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You Hold the Keys to Preventing Cancer!

What if I were to tell you that the secret to preventing cancer is inside your body right now?

Something you were born with, that works tirelessly to keep you safe from foreign invaders?  A basic function of your body that may be overwhelmed (but isn’t out of the game just yet)?

I’m talking about your immune system, of course.

That beautiful, fascinating part of you that prevents every germ, every chemical, every tiny little bug or parasite from wiping you out.

Preventing Cancer Means Understanding It

Cancer is a scourge on humanity.

A disease that has reached epidemic proportions in the past four decades.  No matter what the mainstream medical complex tells you, people may be surviving cancer more these days but a whole lot more of us are getting cancer in the first place!

This single word “cancer” describes more than 200 different conditions that can affect any part of your body (inside or out).

Every day, millions of your defective cells die and are expelled from your body.  Yes, I said millions of defective cells.

Once in a while, abnormal cells do not die and are not flushed.  Instead, they flourish.  Through a process of carcinogenesis, they get bigger, they begin to multiply, and they spread.

They tend to use your circulatory (blood) system or your lymphatic system to get from one location to another.  They attach to other healthy tissue, settle in, and start a new colony (tumor) of cancerous cells.

While it is true that a very small minority of defective cells that eventually turn cancerous can be present at birth – this is rare.  Most cancer forms in response to something else.  A great many of these cancer triggers are avoidable.

Now, you already know that smoking, excessive use of carcinogenic chemicals, and environmental pollutants are a big part of the cancer trend impacting mankind.

Cancer-proofing your daily life and developing healthy lifestyle habits can greatly lower your cancer risk from escapable causes.  Addressing your current diet, lifestyle, and carcinogen exposure is the first (and most critical) step in preventing cancer.

You can’t be soft on cancerous habits.  You can’t waiver in the face of temptation.  But there’s more to consider.  There’s another piece of the puzzle that’s so often overlooked.

The “Army” That Fights for You

Your “castle” (the body you live in) is under constant siege.

Day after day, an army of cancer-causing pollutants pound at the gates to gain entrance.  There’s another army behind those castle walls holding the line.

That army fights chemical warfare from your food, air, and water.  They beat back parasites, fungi, and harmful bacteria.  Every second of every day, these fighting forces deflect potentially life-threatening conditions that you breathe, consume, or touch from killing their king or queen.

Always loyal, always true, these fighters don’t stop until they die from 1) age or 2) exhaustion.  You can shore up defenses against the first and there’s much to do to stop the second.

Of course quitting smoking, consumption of alcohol, and changing your diet are all key factors in preventing cancer but did you know that taking care of your lymph system is even more important?

Send Reinforcements!

If the opposition is relentless, if your defenses are compromised, if you run out of basic supplies, your castle will eventually fall to the greater force.  No matter how skilled your army is, it cannot maintain indefinite fighting without reinforcements.

As it goes throughout history, so it goes inside your body.

Infection, pollution, systemic inflammation, and horrible habits like smoking give that opposing force an opening.  They throw the gates wide and the invaders enter victorious.

Your immune system has been preventing cancer development since you were born.  Why does it suddenly stop being able to do so?

Because cancer is deceptive like a Trojan horse.

Cancer cells are foreign but sometimes not foreign enough to trigger an immune response.  Your army screens out tissues found in your own body because it considers them an ally.  Unlike germs and bacteria, cancer cells are your cells that mutated and went rogue.

Often, this happens because your immune system becomes battle fatigued from toxic overload or becomes weak from nutritional deficiencies, stress, or other illnesses.

You have the power to provide your army what it needs!  Boosting your own immune system is not just the answer to preventing cancer, it’s also the answer to fighting it.

The Lymphatic System – Your Front Line

The main way the immune system communicates is through your lymphatic system.

This is where your white blood cells are produced and stored.  This network of organs, tissues, and substances is critical to your immune system, digestion, and central nervous system.

If your lymphatic system stopped functioning, you’d die within hours.

Circulation of the lymph system depends on your movement.  Every time you move, your muscles compress and stimulate the lymphatic vessels found between the muscles.  This pushes toxins through and out of your body.

3 Ways to Reinforce Your Lymph System

  1. Breathe Deep: This is by far the simplest method to stimulate the lymph system.  Slow deep breathing compresses the muscles in your upper torso where most of your lymph nodes are located.  You want to fill your lower lungs to capacity (when your diaphragm appears to expand).  Do this twice a day (before bed and when you wake up) to stimulate this critical system, relax, sleep better, and improve mental focus.
  2. Hydrate: Your body needs water and a fluid-based structure like your lymph system needs it even more.  It’s pretty simple!  Hydration in, bad stuff flushed out more efficiently and effectively.
  3. Get Moving: Even low-impact matters.  Take a walk, stretch, or do a bit of yoga or swimming.  Get those muscles contracting and releasing to flush your lymph vessels of toxins.  If you have the opportunity, consider a massage to break up possible pockets of toxins.  Rebounding (bouncing on a small trampoline) is also excellent for your lymph system (and fun)!

Naturally, quitting smoking, reducing alcohol consumption, getting adequate sleep, lowering stress, and consuming a healthy diet that contains lots of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables are always recommended for preventing cancer.

The good news is that these habits affect all your cells in positive ways – lowering your risk for every major disease.  You’ll feel better, look better, and live longer.

There is a scientifically proven (and undeniable) link between your immune system and cancer.  It needs reinforcements (more disease fighting cells).  It needs supplies (the right fuel to keep the fight going).  It needs rest (to repair or destroy damaged cells).

Your fighting force wants to live to fight another day.  Give them what they need to do it.

According to the American Cancer Society, “In 2012 there were 14.1 million new cancer cases and 8.2 million cancer deaths worldwide.”  They expect these numbers to jump at least 50% by the year 2020.

Experts in every field of medicine agree that more than half of all cancers are preventable with simple changes to diet, exercise, and lifestyle.

Imagine the 4 million lives that could be saved!

Preventing cancer…it starts with you.  Right now.

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