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When Doctors Go On Strike (Or Stop Treating Because of COVID)

I’ve spent a lot of thought wondering what we can learn from the COVID so-called statistics. Anyone who knows any science knows the figures are meaningless. You know that some evil is going on when the “official” answer to comments and criticism is to destroy the truth-tellers.

Website after website is being taken down by Google and the social media, for nothing more than publishing accurate figures. In some cases figures from the OFFICIAL government site, such as the CDC or FDA.

Why bother? If these supposed “fake news” sites are clearly wrong, they are going to implode sooner or later. I have always believed the truth is unassailable and, though people do tell lies, “the truth will out”.

But Facebook and Instagram now have a strict elimination and deletion policy. Mark Zuckerburg says anyone respecting hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) will be taken down. What does this little toad know? He’s not a doctor. He’s clearly operating on someone else’s agenda. He’ll be a slave like the rest of us, when those in power finally get their way.

[Remember Hitler’s “night of the long knives”? He had everyone who helped him get what he wanted taken into the woods and shot].

The hoaxers don’t allow any competition. It’s the same in other aspects of science: Wikipedia says homeopathy is bunk, proven to not work. The electric universe model is removed relentlessly by editors who favor the silly “Big Bang” model.

Of course the reasons are not hard to discern. If real facts were posted, then people would know your hoax theory is WRONG. The “Big Bang’ model of where we all came from has not made ONE single accurate prediction in over 60 years. That means the theory is WRONG, according to accepted scientific principles.

The competing electric universe model has made scores of accurate and surprise predictions. It’s by far the best model. But just as there were convulsions of self-interests when Johannes Kepler proved the earth circled the Sun, instead of the other way round, people were threatened with excommunication or even death by powerful interest groups (in this case The Church).

Martin Luther

Martin Luther rips up the Papal bull: “They burn my books, so I burn theirs.”

The idiots who are WRONG just can’t take any competition.

Today, banning you and taking you down on the world media is the same as “excommunication”. It breaks ties, it effaces love and honesty, it’s anti-humanistic, it’s grotesque. Not that any of that troubles weird little geeks. They are far above humanity (they think). Yet they’ll scream, like all the rest, when the curtain falls.

What Happens When Doctors DON’T Treat?

Anyway, I have something amusing to savor with you. The most obvious and outstanding statistic, revealed by the CDC, is that in the USA (and by inference in the rest of the world), total deaths from all causes is w-a-y DOWN on the average of previous years.

For example, I gave you the FACT that in March of 2020 there were 34,000 (rounded off) less deaths than the average number of deaths in the US over the four years prior!

According to the CDC’s website, in March 2020 there were a total of 193,000 deaths in the US.  The average number of deaths in the US for March over the four years prior to 2020 (2016 – 2019) is 227,000.  The difference between this year and the average for the past four years is 34,000.  2020 deaths are 85% of the average of the prior four years, according to Principia Scientific International.1

The US is experiencing 34,000 less deaths in 2020 than in the prior four years but we are concerned about a virus that as of March 31, 2020 that had a total of 4,000 US deaths?  OK it’s no longer March. BUT THAT WAS THE DATA USED TO JUSTIFY LOCKING DOWN THE WHOLE ECONOMY IN COUNTRIES WORLDWIDE.

Yes, sure, they are counting fake deaths as COVID deaths. Obvious. But it is important to understand that you can fake a “case” but you can’t really fake a death. Only so many people die. So whatever you put it down to, fewer people have died in 2020 than in any comparable previous period, since the real pandemics, such as influenza in 1957–1958 (the “Asian Flu” caused by an A(H2N2) virus) and in 1968 (the “Hong Kong Flu” caused by an A(H3N2) virus), which were estimated to have caused 1–4 million deaths each.2

Now I want you to let what I’m saying sink in, which is that even though doctors are treating very few patients with serious diseases, not so many patients are dying! During lockdown and restrictions cancer patients are not getting their treatment; elective surgery patients are left to suffer, since the resources are locked up in treating COVID patients; doctors don’t even want to see their patients any more. It’s all done online (or by smoke and mirrors, as some would say)

Yet although doctors are doing less of their normal work, more patients have survived, even at a time which is supposed to be a vast, all-engulfing pandemic!

It reminds me of the famous doctors’ strikes, where doctors stopped working and THE DEATH RATE FELL DRAMATICALLY.

It is an incredible irony that when the doctors in Colombia went on strike, the death rate plummeted by thirty five percent, only to resume its “normal” level when work resumed. When doctors in Los Angeles went on a work slow-down in 1976 to protest soaring malpractice insurance premiums, the death rate dropped by eighteen percent. Again in Israel in 1973 when the doctors reduced their daily patient contact from 65,000 to 7,000, during a month long strike, the death rate dropped fifty percent during that month, according to the Jerusalem Burial Society.3

Junior Doctor's Strike

Junior doctors threatening to strike in England 2016

In fact seven peer reviewed studies looked at 5 strikes between 1976 and 2003. All concluded that the death rate drops or stayed the same, while doctors stopped or reduced their work. This is a paradox, to say the least, if doctors are really doing anything worthwhile!4

Why am I saying this? I think at least partly in an attempt to introduce some amusement into a very macabre situation. And also to prick a few bubbles; slay a couple sacred cows!

I hope you are amused, rather than shocked or distressed.

To your good health,

Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby



2. WHO figures: 

3. Mendelsohn R. Confessions Of A Medical Heretic, Contemporary Books, Chicago, 1979, p. 114.

4. Soc Sci Med. 2008 Dec;67(11):1784-8. doi: 10.1016/j.socscimed.2008.09.044. Epub 2008 Oct 10

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