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What Americans will never be allowed to hear about swine flu

Contrary to the manufactured hysterics and fake science here in the USA, Australians are being reassured by their Federal Health Minister of Australia, Nicola Roxon, that swine flu does not pose a greater danger than seasonal flu.
This was despite the reported death of a boy linked with swine flu, yet the authorities did not list swine flu as the cause of his death. It’s a coroner’s case to establish what he did die of.

Roxon called for calm and stated the virus remains mild but parents should monitor their children’s health.

“Most people, including children, will experience very mild symptoms and recover without any medical intervention,” she said.

In total there have been 10 swine flu deaths in Australia: seven were in Victoria, one in South Australia, one in Western Australia and one in New South Wales.

Nationally, there have been 4568 confirmed cases of swine flu. This is the worst hit nation in the Pacific (I’m not kidding): 10 deaths and less than 5,000 cases in this “terrible”, “deadly” epidemic that Big Pharma is slavering over.

Incidentally, Australian immunisation specialist Robert Booy said swine flu was likely to kill twice as many children over the next 12 months as regular influenza. The professor estimated 10-12 children could die from the virus, compared with five or six from normal flu strains in a typical year.

Must be a different virus from the one in the USA, heh? Here it’s gonna kill MILLIONS we are told.

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