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Why You Need to Take Care of Your Emotional Health

Learning how to take care of your emotional health is absolutely crucial to your physical and mental well-being. Unfortunately, the value of a strong emotional foundation is usually the least of our concerns, the last to receive needed attention.

Is Happiness Truly Attainable?

While “thinking happy thoughts” is based in good intentions, true happiness requires more work and commitment. After all, being honestly content with your own life is worth it!

Material possessions are also not the answer. Having desired possessions is certainly nice but it’s more about the road you took to have those things. What you achieved to make it possible.

It may sound trite but knowing how to taking care of your emotional health is more about the journey than the destination as the Dalai Lama suggested. It’s taking one step at a time to a place you’ve determined, making it on your own merit, and then basking in the soul-deep pride of your accomplishments.

For most of us, the pursuit (and attainment) of happiness is a lifelong goal. Some profess outwardly to have attained it while inside, they’re still searching.

You mustn’t give up hope if you haven’t yet found the happiness you need. There are rare people who find it young but it can take decades unless you have a map and a compass.

The Mathematics of Happiness

Obstacles are part of life. Without them, it would be hard to truly appreciate the times you succeed, when everything seems to come together in a perfect moment.

Some obstacles cannot be changed but you can learn to work around them.

A good example of this are athletes who compete in the Paralympics. The competitors arrive with some degree of disability – from paralysis to amputation to physically debilitating disease – and they destroy every perception of “weakness” or “frailty” in various events. If you haven’t watched this event, I strongly urge you to do so.

Equally inspiring and empowering, the Paralympics shows that nothing is truly capable of holding you back if you’re determined. The same holds true of those in severe poverty, struggling with addiction, in an abusive relationship, or other seemingly “crushing” obstacles.

You can beat them.

This is particularly true in regards to happiness and taking care of your emotional health. You need to know that achieving your goals is not only possible but probable with the right amount of determination and hard work.

Your mind desires happiness, fulfillment, and a strong feeling of self-worth. It’s hard-wired into the human condition. We crave that which seems just out of reach because we’re meant to be driven and motivated to keep going.


A lot of that is understanding exactly what you already have and practicing feelings of gratitude and love. That doesn’t mean being content with where you are because that ultimately leaves your mind numb and your body sick.

You should always strive for more!

So…what do you want? I’m not talking about instant gratification. I mean, what do you really want? What do you think about before you fall asleep at night? What desire pops into your mind every so often that makes your heart race?

Cementing that destination is the single most important step in attaining true happiness. Identifying the one thing you don’t just want, but need, to feel complete.

Once you have your ultimate place in mind, it’s time to make a plan. A real plan that is going to move you toward that beautiful location. One of the most outrageous failures and omissions of wannabe gurus and life coaches is that they understand zilch about the psychology and mechanics of learning.

All success is learning and you must always want to keep learning.

Whatever you’ve tried up to this moment might have worked temporarily or partially but most likely didn’t work completely and into the long-term. Perhaps you’re motivated but you didn’t connect to the words or the program or the techniques.

In my book, LIFE AND LIVING TOOLBOOK, I introduce you to new strategies that work. New ways of looking at your life and the world around you that are going to blow your mind.

This inexpensive book isn’t warm and fuzzy thoughts and holding hands. This is gritty, leap of faith, rock-climbing in your mind life hacks that will push you past whatever obstacles exist. Those created by others and those created by you (which are actually more common).

What I’ve written is designed to change your life while showing you realistic ways to take care of your emotional health. Start now…right now. You owe it to yourself to read the LIFE AND LIVING TOOLBOOK and embrace the possibilities of YOU!

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