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Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s You Need to Know About

Around the globe, 44 million people are afflicted with Alzheimer’s or a similar dementia.  It is a disease of the brain that steals away your memories, your quality of life, and your ability to be independent.  The effects and signs of Alzheimer’s disease are devastating to the person with the illness as well as those forced to watch the rapid decline of their loved one.

At this time, it is considered by the traditional medical community, government organization, and every major health organization to be the only disease in the top ten causes of death that is not preventable, not curable, and not able to be slowed down.

I’ve written many articles on this particular neurodegenerative disease because I take a far different view.  There are countless studies proving that holistic, complimentary, and alternative care can and does stop the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

My brain is my primary asset.  As a doctor and a writer, I must retain my mental fitness at all costs.  I refuse to simply accept that this disease cannot be prevented or stopped.

You shouldn’t accept that either!

If traditional medicine doesn’t get its’ head out of its’ collective behind, experts believe that cases of Alzheimer’s disease will triple worldwide by 2050.  It is physically, emotionally, and financially devastating to the patient, their families, and the planet at large.  Globally, this insidious disease comes with a $605 billion price tag every year.

1-in-3 Americans over age 85 have Alzheimer’s

1-in-9 Americans over age 65 have Alzheimer’s

Life expectancy after Alzheimer’s diagnosis: 4 to 8 years

Diseases of the brain are the number one cause of other disabilities in later life.  Most cases are detected after age 65 and two-thirds of the patients are women.

Experts estimate that many patients have not been diagnosed.  Knowing what to look for is critical to catching it as early as possible.

I believe firmly in prevention.

If you recognize that you or someone you know is exhibiting the early signs of Alzheimer’s disease, there is no time to waste.  You must launch a proactive attack to slow or stop the disease as quickly as possible.

You have nothing to lose that this disease will not take from you by force if you allow it.  The Alzheimer’s Association put together ten warning signs used by doctors around the world to evaluate, diagnose, and treat their patients.


10 Early Signs of Alzheimer’s You Must Not Ignore

  1. Changes to memory that begin to disrupt daily life
  2. Gradual inability to plan or solve even simple problems
  3. Difficulty doing tasks that were once familiar
  4. General confusion about time or location
  5. Growing inability to understand visual or spatial concepts
  6. Struggling with words in speech or writing
  7. Forgetting where something is and being unable to retrace steps
  8. Impaired judgment that seems to worsen
  9. Slowly pulling away from work or social events
  10. Alteration to overall mood and personality

Dr. Keith Black with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, explained, “If we could identify patients who are developing the disease early, it would give us a much better opportunity to intervene with treatments, and it’s much more likely for those treatments to be effective.”

If you are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or any other neurodegenerative disease, I suggest getting a second opinion (or even a third) to confirm.  Many patients are misdiagnosed!  Not every form of dementia is as severe as Alzheimer’s and respond better and faster to treatments.

Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease

A staggering 5% of patients (200,000 people in the United States alone) are between 35-55 years old when they are diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s.  Many of these patients have a strong familial history of the disease.  Genetic counseling may be able to pinpoint the expression of particular genes – APP, PSEN 1, or PSEN 2 – that could increase your personal risk.

It’s a personal choice to get this testing done.  On one hand, if you are a person like me who refuses to go down without a fight in any situation, you can start working to beat it.  On the other, if you are a person who is sensitive to stress and worry, you could think yourself into a worse situation.

No matter what, know that diet is critical to your brain health.  It is your body’s first line of defense against all illness and disease.  Here are ten of my favorites to protect my brain.

Foods to Fight Brain Deterioration

  1. Coconut and olive oil
  2. Eggs
  3. Avocado
  4. Nuts and seeds
  5. Seafood and sea vegetables
  6. Berries
  7. Turmeric, cinnamon, and cumin
  8. Leafy greens (kale, spinach, broccoli)
  9. Green tea or coffee
  10. Pumpkin, squash, tomatoes, and beets

If you suspect that you or a loved one might be showing early signs of Alzheimer’s, don’t delay talking to your doctor.  The sooner you know one way or another, the better your chances of fighting it and receiving the support you’ll need to manage the disease.

It is not hopeless.  The moment you believe it is, the disease begins to win.

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