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Why Science Theories Are Wrong From The Top Down And Bottom Up

We, as holistic experts, are constantly berated by critics who accuse us of “voodoo science”. It’s a joke! There is nothing more stupid, vague and “voodoo” than what passes for science today.

Theories bear little or no relationship to what can be observed in the real world. Predictions can be wrong by over a hundred orders of magnitude and yet they never question their dogmas. The eventual explanation of why we were so wildly wrong will show up one day, they say, unconvincingly.

Well, I’m still waiting for the explanation of why the Earth really IS flat and why we were deluded it was a globe for so long! Same thing. (Did you know there is still a Flat Earth Society in London?

The trouble is that science has become unreal. As I have bewailed often, it was once in the hands of European (British, German, Italian and French) gentlemen of wealth and leisure. They were curious and wanted to know the truth. Fact was their quest, along with investigation, integrity, and knowledge.

Thus we had Charles Boyle (gases), Lavoisier (combustion theory), Sir Humphrey Davey, Charles Darwin, Sir Charles Lyell the foremost geologist of his day, James Clerk Maxwell and Michael Faraday. They were not all aristocracy of course, notably Faraday, but these men changed the world.

And we all know the story (I hope) of the beautiful and intelligent Gabrielle-Emilie Le Tonnelier de Breteuil, wife of The Marquis du Chatelet. She was Voltaire’s lover and together they expounded wonderful and advanced science theories of physics, philosophy and the mind.

Emilie’s translation of Sir Isaac Newton’s world-changing book Principia remains the authoritative French translation of Newton’s work to this day.

The unidentified editor of Emilie’s work actually stated that, “One will often find Newton more intelligible in this translation than in the original (in Latin) and more even than the English version.”

If you don’t know this amazing love story, read E=mc2: A Biography of the World’s Most Famous Equation by David Bodanis! Madame du Chatelet is right there, in the timeline!

Now what have we got today? Scheming, conniving, lying, phoney “scientists” who do not deserve to consider themselves as belonging to this august tradition. They massage figures, even forge papers, steal each other’s work and will not look at anything outside their very limited comfort zone. There is no honest enquiry.

Why All the Established Science Theories Are Wrong

All the “science theories” are falling apart, as I keep saying. The Big Bang is dead; Darwinian evolution is dead; genetics (as described) is dead; comfortable reality is falling apart, under the onslaught of quantum physics; free energy would mean the famous “laws” of thermodynamics are falling apart.

Lately I’ve been saying that the notion of gravity is falling apart. In fact physics is falling apart, for one simple reason: it’s wrong!

They get an idea and then try to make the evidence fit the facts. Gravity, which is a very weak force, is supposed to hold our entire universe together. Yet one simple observation, which is that the Sun’s gravity “alters” measurably during an eclipse, means the whole theory of gravity, as described and accepted today, is wrong!

Yet scientists ignore a far simpler and more probable explanation for what holds the universe together: electromagnetic forces.

Magnetism is a force that is 100 billion billion billion billion times stronger than gravity and can do the job nicely! Add to that the fact that, since the 1950s, radio telescopes have told us that space is flooded with magnetic force fields and add in that magnetism is created ONLY by electricity and you realize what’s out there.

You can SEE it for heaven’s sake, if you just look at a picture of the Cosmos (this is the Orion nebula and is a perfect electrical storm!)


Our universe is all pure flowing electrical energy and magnetic attraction!

What’s my point? As I said in my 1999 book Virtual Medicine, if your model of reality is wrong, your science is wrong; if your science is wrong, then so are your healing arts. By clinging to outdated, disproven and unworkable science, medicine today has become a danger to human life.

So until the wrong model of reality is overthrown, we get a medical paradigm that’s based on a faulty model. Well, no wonder it doesn’t work, to heal and help.

We need a whole new model and there is one. It’s been around a long time. Indeed ancient rock carvings, depicting what are quite OBVIOUSLY plasmas, are found everywhere in Earth.

Here’s a simple “experiment” you can do for yourself, without the daft input from Stephen Hawkins and his ilk:


Look at your plasma globe (if you don’t have one, go visit a neighbor). Is this not exactly the model for the following pictograms?


Are we to believe that the ancients knew about plasmas, yet modern scientists ignore them as unimportant? That’s despite the fact that over 99.99% of our universe is neither solid, liquid or gas—but plasma.

Of course today’s scientist would see these are NOT depictions of plasmas. Why not? Because “they couldn’t be”.

That’s about the standard of stupidity out there.

The Better Universe

The reason science and medicine has become the nightmare of falsehoods that it is today is that it is based on the wrong premise. Science INSISTS that consciousness is just a lucky accident and came about when a bunch of mud and molecules somewhere just woke up and said “Hi. I’m stuff!”

But suppose consciousness came first. That’s a fundamental proposition of my teachings called Supernoetics™. You will read about it in my forthcoming book Medicine Beyond (beyond the laws of physics, that is). It would alter everything.

Living consciousness would not be confined by the material, or in a matrix structure, such as a brain. Rather, the body and brain exist within consciousness.

It all becomes massively different and more nurturing. We can predict phenomena like remote viewing, telepathy, telekinesis, energy healing and more—things which the scientists say cannot happen but which the correct approach to reality would say must happen!

All of a sudden, we have got ourselves a real story. It makes sense, joins the dots, fills in the gaps and tells us where we are going! That’s the kind of science I like.

The science which makes predictions, and actually turns out to happen. Not the type of science which makes predictions that are wildly off key, for example: the “flatness” of the universe (don’t worry what that is) is 40 orders of magnitude wrong, as predicted by current cosmology; the so-called cosmological constant is 120 orders of magnitude too big!

That’s very VERY bad science!

I’m going to be telling the new story of the cosmos and relating it to a whole new paradigm in what will (for a time) be the greatest medicine, spirit, energy and healing book of the 21st century: Medicine Beyond.

In the meantime, if you want to get a glimpse of some of what I’ll be saying, you can have a very inexpensive digital version of my existing work (latest edition 2005): Virtual Medicine. We’ll also offer you a discount on Medicine Beyond, when it’s finally published (soon I hope).

Go here to get a copy of the digital download!

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