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Vitamin K3 Drug Effective Against End-Stage Cancer

You know, I keep saying that some of my orthodox colleagues are coming round to our way of thinking. I dissociate myself from silly, petulant “holistic” writers who think everything is evil about conventional cancer treatment.

For the twentieth time or more, I repeat: there are some great doctors out there, trying hard. Not everyone is corrupted by Big Pharma. Now even the FDA is playing ball with them!

I’m talking now about a novel combination of vitamin C and vitamin K3 called Apatone. It selectively targets tumors by entering cancer cells as readily as glucose. It then suppresses certain inflammatory reactions that cancer cells use to escape destruction by chemotherapy agents.

When administered prior to chemo, vitamin K3 appears to decrease the resistance to chemo drugs. It has helped prostate cancer patients, who were getting no help from chemo, to start making progress knocking out the cancer.

That’s vitamin C and vitamin K3 at work. According to Science News, “This non-toxic approach weakens and kills cancers in a novel way.”1 In fact quite a few studies published since 2008 have shown vitamins K2 and K3 to be intriguing agents in both cancer prevention and treatment.

In a March 2008 study, Apatone significantly slowed the cancer; 16 our of 17 patients responded positively (no chemo agent can equal that!) Moreover, of the 15 patients who continued to take it, only one death occurred after 14 months of treatment. The doses were: 5,000 mg of vitamin C and 50 mg of vitamin K3.

The doctors concluded that Apatone showed promise in delaying biochemical progression in this group of end stage prostate cancer patients.2

Glucose and Otto Warburg

Apatone was discovered by Dr. Henryk Taper from the Catholic University of Leuven in Brussels, Belgium and was further developed by Dr. James Jamison and Dr. Jack Summers, both of Summa Health System in Akron, Ohio, and Dr. Jacques Gilloteaux, now with the American University of the Caribbean in St. Maarten.

Their groundbreaking discovery found that moderate doses of Apatone eliminate many types of cancer cells, including prostate, bladder, renal and ovarian.

We all know how precious glucose is to cancer cells. They need it to burn for energy. That’s Otto Warburg’s glycolysis theory. Sugar is the last thing you want to be eating in the face of cancer.

Well, the real key here is that Apatone resembles glucose! So it is preferentially taken into cancer cells, where it accumulates. It also supplies quinone that weakens and can destroy the cancer cell from within.

The bottom line is: Apatone selectively targets and kills tumor cells using non-toxic biochemistry that protects surrounding healthy tissue.

This is not only promising for the fight against cancer. It’s promising for the rise of intelligent nutritional therapies against cancer.

You can ask your oncologist for Apatone. But for home therapy it has no value: it needs to be taken IV. But you need nobody’s permission to take lots of vitamin C (10 – 20 grams a day or more) and vitamins K2 and K3 (try to get 50 – 100 mg if you can get it and can afford it). Double these doses if you are obese. Note that vitamin K1 is worthless in this context.

To learn about many more safe and holistic natural therapies against cancer, you need to get my book “Cancer Research Secrets”. You can learn details about this groundbreaking book here:

You’ll see a short video by me and then more details lower down the page.


PS. Additional clinical trials are planned for intravenous administration of Apatone in patients who have failed chemotherapy. Apatone has been granted orphan drug status by the FDA to treat advanced bladder cancer.


1. Science Daily (Oct. 9, 2007)

2. Tareen B, Summers JL, Jamison JM, et al. A 12 week, open label, phase I/IIa study using apatone for the treatment of prostate cancer patients who have failed standard therapy. Int J Med Sci. 2008;5(2):62-7

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