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Where Is Our True North?

For those of you not familiar with the concept of true north, it means the moral high ground, our heart, our core, where we should be, doing what we should be doing. North is where our true self is found. It is home.

[South, by contrast, means busted, wasted, screwed up, off key. Something “gone south” means it’s no real use to anyone; not working any more]

So, where is our true north? It’s different in detail for everyone, of course. But we all have a true north and in times like these, it is vital we cling to it. Everything is conspiring to knock us off, to get us distracted and out of kilter with our north. We must not let that happen.


North is like a rock in the ocean. We try to hold on fast but the huge powerful surges of the waves are tearing at our grip, weakening it, exhausting our spiritual energies, battering our bodies and minds. We must hang on.

In dream lore, being surrounded by crashing waves is the metaphor for homelessness, loneliness, isolation, break up of family and friendships. It does indeed seem like we are all alone, unable to reach out, because the roaring surf around us is an impenetrable barrier.

Society is being transformed from a race of independent free thinkers into a mindless herd of nobodies that has no will of its own, no core, no heart.

The answer is LOVE. They can take away our dignity, our freedom, our livelihoods and our dreams. But they cannot take away love. This blessed state is what we are, as I have written often. Love is the definition of Being. We are alive to the degree we can find and manifest love. We are dead to the degree it escapes us, or we outright reject it.

So, for all the horrors of the world domination enslavement drive, there is a positive. Some people are coming home… to themselves, to family, to home, to what in tradition is called “the hearth”. Sharing the fire was the sign of belonging. You had a place in the world. It wasn’t just about blood family. The hearth could include other individuals: strays, journeymen, shamans and wet nurses, for example.

Of course the evil controllers know this. They separate us from our loved ones. Old folk—those who made us—are left to die alone in hospitals or homes, feeling lonely and unloved, because the world is put through lockdown, no matter how cruel or inhuman. 

We must fight back. Bring our loved ones home beside us; get them out of isolation and control by the mindless medical idiots that are pushing this narrative, which they MUST know to be false.

Nothing has shocked me more in this whole circus than watching properly trained medical people, those who should be the guardians, perform like seals to the bidding of their masters. There is not a shred of science in the official story; it’s all a fabrication created out of lies, false statistics and crooked science.

I’m not saying that people don’t die of some virus. Of course they do. But we don’t have even a single sample of the virus that’s got the world locked down.

All I do know is that there is no pandemic. The people who die are in about the same proportion as normal. THERE ARE NO EXTRA DEATHS. In Canada and other countries, fewer people have died in 2020 than previous years.

The stats are FAKE. Anything and everything that leads to death is being sold as a COVID death (yes, I mean sold—reporting a “COVID death” results in a very nice reward of $13,000). But it’s all-but-impossible to fake the number of deaths. There are only so many deaths per day, week, month, year. If you claim they are all COVID related, then you run out of other illnesses!

And that is exactly what has happened. Deaths due to flu collapsed completely this year. It was as if we’d wiped out flu! But of course we didn’t, we just conveniently re-labelled the usual flu deaths, which the CDC regularly claimed (again falsely) usually run at about 30,000- 50,000 per year. Magically, these tens of thousands became COVID deaths.

Sooner or later people would begin to notice what was going on. And many people did and began reporting on the anomaly. So the CDC craftily responded by STOPPING COUNTING FLU DEATHS FOR 2020. Right in the high season for flu, they stopped counting. Doesn’t that sound strange? Every year they hike the flu stats, to persuade people they must get vaccinated. But this year, the flu stats are telling a story contrary to what we know as the official narrative… “official” because Google and Facebook say so and won’t tolerate anyone using the mere truth to attack this narrative.

So the flu deaths have to be hidden. They are very embarrassing. An “inconvenient truth” to use Al Gore’s phrase.

This all adds up to a frightening mountain of evil intention. The scale, the depth, the breadth of official lies are breathtaking. But none of it could work without the complicity of the majority doctors, who continue to push the official story and sneer at “COVID deniers”.

Why won’t they just confront the facts. Or confront the LACK of facts? We still do not have a COVID-19 isolate, from which we can derive a real, meaningful test and (possibly) a workable vaccine. China has refused to supply one, so one wonders: do they actually have a virus?

It is not foolish to doubt its existence, to challenge the whole story. It’s the only thing a true scientist can do.

One thing is for sure. This is going to be a long and arduous storm. The forces of evil are flexing their muscles, testing their powers. Those who gather to protest the official narrative are threatened with violence and intimidation. Police brutality is now part of this “official narrative”. Punitive fines, arrest and jail are very real tools being used against the people.

That’s not, I need hardly remind my readers, how democracy works. That’s fascism. Hitler rose to power by flaunting the truth, manufacturing a narrative (the wicked Jews) and stifling opposition. Those who opposed the Nazi point of view were simply eliminated, first through the courts and then by bullet and death camps. Is that what is going to happen to protesters in 2021? Somebody has plans for the world and they are not pretty! Self-appointed President-of-The-World, Bill Gates, wants over 2 billion people gone from “his” planet in the New Order. How is he going to do that? Ask people politely to leave? Haha! Or eliminate them?

Whatever happens, the path is clear. We must cling to our values against the tide of abuse and force. Yes, some of us will be hurt, jailed and sooner or later there will be deaths. The USA has some power to fight back, because the majority of Americans carry a gun, despite numerous left-wing attempts to disarm them.

But most of the world we have nothing to fight with. Just blood, sweat, guts and tears. To quote Winston “Winnie” Churchill, ” We shall fight them on the beaches, we shall fight them on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills, we shall never surrender.”

Winston Churchill

And in the end, we will win. We will never, never, never give up, as Winnie said. Life is too filled with abundance and joy to let these mean-spirited creeps take it from us.

Rejoice, love, sing, do not be beaten down.

To your good health,

Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby

(from a fairly dark place, as you can tell! I have no internet for the time being and was not able to provide you with references this week)

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