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Wiping the energy field clean using your hands


Here’s an interesting and simple energy technique for you.  If you’ve never trained in Reiki, Reconnecting or other formal hands-on systems you’ll be able to do this.  Even if you know more sophisticated techniques, this cute and easy remedy may work much faster and be simpler to do in many cramped situations.

All you have to do is wipe your hands several times along the client’s body starting from the top and working down to the feet.  Strictly speaking you don’t even need to be in touch with the physical body but it is usually easier if you do make contact.

Skin touch is not needed; you can do this with a fully clothed person.

There’s nothing subtle, meaning you don’t need to look for anything esoteric, like hot spots, blackspots, “aura blockages” or entities.

It’s easiest to do this if you just visualise the idea of wiping away filth that’s stuck to the person’s head and neck and body; in a sense that’s what you’re doing.  Whatever masses, distortions and eddies in the person’s field, you can remove them simply and easily by wiping them off, past the feet. Flick your hands to get rid of the negative stuff at the end of each sweep.

For those of you who feel this might be a little bit hokey: try it!

The whole point I’m making is that there can be very profound changes in the person’s energy field, without resorting to anything off the scientist’s Richter scale; you are not working with the etheric, auras, the astral body or any higher realm.  This takes place at the level of the electromagnetic field.

However don’t underestimate its value.  It feels terrific to have a friend or loved one straightening out the energy flows around your body in this will.  You will definitely feel relief.

A word of caution: If you do this to help another be very sure that bad energies don’t stick to you.  It’s a good idea to surround yourself with a protective field before you start, which you do by visualising a protective field (OK, that bit’s off the Richter scale I admit–but do it anyway, just for me).

After you’re done I suggest you wash your hands thoroughly in running water.

Try it with a friend tonight!

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