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Watch the Replay: Avazzia Micro-Current Therapy Pinnacle Webinar


Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby presents the new Avazzia PINNACLE micro-current therapy device, developed and shared by friends John Hache, Lorry Hache and Rob Vanbergen of This “beast” is the Jumbo Jet of MCT devices; the others about the standard of a small motor car. Read what it can do to stall inflammation, kill inflammation, stimulate the vagus nerve and eliminate pain–just for starters, and plenty more.


Ken’s Story
I attended both Microcurrent Therapy (MCT) webinars you've had--one last year and then this one this week. Thanks for organizing such eye-opening webinars, as not many people talk about such or shed light on its benefits. After the first webinar, I started doing my research on MCT devices, such as the SCENAR—although there are quite a few YouTube videos and other materials on the Web about these, I had no idea there was that much information out there on it. And when you talk to Americans about it, they've never heard anything about it. What a strange phenomenon!! They can tell you all about Tylenol and Advil, but they know nothing about MCT.

So last year I bought my first MCT device on E-bay. It took 6 weeks to get in the mail due to customs delay. And then when I got it; I did not know what to do with it, although, I did familiarize myself with the controls. So, I had it there untouched until something came about where I needed it. That happened in August when I cut my thumb pretty bad with scissors; I was able to stop the bleeding by placing a bandage on it, but it was a deep cut and I was bothered that it would take a long time to heal, thus, getting infected in the process. So, I took out the SCENAR and started running it over the affected part a few times each day. I really couldn't feel much and wondered if it would make any difference. To my surprise, the cut pretty much healed in about 3 days. And it did not get infected even though I got it wet a couple of times. The most astonishing part of it was that the cut did not leave a scar behind. I was quite impressed with the results. MCT is truly amazing.

Sharon P.

In 2016, my 78 years old mother suddenly developed femoral neuropathy along with severe pain and she rapidly lost her ability to walk. I purchased an Avazzia Device, and thanks to the great support I received, I am excited to report, to the disbelief of my mother’s specialist, that she is now walking free of pain and unassisted.

Sylvia E.

I bought the Avazzia Life Evolution and I’m loving it! It has helped me so much with my foot arthritis. I had been moved onto disability as a result of it. However, today, I just got the clearance to go back to work and I am very excited about how evolution worked and was the game-changer for me.

Everyone needs one of these in their home!

Chris A

I’m so happy to have found Dr. Hache and the group at Pain-Free For Life! I love my Avazzia!! And with the unparalleled support from Pain-Free For Life, I’ve managed thus far to treat my diverticulitis without drugs or anymore trips to the hospital or doctor!! Their presence on social media is such a gift!!

In conclusion, if you would like to experience these kinds of results, then giving the Avazzia Devices a try would be your next- step decision. Here is the REAL DEAL; if you are in any way interested, then you need to act NOW!!

Because this special offer will be out of stock soon.

Do yourself a huge favor by getting one for yourself and your family. 

Always remember, no one should have to suffer from chronic and pain.

Go get your special offer now!

To your health,

Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby.

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