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Tickling Your Energy Bunnies!

This week something a bit unusual. I’m sharing a BRILLIANT set of 3 videos recently recorded with my old pal Dr. Sarah Myhill.

Sarah is a magnificent, sharing and caring person, overflowing with knowledge of biology, physiology, nutrition and self-care. She’s bursting with energy and vitality, a true poster girl to her own cause!

But there’s a problem… a BIG problem. The medical profession and pharmaceutical industry HATE her. She’s been attacked and they’ve tried to crush and obliterate her no less than 43 times!

The British General Medical Council (GMC) are a bunch of criminal lackeys, long past their sell-by date, who only retain their powerful roles because they work for Big Pharma. They do NOT represent the patient’s safety, as they claim, but seek to forward corporate interests at every turn.

I was up before them myself a few times but Sarah… My God… 38 times they have tried to destroy her as a doctor (equivalent of losing her license, which we Brits call being “struck off”). The score to date: Dr Myhill 38; GMC nil (0)! There are 5 more hearings; the next is November 2023.

The bastards won’t let up. Endless trumped up charges which they cannot make stick. They even arraigned her for non compliance—she wouldn’t turn over patient records for them to peruse. BUT THE GMC’s OWN RULES FORBID DISCLOSING A PATIENT’S RECORDS, IF THE PATIENT DOES NOT CONSENT TO IT. Ha!

She was following THEIR rules and yet they tried to get her for not complying with their (illegal) order to disclose confidential notes. Sarah won. But it’s still SICK that a professional regulatory body could do that.

The GMC in fact is capable of putting up false stooges to make absurd claims, that some of her recommendations were “potentially lethal” and fell “seriously below standard” of patient care. Vitamin C and vitamin D; sniffing Lugol’s iodine from a salt pipe? Lethal? Are you KIDDING! Paracetamol (Tylenol) is way more deadly.

We are looking at the face of pure evil. But Sarah still comes up smiling and laughing even. It’s got to be some kind of stupid joke, she thinks.

[QUICK NEWS FLASH: the British Medical Association (BMA) just last week has called for the disbandment of the current GMC, as constituted, and has demanded the removal of the old dinosaurs!]

It’s obvious what is behind this: Sarah is one of the world’s FINEST holistic doctors; her patients LOVE her and her extensive knowledge puts all the old fools to shame, and they know it.

That’s why I want to share Sarah’s wisdom with you. I got her talking about post-viral fatigue syndrome (PVFS), ME, fibromyalgia, long COVID, or whatever you want to call it. There are slight differences in these conditions but basically they share a common breakdown, which is mitochondrial failure and overwhelm.

Mitochondria are our energy bunnies that go on and on and on!

Our little energy bunnies can’t perform as they should and are crying out for help! I caught Sarah on a good day and grabbed some time with her. I have over an hour of her wisdom recorded, broken up into 3 manageable videos. And you need to watch these… Oh YES, you really do!

Incidentally, CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) is exactly what it says. ME or fibromyalgia, so-called Lymes and now long COVID, is chronic fatigue (CFS) plus systemic inflammation.

Why do I think these 3 videos are so important? You don’t have to have CFS or ME/fibromyalgia or long COVID to benefit from tickling your mitochondria a bit! Indeed almost everyone in the modern world is struggling to keep their bunnies on the go.

Sarah is good at metaphors too: you’ll learn about the thyroid accelerator pedal and the adrenal gearbox!

I think you’ll like what you hear, in fact I’m sure of it. So much so, I have given over a whole newsletter to this theme.


Video #1:

Video #2:

Video #3:

Dr. Sarah’s own website, if you want more information, is That’s where to go to get her super books: 

Conducting the CFS Orchestra–_how_to_put_yourself_in_charge


Diagnosis and Treatment of CFS and ME.

Take it all in, everyone, because it’s a feast of health and healing knowledge for us all. Vivien insists everyone needs to see these videos. She took a lot of notes when she first watched them!

My own mitochondria super-restorer (Mito-Cell Rejuvenator) is available at:

And the book that started all this, my VIRUS BLITZING:


To Your Good Health,

Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby
The Official Alternative Doctor

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