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15 minutes could save you 15- 22 lbs and 4 inches off the waist

It’s not often you’ll find me recommending a weight loss product. The best way to lose weight is eat differently, as you know!

But it can be difficult to eat the way you want. I’m away from home constantly and it isn’t always easy, I understand that.

Now science has come to the rescue with an amazing and different product. It’s a leptin-sparer. By that I mean that your body will respond to LESS leptin. Feelings of satiety that we like to call feeling "full" come from leptin. So logically, you would think more is better.

But no. It’s like insulin. Insulin spares blood sugar and keeps it down. But when things go wrong, as in diabetes, the body stops listening to it. Despite climbing blood sugar, insulin levels rise significantly.

We call this "insulin resistance" and it’s big trouble. Recovery starts when the body begins to listen to the insulin message. At that time insulin levels FALL.

Well, overweight and obese people are kind of "leptin resistant". So when the leptin signal starts getting through at last, the person eats less, feeling more readily satisfied. At that time, leptin levels FALL (just like the insulin example).

That’s what I meant by a leptin-sparer. It’s not a scientific term, just something I made up for this blog!

A breakthrough clinical trial carried out at the University of  Connecticut showed that a product called Max-WLX (weight loss accelerator, get it?) really did lower leptin levels.

Not only that but the women taking the product achieved a nice 22 lb loss of body fat and 4 inches off the waistline, compared to controls who used only diet and exercise. That’s 90% more weight loss, compared to 50% more being boasted by the existing best-selling diet product on the market.

I think it’s a great product and you can find out more about it here: Click on the purple MaxWLX box, lower left and then on the next page click "play movie". 

It’s 15 minutes and could save you pounds (Geico joke!)

I’m a distributor for this product, so you need to know my financial interest.

IF YOU WANT TO TRY IT, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO JOIN A NETWORK. Just choose the "preferred customer" option and order your package. You can have a special wholesale discount. The study showed most of the weight loss came in the second month. One more pack to go beyond that  (3 total) and you should be really lean!

The scientists at UCONN, of course, were not biased by financial interest. I trust them and their results. You can download the science paper from the website above.

That MaxWLX webpage again: – Click on the purple MaxWLX box, lower left and then on the next page click "play movie".

Be lean, be happy!


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