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Your Personal Exclusion Program

food exclusion planWhew – we’ve covered a lot in the past few weeks – Identifying Food AllergiesFood Allergy Test Dieting Elimination DietingFew FoodsTracking Down Hidden AllergiesRe-introducing Foods and Fasting!  You should be a food allergy pro by now!

Just remember, whichever program you chose, once you have carried out the challenge tests you will have a list of items which you are intolerant of. You must now avoid these, if you are serious about your health. You have, in effect, designed your own personal diet plan for health. Use it as something you return to in times of trouble or stress, a safe platform.

There should be no rush to try and re-introduce any of these items, if at all. Design your living and eating plan without them, long-term. However the good news is that allergies do settle down, sometimes quite rapidly, especially if you pay attention to everything else I have explained in this book. If you develop and practice a newer safer ecological lifestyle, you may have surprisingly little further trouble. You may feel better than you have felt in years. Many patients feel and act younger, so much so that friends and relatives often comment. I noticed this over thirty years ago and that is one of the reasons I now find myself part of the anti-aging movement.

Another Scott-Mumby maxim: a low allergy diet is the finest possible cosmetic agent for a woman’s skin! She glows!

If you find your personal diet plan oppressive because you discovered quite a few reacting foods, then consider desensitization.

For Miller’s provocation- neutralization method: click here

For enzyme potentiated desensitization: click here

Do not omit to learn what complex homeopathy (homotoxicology) can do for you in this position: Click here for more information.

Alternative allergy exclusion diets

If the simple exclusion diet has not worked, you might like to consider alternative eliminations.

For example, you could try following a meat-free diet. Some people do feel better as vegetarians, certainly: but probably more feel ill because of the high incidence of grain and dairy allergies, as grains and dairy products are staple foods for vegetarians.

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