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This Is The End of Science

Science used to mean the search for the truth (Latin: scientia, knowing or knowledge). Today it means what you are SUPPOSED to think, fast becoming what you are ALLOWED to think.

Great discoveries will be a thing of the past. Natural healing, magic and trusted recovery will be squeezed out by an insistence on a medical paradigm which—face it—doesn’t work! It’s busted. People die in droves, during treatment, and very often BECAUSE if it. But we are stuck with the system.

We have entered an era in which healing, as such, is forbidden. We are to be allowed only “treatment”, officially approved, meaning a lifetime of medicines to suppress symptoms.

If a discovery comes along which is major and significant, there is now an army of fakers and shills, who will step up to the plate and brazenly, without conscience, tear down the value findings. Cheap, effective cures will become a thing of the past.

Take this example, which sends shivers of horror down my spine,

“Infamous Vitamin C Study May Rely on Fraudulent Data” screamed the headline.1 Note the word “may” have been. The author of this scurrilous attack produces no actual evidence. Just a “claim” that there must be false data.

The vitamin C study was in no way “infamous”, it was well presented, with startling results that vitamin C was capable of saving millions of lives in cases of sepsis, which of course most doctors would find silly beyond belief. But that doesn’t make it infamous. Once upon a time, virtually all doctors would have found the idea of anesthesia silly beyond belief. But it came, it stayed, and is now a fact of civilized medicine.

But anesthesia was fought (tooth and nail), antiseptic technique in operations (Joseph Lister, who gave his name to Listerine) and even just washing of hands (Ignaz Semmelweis). Every step forward was fought tooth and nail. Nothing much changes, does it?

Now a creepy idiot from Australia “alleges” that data in study led by Dr. Paul E. Marik, MD, were fabricated. Again, that word alleges; no proof of any wrong doing; just propaganda and lies and allegations.

The truth is, sadly, there is no depths to which the scumbags who back up Big Pharma will not sink; there is no criminality or depravity to which those who suck up to money and repute will not stoop.

This anti-humanist liar claims the data showing vitamin C to be a life saver “must have been fabricated” because the result of using vitamin C were too good to be believable. That’s just opinion. Spiteful opinion.

He produces NO EVIDENCE WHATEVER of fraud in the original study (how could he, there was no fraud?) Yet yaps his crooked mouth off saying the clear PROOF that the data was faked is that vitamin C could not have been so effective.

Well, guess which position is now being quoted ALL OVER THE WORLD while the original, life-saving magic is being buried in a web of evil and lies?

OK, I’m raging. What’s all this about?

The story goes back a way: in the 1940s Dr Frederick Klenner started producing some remarkable papers, to the fact that large doses of vitamin C could save patients with septicemia (US: sepsis) from certain death. Orthodox doctors have never accepted this, because they “know” vitamin C cannot do such a thing.

So much so that in 2009 doctors in New Zealand refused to give a patient with white-out pneumonia (virtually no lung function) vitamin C and INSISTED they were going to turn off the life-support, knowing he would die. This was despite the fact that they had already administered IV vitamin C and the patient had recovered considerably.2

Their excuse was that it could not possibly have been the vitamin C; it must have been turning or moving the patient that produced the recovery (but they failed to issue instructions to the nurses, to keep moving him!)

Paul E. Marik MD

More recently, Dr. Paul Marik was successfully treating septicemic patients in his intensive care unit with high-dose IV vitamin C (along with steroids and thiamine – vitamin B1). 47 consecutive sepsis patients who were treated during a 7 month period to 47 consecutive control patients during the preceding 7 month period. The study reported 19 deaths in the control group and 4 deaths in the treatment group.

It was a celebrated paper, which was changing the way intensive care medicine was being done.3

Obviously, Big Pharma was not going to stand for this and would get their well-oiled attack, discrediting, propaganda machine going against him.

My alarm bells went off a few weeks ago when I learned Marik had resigned his post at the Eastern Virginia Medical School (read: squeezed out by colleagues who wanted money, not results).

Apparently this was just a preparation for the onslaught that Big Pharma was preparing for him.

Along comes Kyle Sheldrick, MBBS, Australian statistician and master con-man, who is completing his PhD at the University of New South Wales. According to Sheldrick, the data underpinning Marik’s study may be fraudulent because, as this shill alleges, the pre- and post- comparison groups involved in the 94-patient study were too similar to be realistic (notice again, that word “may”). That’s what you say when you’ve NO PROOF but want to bring somebody down.

Worse than that: there is not even a scientific paper to back up his accusations: Sheldrick chose to just go to the press and social media to attack and slander a very good doctor.

“This is extreme,” Sheldrick told MedPage Today in an interview. “This is probably the most obviously fake data I have seen. These groups are more similar than would be probable.”

More similar than would be probable? Probable: that’s “extreme fraud”? I don’t think so.

I note today (30th March, 5 days after Sheldrick’s attack), somebody has rushed to get it into the Wikipedia entry, discrediting Marik.4

This smacks of the deliberate onslaught on Profesor John Yudkin, who dared to attack the sugar industry, saying their product was deadly, in his book Pure, White and Deadly. The industry moblized an army of ready bought-and-paid-for shills, like Sheldrick, to mount a concerted onslaught, attacking Yudkin with fake data and innuendo, until the poor man was utterly discredited and lost his job and livelihood.

Science? Don’t make me puke.

Yudkin was 100% right of course. Sugar is the single most deadly foodstuff in our ecosystem. But STILL, even today, the industry produces doctor shills as “experts”, saying sugar does no harm and can be part of a healthy, balanced diet.

And you know the worst of this? What REALLY angers me? It’s the hypocrisy that Big Pharma carries out scientific fraud ALL THE TIME, right under our noses. Consider the writings of Dr. Marcia Angell, former editor of The New England Journal of Medicine, in the NY Review of Books, January 15, 2009, “Drug Companies & Doctors: A Story of Corruption”:

“It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.”5

Pharma is an industry, that stoops to buying (bribing), intimidating, or even inventing, contributors for their “studies”. Data is manipulated. Failures or damage—even deaths—are ignored or deliberately hidden. Journals are threatened with financial injury of they don’t conform to industry demands…

What a sad end to science. It’s fallen into the hands of evil, unscrupulous business cartels and is now controlled for their benefit, not ours. Anesthetics would never happen now; antibiotics; sanitation; recognition of the effects of viruses and bacteria; improved childhood mortality; the discovery that malaria was transmitted by mosquitos, not “bad air” (hence mal-aria)… Facebook and the tech giants would censor it all and the new discoveries would be suppressed in favor of the mainstream.

The ignorant, stupid, EVIL mainstream.

Thank you for letting me rage…

To your good health,

Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby
The Official Alternative Doctor


1. Fiore, Kristina (March 25, 2022). “Infamous Vitamin C Study May Rely on Fraudulent Data”. Retrieved March 25, 2022


3. Marik, Paul E.; Khangoora, Vikramjit; Rivera, Racquel; Hooper, Michael H.; Catravas, John (2017). “Hydrocortisone, Vitamin C, and Thiamine for the Treatment of Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock”. Chest. Elsevier BV. 151 (6): 1229–1238


5. Angell, Marcia. (2009). Drug Companies & Doctors: A Story of Corruption. The New York Review of Books. 56

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