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theCream®…The Most Healing Anti-Aging Substance In All of Nature

I’d like to tell you about something so special that my daily experience with it… is just amazing.

It’s an anti-aging skin care product that’s good for both men and women.

In fact this substance is so “anti-aging” it will take you back to the first few moments of life! It’s powerbase is colostrum, the foremilk that lets down into the breast when a newborn first suckles.

Colostrum is an amazing bioactive compound, with probably more science behind it than any other substance going, right now. There are literally tens of 1,000’s of papers, attesting to the healing powers of colostrum against immune disorders, inflammation, pain and disrepair.the cream

Colostrum is without doubt the most nurturing, healing, nutrient-dense, and rejuvenating substance known to man. Although a word of warning here: 95% of colostrum that’s currently marketed as a health product has been spoiled and rendered ineffective by over-heating. That’s because manufacturers insist on using typical milk-preparation plants to process their colostrum.

By heating it above 140 degrees, colostrum loses all its potency.

Not in this case! My good friend Denie is a former New Zealand diary farmer, who understands the properties of colostrum. He knows how to handle it, like nobody else I know.

Read more amazing facts about Denie’s health and skin care anti-aging super-product called, simply, theCream® (there is no competition!).

Go here: The World’s Only Real Skin Superfood

Guys take note, this is a cosmetic but NOT make-up. It’s good for both male and female skins. There is a male and female version of theCream®.

It’s not just for the face either; you can rub it in anywhere on your body. No more neck wrinkles!

Seriously though, Denie’s masterpiece theCream® is so nutritious you can eat it (I tried it out and you can—but I wouldn’t dream of putting in my mouth the toxic garbage sold by L’Oreal, Elizabeth Arden and all that crowd—or anything from the organic market).

Forget other “holistic” skin care packages. All of them kill protective skin bacteria; even lanolin, beeswax and shea butter are toxic to skin flora (heck, bees make beeswax to be poisonous and stop other critters eating their house!)

That link again: The World’s Only Real Skin Superfood

Enjoy the world’s most luxurious skin care product that makes you look and feel young again!

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