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Dr. Keith's Own Lady Bergamot Pro+

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Dr. Keith's Own® Lady Bergamot Plus

supports women’s bodies while providing all the great benefits of Bergamot!

Not many have heard about bergamot, but this little fruit packs a big punch as a jack-of-all-trades type of assistant. It helps to:

  • • Defend your heart
  • • Protect your liver
  • • Manage your glucose levels
  • • Reduce blood fat

It fights the nasty — and often deadly — symptoms of metabolic syndrome, which include excess weight, high blood pressure, dangerous blood fats (especially LDL and triglycerides), insulin resistance, and a rapid progression to diabetes.

You see, bergamot juice contains exceptional amounts of several unique polyphenols, which is the secret behind this supercharged extract. These micronutrients act as powerful antioxidants. They support and defend your heart, liver, and arteries while balancing cholesterol and blood fats.

This protects you against damage to the heart and liver without using dangerous drugs like statins.

Now, I wanted to take one of the greatest discoveries in heart and metabolic support, and formulate it specifically for women’s bodies. With Dr. Keith's Own® Lady Bergamot Plus, you can naturally and safely:

  • • Fight against symptoms of metabolic syndrome
  • • Bolster healthy cholesterol levels
  • • Maintain lipid particle characteristics
  • • Balance blood sugar
  • • Protect against substances that promote inflammation
  • • Promote healthy liver function
  • • Support unique, female cardiovascular health

It’s important to consider the differences in men’s and women’s health, especially because female bodies have different risks when it comes to both liver and heart health. With Lady Bergamot Plus®, women still get all the incredible benefits of bergamot, but in a formula that’s specifically meant for their body.

Dr. Keith's Own® Lady Bergamot Plus
The Same Power, the Same Strength, but Made for WOMEN.

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