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Treatment of Parasites…What Health Condition Kills More Humans Than All The Wars in History?

Proof of Life After Death?

Before I get started on Bill Gates and drawing truth out of the poison, let me tell you about last week’s Sunday Meeting.

More or less on a whim, I got started on life after death (no not Bible stuff!). I talked my way through one of the chapters of my book Virtual Medicine, called “Biology Beyond Death”. In it I reported on the phenomenon of electronic voice phenomena (EVP), which I’m betting the majority of you don’t know much about.

It’s the study of voices from long-dead people appearing on electronic equipment, such as tape recorders and radio. I suppose sooner or later smart phones will be visited. Already land phones have been plagued and there are far too many of these cases to dismiss them as a hoax. Maybe there are some frauds… but many event have good bona fides, up to and including engineers and scientific researchers.

Actor Michael Keaton made a movie about this theme, called White Noise. Well, there’s more to it than a Hollywood fantasy. There exist today tens of thousands of recordings of disembodied voices, speaking to friends and relatives they knew in life. It even has Vatican approval, so it must be true (I’m being rather sarcastic there but perhaps it will help Christians be comfortable that this is not satanic).

But my interest is contact with beings that are known for certain to have lived and seem to have showed up in electronic energy devices. Not too surprising, when you understand that life is basically electrical in nature, not biochemical “stuff” as the mechanistic dodos want to think (the number one marker of life is the electrical membrane potential of cells).

Anyway, the whole thing got recorded and I published it, minus questions, so it’s only 40 minutes long. If you want to dabble at the deepest depth of being, you’d better tune in here!

PLEASE NOTE: There is no Sunday Meeting this week (May 4th) because I’m in Dallas, speaking.

Now, on to the Doctor Bill Gates thing…

Bill Gates has been screwing up lives for over a quarter of a century. He caused me immense stress with his Microsoft Office. Now this arrogant pest wants to start controlling medicine. There are already squads of thugs forcing parents to have their children vaccinated at gunpoint on his program in Africa.

He—“Gates”—wants to see every child on Earth vaccinated. Never a mention of the parents wishes. Yet he knows next to nothing about medicine (even less than he knows about making workable software).

Now we have a health infographic attributed to Bill Gates. Suddenly he’s a real pro! The infographic shows the common causes of death for humans (the actual source is the WHO, not Mr. Smarty Pants).

Well, aside from issues with Gates, this picture shows something very interesting stuff. Let’s not worry about being eaten by wolves or slammed by an elephant.

Common Causes of Death for Humans
The first thing I noticed is that this list is all about parasites! I pointed this out years ago (headline: “parasites have killed more humans than all the wars in history”, remember?).

Murderous humans are bad news but less than half a million a year. I read an interesting piece in New Scientist this same week which said that, although the numbers of people killed by wars and murder is much higher than centuries ago, it’s actually dramatically fallen proportionately.

According to archeological evidence, 10 – 20% of Stone Age peoples met a violent end at the hands of other humans. That’s a horrific number; up to one in five slaughtered. But in the 20th century, with two world wars which killed over 100 million people, that actually amounts to only 1- 2% of the population!

Apparently we are learning to get on more, despite overcrowding and competition for resources (tell that the Arabs and Israelis).

But look at the battle with parasites. Mosquito-borne malaria is, of course, a parasitic disease (Plasmodium vivax and others). But the also-rans are pretty awesome. Sleeping sickness is also a parasitic disease, caused by an organism called Treponema pallidum.

As I said in my fantastic Parasites Handbook this vicious creature has laid waste an area of Africa roughly equivalent to the United States. It can’t be farmed, because sleeping sickness affects both cattle and humans.

Don’t get complacent either because OTHER Treponema, T. cruzi (the American treponeme) is here in the United States and causes Chagas disease, another parasitic condition I covered in my unique Handbook. It’s deadly and, as you can see, kills just as many as the rotten sleeping sickness (the heart bursts). Chagas disease has moved north from the tropics and is already present in Arizona and California and spreading fast.

Most people are totally unaware of these waves of pathogens washing over us and by the time they start listening to wisdom from people like me it’s often too late.

You probably know about tapeworms and the much nastier Ascaris (see illustration). But did you ever think of them as being more deadly than lions, wolves or sharks? Just look at the figures.

The fact is that we are at war with parasites and, in the main, they keep winning.

The best way to avoid dying by them is to avoid the infection in the first place. Once you have parasites on board, they can be very difficult to get rid of. Meantime, they want to get rid of you!

It’s like the cancer story: orthodox treatments are toxic and dangerous. There are plenty of natural remedies that help but you need to study and learn them. They are not as powerful in the main, but some are definitely toxic and need administering with care. It’s a critical knowledge base that almost everyone ignores.

Tip: zapping is not enough. You need to tune your body to keep out parasites, otherwise they just come back. These are a very cunning foe.

Be aware: parasites can be very dangerous. One major infestation goes by the scary name of Necator americanus; that means “American murderer”! One fish tapeworm will drain so much of the vitamins and nutrients from your body, notably B12, that you could die of anemia and other deficiency state. This particular tapeworm is the biggest of all and can grow to over 30 feet in length (yes, you figured it out: it will hang out of your anus like a strap as you walk along).

They can walk through your muscles, your eye orbit and get into your eyeballs. That’s not nice and can result in pain and blurred or disturbed vision. To many parasites, we are just a country to stroll through, in search of food!

Hold them at bay, lock them out, get sharp and set your target on zero tolerance of parasites. Get my Parasites Handbook today (special price) and learn all about this menace to life.

Don’t cringe or squirm. I’m telling you to just do this!

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