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Super Berberine 60 caps

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Introducing Super Berberine - a revolutionary blood sugar and weight management supplement!

Berberine, a remarkable compound derived from various plants, including Turmeric trees, has a centuries-long history in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. We've harnessed its potential by creating Super Berberine, a cutting-edge supplement that goes beyond blood sugar support, targeting fats, cardiovascular health, gut health, and even potential anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.*

Super Berberine stands out among other berberine supplements due to its comprehensive approach to well-being. We've enriched this powerful formula with a synergistic blend of ingredients:

Grains of Paradise (Aframomum Melegueta) Extract: With our proprietary CaloriBurn GP™, ignites energy levels and supports calorie burning.*

InnoSlim®: A stimulant-free combination of NLF-05 Panax notoginseng and Astragalus membranaceus, perfect for regulating blood sugar and lipid metabolism.*

Banaba Leaf Extract: Enhance cellular glucose uptake for better control over your blood sugar levels.*

Chromium Picolinate: Stay in command of your blood sugar levels and cravings.*

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