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Weight Loss Overview – 1

Weight-LossI have been meaning for some time now to write a book with an overview of all dieting (weight-loss) methods. It seems to me that I am uniquely suited to do it, since I don’t sell or push any particular methods. Plus, I have a far deeper insight into the complex role that foods play in our metabolism than most silly, self-aggrandized “experts” who are just on the make.

The fact that the weight-loss market is a multi-billion dollar market should be an immediate red flag. With that much money on the table (60 billion dollars last year in the USA alone), people are not going to scruple much over what is “true” or what works, so much as what sells.

Let’s start with a bit of common sense then. As I see it, there are only 5 ways to lose weight…

  1. Eat less
  2. Eat differently
  3. Exercize more
  4. Herbs and hormones
  5. Adjusting your intestinal flora

OK, number 4 is a bit simplistic but I just mean the extras you take… supplements, metabolic enhancers, whatever you want to call them.

Number 5 will be a puzzling mystery to some but, in fact, could turn out to be the only reliable way to lose weight and not gain it back. It’s a complex new development, which I will explain in more detail when we come to it.

Mind And Belief Systems

We all know that weight gain is supposed to be a psychological thing, “comfort eating”, people’s self-image and that sort of thing…

So, what about mind control and hypnosis? Well, I think it’s fair to say that counseling methods, hypnosis and such are really aimed at 1 and 2 from the above list: they get you to eat less, or at least differently.

The same could be said for what I call the “disciplinary methods”; Weight Watchers is a good example of this category program, where there is a strong social or peer pressure to conform and eat within suitable limits.

What about bariatric surgery? Well, let’s just say that is a twisted and tortured (and expensive) way of also achieving 1 and 2!

I’m sticking to my 5 main methods!

Get started by reading a free download booklet here (no catch, no email needed)

Weight Loss Overview, Part 1

More on this theme next week!

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