. The police are all-but helpless.


Legalizing deadly drugs isn’t just a dream, you know. It would save many lives. The sad stories of people dying of a drug overdose (Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Phil Lynott, Whitney Houston… make your own list), not to mention the not-so-famous millions of individuals, would not have happened if drugs were controlled but allowed.

The typical scenario I have described often (and please share this with anyone you know who is at risk), is that an individual builds up her or her effective dose over time. Eventually the addict is taking a dose many times the amount that would kill a person new to the drug substance. So far so good, but here is where it goes wrong… HORRIBLY WRONG.

Drug dealers are, by definition, crooks and liars. Many or most are quite prepared to “cut” the drugs they are supplying with something like vitamin C (which tastes very bitter, like heroin). So the individual believes he or she is taking 500 mgm, when in fact he or she is probably taking only 100 mgm. Still OK, up to this point…

But then, their dealer is arrested and can no longer supply. So a new dealer is found who supplies what he or she says; meaning the dose is no longer “cut”. The 500 mgm dose is real, the individual shoots up and… BANG… dead as a dodo. I don’t think it’s an emotional exaggeration to say giving falsified doses like this is tantamount to murder. Nor is it wrong to lay the blame at the door of the politically-posturing loonies in government, who see only their own narrow interpretations of “life as it should be” and whose only agenda is grabbing more votes.

The real truth about drugs is not that they are “spiritual” but that they are dampeners, numbness to shut down your pain, and that almost all of us are guilty of that, whether it’s sugar, a cup of coffee, a gin and tonic, or a hashish joint. Why single out those who have yielded to stronger temptations or, perhaps, feel more pain and need a more impactful remedy?

Anyway, just to say to finish, on my own journey of exploration, resulting in Supernoetics®, I did not and never have used chemical “insights”.

I know most of you are in the older age bracket. But I have also been made aware, many times, older people do drugs too! In any case, almost everyone has younger family who are in the risk zone: uncertain and nervous but curious youngsters are an easy target for unscrupulous drug dealers.

Please share some of this. As always I believe that knowledge solves most difficulties—real knowledge, that is.

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