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This is VERY Worrying Indeed

For a long time, we’ve been hearing of long-term threats to health (and life) following the current, clumsy, experimental COVID “vaccines”. So-called whistleblowers have been claiming everyone who had the vaccine will be dead in 3 – 5 years (no science, just claims).

What is for sure, is that the CDC and Big Pharma have been hiding the deaths caused by the vaccines, in an attempt to protect their profits (don’t forget it’s the CDC that “sells” vaccines). Recently, doctors and hospital staff were directly instructed to mark every death caused by—in other words immediately following—a jab, as an unvaccinated person death.

That hides their complicity in killing but does not, of course, mitigate the damage or deaths caused by these new mRNA vaccines. We know these shots KILL. Not everyone, so far, obviously, but way beyond the numbers that would require an immediate recall of the vaccines.

Just don’t hold your breath.

How Do The Current mRNA Vaccines Kill?

No process has been suggested how mRNA vaccines can kill, beyond bloodclots and myocarditis (inflammation of the heart envelope). Pfizer, Moderna and Astra-Zeneca don’t want to even admit it happens, never mind investigate how or why. But now, thanks to a recent independent study, we have more understanding of the potentially deadly mechanism by which these rush-vaccines can cause lasting harm.

The trouble turns out to be that spike protein, that so characterizes coronavirus. Corona just means crown and the bits that stick out do somewhat resemble a crown. The bits that stick out are “spike” proteins.

It’s the “spike” protein that is very toxic and dangerous. But it doesn’t matter, they claimed at first, it’s just a small amount and it stays right there at the injection site.

It does NOT. Immediately after vaccination, spike proteins are found everywhere, including in the brain.

According to Thomas Levy MD, “Concern has been raised regarding the dissemination of the spike protein throughout the body after vaccination. Rather than staying localized at the injection site in order to provoke the immune response and nothing more, spike protein presence has been detected throughout the body of some vaccinated individuals. Furthermore, it appears that some of the circulating spike proteins simply bind the ACE2 receptors without entering the cell, inducing an autoimmune response to the entire cell-spike protein entity. Depending on the cell type that binds the spike protein, any of a number of autoimmune medical conditions can result.1

So, just another lie.

In fact independent researchers, published via several journals, have said conclusively that the spike protein by itself (without being part of the corona virus) can damage endothelial cells and disrupt the blood-brain barrier. These findings may be even more relevant to the pathogenesis of long-COVID syndrome that may affect as many as 50% of those infected with SARS-CoV-2.2

We all know that other serious side-effects include lethal clots, myocarditis and Guillan-Barre Syndrome.

Yet phoney bought-and-paid-for media go on repeating the same false meme that spike proteins are safe and do no harm.3

Well, this article of mine is going to straighten out these lies, once and for all. UNFORTUNATELY, there is more cause for concern than even I imagined. An article published in the journal Viruses, October 2021, by independent researchers from the University of Sweden (I trust Swedish researchers, I do NOT trust US researchers) tells the full story.4

Basically, it’s this, shorn of much scientific rhetoric: the spike protein inhibits the immune system. No surprise there, because so does the corona virus itself. But what’s bad is that spike protein does this by inhibiting DNA repair. That’s worse than dangerous, it’s deadly.

Mutations of DNA happen all the time, due to oxidative stress damage. Factors include chemical pollution, radiation (incl. sunlight and 5G), food additives, medical investigations and even spontaneous breaks and anomalies. But there is an essential repair mechanism that protects our chromosomes and DNA; it’s called the NHEJ mechanism (Non-Homologous End Joining).

NHEJ is vital to our health and longevity.

Unfortunately, that is THE VERY THING DAMAGED BY SPIKE PROTEIN. In the presence of the vaccine spike protein, NHEJ effectiveness is suppressed by as much as 90%, meaning it is unable to do its job due to the inability to properly recruit proteins for repair.

Cancers Inevitable

This leaves our cells vulnerable to serious damage. Almost everyone knows that the basic physical mechanism that starts up cancers is rogue DNA: DNA that has gone abnormal and multiplies out of control.

The result of blocking off the NHEJ mechanism is auto-immune diseases galore, reduced immunity (vulnerable to numerous pathogens) and—most deadly of all—unable to fend off cancers. That’s a pretty tough cost, just to be “protected” from a virus which 98.5% survivable (official figures). Anyone smell a rat here?

And there you have incidentally, the reason that older folk are more vulnerable to COVID and youngsters are not. The older you get, the more DNA and immune repair function you have lost. So giving spike protein “shots” to older folks, just to protect them, is more likely killing that group. Giving the shots to younger people is to deliberately hurt them, when they don’t need “protecting”.

The Longest Spiked Protein Is Worst

The Swedish paper concluded: “Our findings provide evidence of the spike protein hijacking the DNA damage repair machinery and adaptive immune machinery in vitro.”

The Swedish researchers went further and were able to establish that full-length spike protein was worst, ie. did the most damage to the NHEJ mechanism and lowered adaptive immunity the most.

That means that vaccines using the current full-length spike proteins were potentially much more dangerous than vaccines with shorter segments would be.

To date there are no such vaccines but the introduction of them seems to me an urgent MUST (nothing happening, though!)

All of this, remember, is against a new cultural Zeitgeist (spirit of the times), which is that: we scientists are smarter than Nature; her corny protection mechanisms are not nearly as effective as our super, synthetic concoctions. After all, there is nothing to life; it’s just a bunch of “stuff” and molecules and we can handle that as easily as we can a busted gasoline engine or a glitched computer.

Who needs nature? People who talk about their “rights” and “natural” ways of being healthy are just a bunch of deluded cornballs.

[Don’t write to me, I’m being ironic!]

So: don’t unless you have to. If you do find yourself being forced, take some advice from this page. Throw in some Molecular Hydrogen (Active H2) here.

And if you have already gone down with COVID, help your body fight back with multiple digestive enzymes and MOST IMPORTANTLY, help your body avoid dangerous clots with this VIELIGHT NEURO.

To your good and lasting wellbeing, and remember: YOU CANNOT INJECT HEALTH!

It’s still my body!

To your good health,

Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby
The Official Alternative Doctor



2. J Biol Regul Homeost Agents. May-Jun 2021;35(3):833-838. doi: 10.23812/THEO_EDIT_3_21


4. Viruses 2021, 13, 2056.

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