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What 99% of Doctors Won’t Tell You

Not long ago, a friend of mine was in extremely poor health, a situation which was only being aggravated by her stressful work environment and personal lifestyle. She was under the care of a holistic practitioner and he had diagnosed her with adrenal exhaustion.

This friend was prescribed large doses of B12 and folic acid as a natural remedy for adrenal fatigue.

I was shocked! What further alarmed me was the dosages were insane! They were 35 times the maximum dose I would ever consider. Not long into her ‘treatment’, the holistic practitioner had her double the originally prescribed dosage.

Sad to say, this is a glaring example of a drug-doctor mentality, and clearly an unfortunate tale of misdiagnosis.

As a valued reader, I know you are interested becoming truly healthy. The more you think about your personal health care, the more you realize you need to stop blindly going along with what you’re told by so-called well-meaning doctors or practitioners without questioning it. Many holistic practitioners, even those with accredited licenses and prescribing rights, do not know what they are doing and can be potentially dangerous to our health.

Why You Need to Become Health Literate: It’s a Matter of Life and Death

A visit to your local doctor places your life in their hands, quite literally. As competent and informed as we’d like to believe they are, times have changed, and everyone should become “health literate” and take control of their own health.

There are two very important facts everyone should be aware of at their next doctor’s visit:

  1. Don’t trust the competence of a holistic practitioner OR a doctor without clear evidence they are capable and properly licensed. Great people exist everywhere. But, you have to sift through practitioners to find the right ones.
  2. Never, never, never ignore the emotional health component of disease. Doing so may put you in your grave. Working on your emotional well-being as well as treating physical aspects of any disease should be a requirement of all diagnoses. The immense wealth of good feeling that comes on dealing with emotional sludge can be so wonderful and liberating!

Your health is your first priority; nothing else matters if you aren’t healthy.

When you imagine and dream about your life 10, 20, or even 30 years from now, and the more you think about how you want to live your best life, the more you become aware you must get “health literate”, and access my over 40 years of knowledge and nearly 3 million words of life-changing health education writings.

No matter what ailments you have – whether it’s a cold or the flu or life-threatening cancer – my ultimate compendium of amazing health discoveries will give you proven ways to prevent diseases and get healthier than you have ever been before.

Why Do You Need This Ultimate Compendium of Alternative Health Discoveries?

Medicine can be very slow. But you cannot afford to be left behind. These days, to survive and have any chance of being healthy, you must know about pollution, detoxing, genetic profiling, EMF dangers, inflammatory foods, the effect of GMO’s, the gut microbiome, inflammatory markers, glucose metabolism, and much more. It‘s up to you.

I’ve published nearly 3 million words over the years, on all matters of health, from topics as wide-ranging as using bee venom injected into acupuncture points to amazing electronic devices that transform body metabolism; from herbs that have more power than modern medicines to very unusual advanced holistic psychology; from shining laser light up the nose to hanging upside down from silk cords; from transplanting feces from one person to another to swallowing parasite worms as a cure for colitis!

I’ve seen it all: from very controversial cutting-edge discoveries to tried and tested science, the best there is, with many stops and stages in between.

And I’ve been proven right, time and time again, in my visions for the future.

In fact, I’ve enjoyed writing an occasional column for years with the recurring theme: “I told ‘em!”, meaning I said it already, often decades before it was supposed to have been discovered.good health and good life

For example, you’ve probably heard of “earthing” or “grounding” . Various writers (Clint Ober and Stephen Sinatra, for example) have claimed to discover the effectiveness of this. They want the credit. But I published why it’s necessary and important in a book of mine in 1988–a full 20 years before this was “discovered” by others–and it’s a matter of written record.

My alternative health therapies are based on four decades of experience, are easy to comprehend, and best of all, you can get started using them right away, as soon as you download your copy. It’s like having your own private session with me 24/7!

Then, at your fingertips, you’ll have the information you need to know how to protect your liver, your kidneys, brain, heart, and lungs. While we are at it, let’s throw in skin health as well.

You’ll also need to know about hormone balancing, which is using natural viable hormones to fight aging and obesity, and nutritional supplementation, from the right sources, to help our bodies cope with the tide of chemical excess.

To just leave all of this up to your doctor can be a highway to disaster. The idea that there is a pill for everything and your doctor is an expert in the “right” pill for you is nonsense.

This Book Will Dramatically Improve Your Health and May Even Save Your Life

Doctors mess up all the time. It often takes years for them to admit that a fashionable treatment simply isn’t working or, even worse, that it’s dangerous.

Sometimes, because of financial interests, it seems like doctors and other practitioners will never change, unless new laws force them to adopt better practices that are in the patient’s best interest, instead of their own.secrets of an alternative doctor alternative health

That’s where my writings are good for you: I’m offering nourishing knowledge. It actually saves you money, time, and wrong diagnosis.

I share my 40 years of expertise in my writings, and when I say something is a fact or based on true clinical experience, I mean it. It’s not an advertising line. I just want to tell the truth, the complete truth, just as it really is. Call me old-fashioned, but I just enjoy science as it should be.

In order to bring you the most important alternative health discoveries, I’ve published a 274 page 8.5″ X 11″ print book titled Secrets of an Alternative Doctor.

This isn’t your average run of the mill health book. In it, I dig deep into treating the underlying cause of diseases. This will allow you to treat your health problems and eliminate them for good.

Some of the things I wrote about more than three decades ago were so far ahead of their time that they are only just becoming “current”; and it will be a long time yet before some of them go out of date.

This book will never go out-of-date!

Here’s a sneak peek inside the ground-breaking Secrets of an Alternative Doctor:

  • What Doctors Never Tell You About Your Body
  • How Taking Care of Your Mind, Soul & Spirit Can Help You Live Longer
  • Creating Loving Relationships & Why Romance Keeps You Healthy
  • Wise Dentistry: Everything Your Dentist Won’t Tell You That You Need to Know
  • Unlocking the Food Code
  • Anti-Aging Secrets Revealed To Live a Longer Life (with no more wrinkles!)
  • Hidden Allergy Causes & How to Get Relief
  • A Trailblazing Origin of Personalized Medicine
  • A Testing Breakthrough for Hidden Cancers
  • A Simple Weight-Loss Mind Strategy
  • The Real Surprise Antibiotic and More Forgotten Antibiotics
  • How to Reverse Early Stage Chronic Diseases and much more…

What is really required, and what I’m highly suggesting you do, is to become what I call “health literate.” Get yourself educated so that you know what your doctor should be doing, or, if or she won’t do it, that you know enough to go elsewhere and get the specific treatment that’s right for you.

The more you think about your health, the more you realize you need to stop everything you’re doing and pick up your copy of Secrets of an Alternative Doctor now.

Your doctor won’t tell you that stardust could fight obesity and aging, why one of the most important healing principles of total body load is often the most overlooked, the top 10 non-hormonal anti-aging supplements, one simple way to extend your life, and much more.

By now you realize you’re missing out on life saving secrets that can transform your health. If you’re not dedicated to improving your health in at least one small way, then don’t get this book, because you’re going to add years to your life when you download your copy right now.

Your Journey of a Lifetime Starts With Your Health, 

Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby

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