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What is an anti-inflammatory diet?

I saw a forum topic running recently on what constitutes an anti-inflammatory diet. The answers showed appalling ignorance; most of it was the “me-too” pseudo-expertise of avoiding gluten, grains and manufactured foods.

It sent me Googling and I found that over 97% of websites did not have much idea what an inflammatory food was or what a food allergy was. As I said, most “experts” just quoted other experts.

The appalling ignorance centered around the delusory idea that there is such a thing as an anti-inflammatory diet! It does not exist.

Oh yes, inflammatory foods exist. So why not just avoid them? Because they are different for every single individual. To “avoid grains” is nuts, if your inflammatory food is dairy derivatives. I don’t tolerate wheat very well, for instance; but I am fine with corn and rice; thankfully, since I love Oriental food.

Surely fruit and vegetables are safe? No, not at all. Fruit allergies are quite common, especially to citrus fruits. But I react to apple, which is interesting. It’s only a subtle effect but it speeds up my rate of speaking. How many of the self-imagined “experts” can spot what is going on with this degree of skill? None to few. Bill Rea, Jean Monro, Doris Rapp and a few others I would acknowledge.

But Joe Mercola, Andrew Weil and even amazing Jonathan Wright do not really see the full truth here, which is that: EVERY SINGLE PERSON HAS THEIR OWN UNIQUE FRIENDLY DIET AND TO STEP OUTSIDE THAT IS TO INVITE AN INFLAMMATORY RESPONSE TO FOODS.

Set diets, no matter how many good results are trumpeted, never work universally. For everyone healed by the metabolic type diet or the blood group diet, etc. there are  individuals made sick, because they are told to eat “safe” foods and it is WRONG. We are all different. There can be no one-size-fits-all diet. Never.

I have seen individuals made sick by every food you can name (bloody colitis due to lettuce, epilepsy due to carrots, crippling arthritis due to potato, drunken intoxication due to orange, etc.).

See, foods are not really at all friendly! Even the humble carrot has a nerve toxin (caratotoxin) and cabbage would not pass the tests that drugs have to go through, before they are permitted as safe. This comes as a counter-intuitive shock because foods nurture and nourish our bodies, don’t they?

Well, yes and no. We can derive nutrients even from toxic or inflammatory foods. But inflammation is one of the deadliest health scourges of all; it’s what most experts believe is the number one aging health factor. Almost all aging and degenerative diseases are inflammatory in nature, including arthritis, atherosclerosis (heart attack and stroke), Alzheimer’s, diabetes and even cancer has in inflammatory element.

So inflammation is the LAST thing we want going on in our bodies. We have to endure some of it due to hidden pathogens, like Chlamydia and CMV, which may not be a choice. But what you put in your mouth is always a choice and, if you’ll take my advice, spend a few weeks figuring out what foods are safe and what foods cause inflammation in your body.

Once this is done, if you stick to what you find, you will live decades longer than average. That’s a promise. I think the investment of time and trouble in working out your own personal safe diet is one of the most valuable gifts you can give yourself.

I wrote a book which will help you do it accurately, quickly and with the minimum of fuss. It’s called “Diet Wise” and now you know why! For $20, it could save you from $100,000s of medical expense bills, or even an untimely death. How much is your life worth? Get a copy from this page

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