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Vitamin C is EXACTLY the same as ascorbic acid

I got engaged recently in a lively correspondence with one of my vociferous and intelligent subscribers who actually circulates her own list. It started when I received, via her, a round-robin email from some supposed expert who claimed synthetic vitamins don’t work—in fact, this article said, they were bad for you, even toxic.

I knew right away I was not reading the words of an experienced clinician but some silly propagandist, supposedly supporting the “natural” movement.

This article claimed that vitamin C was not the same as ascorbic acid and synthetic vitamin C didn’t work. Dr Ben Kim is one of those armchair experts, who probably never ran a clinical facility in his life. If he did or does (I don’t care), he’s talking out of his a**.

I have given thousands of IVs with synthetic vitamin C and, you know what? It’s the most miraculous therapy we have. I have seen the lame walk, the dying revive, people with cancer start to go into remission, the paralyzed start to move their limbs again, lymes (ME etc.) wake up and dementias start to talk normally.

It is awesome. I took it with me to Sri Lanka as THE emergency drug I would use in disease outbreaks after the Tsunami of 2005. (see my Tsunami Mission here)

Some months ago I shared with you a dramatic story of a man supposedly “brain dead” from an overwhelming lung infection. Doctors were insisting on turning off the life support machine. The family fought and won to keep him on life support and give him vitamin C (synthetic vitamin C).

The result: he came out of his coma and far from being dead, he’s back to a normal life and flying his own place. See the moving story here:

Dr. Ben Kim, for all his following, knows little about nutrition and is misleading trusting people. What’s more he’s a source of only second-hand information: I’ve heard this nonsense about vitamin C not being ascorbic acid before; from Dr. Tim O’Shea, among others. The trouble when people start passing around these stories without checking them, everyone start to believe they are true.

Exactly the same thing happens in conventional medicine, of course.

Look: here’s the formula for vitamin C. It’s also the formula for ascorbic acid! They are the same. What does “synthetic” mean in this context? Perhaps Dr Kim thinks the carbon or oxygen atoms might be man-made? As far as I know, God put them there at the start of the Universe!!

There’s more to this. I dealt a lot with people in severe toxic overload and multiple allergies. We used to specifically prescribe synthetic vitamins (from Klaire Laboratories, actually). These were all the patient could tolerate and they worked very well indeed.

Dr Kim presumably does not know that what he calls “synthetic vitamins” come from foods. Vitamin C, for example, often comes from corn; B vitamins from yeast; and vitamin E from wheat germ. If Dr Kim really knew his stuff, he would know that many patients react violently to these sources.

In fact I had a woman who went suicidal on vitamin supplements: I traced it to the fact that the manufacturers were using potato starch to stick the pills, instead of corn (this was a holistic vitamin company and made careful products). But the patient was allergic to potato and it made her feel very bad.

Synthetic vitamins are an obvious choice and, of course, they do work well and are NOT toxic.

Anyway, it wouldn’t be right to attack Dr Kim—as I have the experience to do—without giving you a link to see what he really says! And beware: he trots out the old saw you can get all you need from foods in your diet. It’s piffle. Foods no longer contain sufficient nutrients. We need hundreds of times the natural quantities, just to protect us from our toxic world. Food can’t even come close to supplying enough (though of course you should get as much as you can from natural foods).

Here you go:

See also Wikipedia:

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