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Why you need social media and marketing

A few people (very few actually) wanted to know why I was mailing my health readership fans about a social marketing package.

Actually, it’s simpler than you think. To be socially integrated and well-connected is healthy. To be out of touch is not. The old values of family and village are losing their emphasis (something I regret but nevertheless am aware of).

The best way to stay connected is through social media and the technology that allows networking. I now have friends all round the world and correspond with them. I met young Hoe Bing Lo through the Internet. He lives in Melbourne, Australia; I live in Los Angeles. How likely is it we would meet in real life? Yet he’s a great guy, wants to learn alternative medicine from me and I need help with some of technical issues, which he’s a whizz at!

How cool is does it get?

The exciting thing is you never know who’s looking at your Facebook profile or going to send you a message. I rate myself something of a beginner but already I’m starting to see the power of this new phenomenon and how it’s going to change the world.

In the network called LinkedIn you can have a hundred “friends” but through their 2-step network you might find you’re connected to several MILLION people (LinkedIn actually tells you how many). That’s a very powerful reach and far more than I could POSSIBLY reach with my emails and books.

Facebook is even bigger. It currently has over 200 million members and is growing very fast.

I want my subscribers to learn about this new dimension of human consciousness and I though the package put together by Doug and Brian is about the best I’ve seen. They are using my testimonial—I gave it freely because I honestly think it’s the best value course I’ve ever seen on the Internet. The price is ludicrously low for what you get.

In fact these boys have a simple business model; it’s built around delivering exceptional value for money. I’m delighted to be able to introduce YOU to THEM!

Yes they charge $57 for their video course. But the EXTRA you get with it is just mind-boggling. It took me ages to download all the helpful extra videos, audios and eBooks they include with their core program.

Most people spend $60 or more every month is Starbuck’s. This is a better life investment, I assure you. As I said in yesterday’s email, social networking is definitely the future and it’s healthy to stay abreast of major trends. Don’t get left behind. That’s like malnutrition for the intellect!

Take a look at their comprehensive social marketing package

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