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What is Guerilla Psychology?

I Don’t know really. It’s a word that came to mind. It implies something tough, edgy, ingenious.

For “guerilla psychology”, that maybe suggests a quick leap in, fix the issue and get out unharmed strategy. That would describe some of my cutting edge works in my ownTransformational Psychology.

This week I released a slice of my New Thought Horizons series. It’s going to be very big. I suggest you grab it now, before the price doubles.

I prepared a big info page, telling you what it is in great detail, what it will do for you and why it’s a better approach that 99% of the guru poop out there.

New Thought Horizons part 1

I was up several nights this week, getting it ready before I leave for the UK. It was a labour of sweat and love.

So imagine my dismay when stats told me that 92% of visitors to the site stayed 5 seconds or less. I was insulted!

What fool possibly imagines that they can digest in 5 seconds all that I have to say in this multi-part program?

It was clearly about mind improvement, so maybe they know instinctively their minds couldn’t be improved, eh? (take that either way)

Anyway, it does mean a lot to me and you will be hearing more and more about this.

I’m looking for partners too; this is something that is ideal to split into territories and learn to give classes. Franchise anyone?

Seriously, though. It’s the first part of an amazing adventure and you should check it out.

New Thought Horizons part 1

Part 2 is about learning and knowledge and how knowledge creates our Being and part 3 I call Infinite Consciousness. It’s infinity in the time sense (immortal, past lives, pre-science etc.) and infinite in the spatial sense (non-locational, extended mind, telepathy, remote viewing and so forth.)

Part 1 is just a beginning.

There’s a slightly amazing online “therapy” interface. It’s called “Finding Inner Peace” and is about pinpointing and eliminating your core issues. Face your worst possible fears and nightmares—and beat them down, forever!

Check it out at: New Thought Horizons Part 1

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