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OK, number #1 is a given. But Viv and I were talking about this concept, not particularly planning a newsletter. It’s maybe time to retreat a bit from the pandemic hysteria and anxiety. Let’s just talk “normal”, even though the world is anything but normal! The politico-medical front doesn’t seem likely to change any time soon, especially now it’s in the hands of greedy and corrupt politicians, instead of medical men and women!

I’m starting to worry that many holistic bloggers and posters are now beginning to spread a lot more fear then even mainstream news. The latest I heard was that a “whistleblower” from Pfizer announced that everyone who has had the Pfizer vaccine is going to die! I don’t believe that—but who knows? In slightly over a year the world has gone from a fearful arena, filled with tension and anxiety, to a crazy, VERY dangerous madhouse, where anyone and everyone is at risk of death.

It’s not why I bought into the medical profession and I am ashamed that my once-revered profession is now being abused so much, and for all the WRONG reasons. Medicine as a science is no longer to be trusted, I’m afraid.

So maybe it was natural for my thoughts and talk with my Loved One to drift into: what HAS been achieved?

These are my very personal choices and has nothing to do with social media, shares or likes! (or any other set of fake value judgements)

1. Penicillin. OK, these days we don’t trust antibiotics to bail us out of every mess, like we used to. But there’s no getting round the fact this one medical discovery saved BILLIONS of lives. I was the first person to get some in my village, right after World War 2. I remember a youth walking round without an arm and I was told he had to have it amputated. In those far off days, if you got a suspect and potentially dangerous infection, you didn’t wait for the gangrene. You amputated!

Thing is, no antibiotic has come forward since then that matches penicillin for power and safety. Apart from allergies, penicillin almost completely benign!

2. As I said, number #1 is a no brainer. But what would you choose for number #2? For me, there is no debate: ether! The change in medicine when it was possible to put a person to sleep and them feel no pain while you operated must have seemed the greatest possible gift from God, after life itself. Alcohol was known to numb sensations somewhat. But getting drunk couldn’t stop the howling while you sawed off someone’s leg.

Then with the advent of ether, all kinds of exploratory procedures were suddenly possible. Surgery moved on by leaps and bounds until (a leap too far?) it became possible to transplant a heart and lungs.

Of course today we use much more sophisticated anesthetics than ether, which is a strong lung irritant.

3. Actually I’m torn between 3 and 4, which was the most important…

The Birth Control “Pill”. OK, we now know that some (most) formulations of this tool are dangerous. Certainly nothing to fool around with lightly. But I saw the revolution in women’s roles in the 1960s when it became possible to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. Some of you ladies reading this will remember, I know, how liberating it was.

Even today, it may save the planet, when reducing carbon emissions and GMO-free foods may not help. Less people on earth, without the insane and drastic methods attributed to Bill Gates and others, could ease all our problems. I’m hopeful.

4. Vaccinations. So many people have such extreme views on vaccination that it’s hardly possible to talk rationally about this topic. Whereas I don’t like fake science, relentless profiteering and coercion around vaccinations, I am on record as saying THE TECHNIQUE DOES WORK. Some of the time. I’m glad to live in a world where there is a rabies vaccine (thanks to Louis Pasteur). The flu vaccine doesn’t work, measles and Gardasil are dangerous, hepatitis A and B should never be given babies as a routine, and so on… but the method has validity. I remember being protected by Cholera shots. I forgot when I went to help in Sri Lanka, after the 2006 tsunami. As a result I got cholera and nearly died (cover only lasts 6 months or so).

What is obvious to me—but not most writers—is that vaccinations and homeopathy are very similar: we give a small dose of “trouble”, to prime the body so that it is ready for the real deal, if and when it comes!

I know raising healthy kids means they have competent immune systems. But if a child of yours stepped on a rusty nail (I’ve done that too!) would you want to risk death by lockjaw, or would you give in to a protective tetanus toxoid vaccine, which definitely helps.

Death by extreme tetanus spasm, affecting the whole body. A painting by Sir Charles Bell from 1809.

5. Homeopathy. This is really a whole different medical system, discovered (or you might say invented) by German physician Samuel Hahnemann. Despite 10,000s of supporting scientific papers, the loonies have hijacked Wikipedia and had it labelled “pseudo-scientific”.

In India, homeopathy is BIG. The pharmaceutical industry does not have its stranglehold of lies over medicine there, unlike here in the USA. Doctors are free to tell the truth; they won’t lose their jobs. What’s more the whole ethos of medicine there is looking for simple, safe, effective cures, NOT PROFITS over patient health.

For example, the only known successful treatment for the brain tumor glioblastoma multiforme is a homeopathic complex, developed by the Banerji clinic (father and son, Prasanta and Pratip Banerji). Orthodox medicine has only a pseudo-scientific, money-racketeering treatment for this dismal condition. Average survival is mere weeks after diagnosis.

The so-called Banerji Protocols were taken to the MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas by Moshe Frenkel MD (of course this connection has been seriously swept under the carpet). Speaking of his visit to the Banerji Clinic, Dr. Frenkel said, “I saw things there that I couldn’t explain. Tumors shrank with nothing else other than homeopathic remedies…X-rays showing there is a lesion on the lung and a year after taking the remedy it had shrunk or disappeared.”

I’m shocked how many holistic pretenders don’t believe in homeopathy. They buy into the “It can’t work, therefore is doesn’t” mentality of orthodox doctors.

Homeopathy is a frontline medical discovery, like no other.

Well, I don’t follow the herd, as you know. I’m the last of your freethinkers in a way. I did my time as an orthodox doctor. I learned the real mechanisms of disease. But I was able to separate from the mainstream, when it began to flow in the direction of profits, not love and patient care.

There are not many of us left now. Cherish our memory, please, when it comes to an end.


Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby The Official Alternative Doctor

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