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21 Weight Loss Secrets Just For You!

Here’s What I Share In My Super Weight Loss Secrets Manual

Somewhere in here is the answer to your weight control troubles and difficulties. You might have more than one issue, of course.

How Many Of These Weight Hacks Do You Know?

  1. Genes

It isn’t your fault. There are genes that will block your success. The chapter on genes will explain how to overcome this obstacle, what genes affect weight, and how to tune them out for easy, successful weight loss. Revealed is the number #1 gene that affects your weight and how to manage it for successful slimming.

  1. Keto

Want to lose weight fast and easy? This is the bedrock science of all successful weight loss programs. Never mind the fluff. Learn the core principle: how to burn fat as energy fuel. Just what we want!

  1. Paleo

Our ancestors never had weight problems. No primitive tribal peoples have weight issues. Want to learn why they were so slim so you can shed the stubborn pounds? It’s here! Strangely, Items #1 and #2 bear directly on our ancestry and whether we come from nomadic stock or farmer stock. All is explained.

  1. Intermittent Fasting

Kill the hunger. Would that help? Nature’s ultimate way of healthy eating is the way our ancestors did it. You cannot possibly be overweight if you eat like a caveman! It’s easy and you won’t feel hungry.

  1. Low Carbs

Don’t be fooled. Hunger is not lack of food! Hunger is caused by eating carbs. It’s a withdrawal symptom of a carb addiction. No carbs, never feel hungry.

  1. Microbiome

No more heartache! The BEST slimming discovery to date shows you how to harness our intestinal microbes and LET THEM shed the pounds for you! What could be easier?

  1. Hypnotism

Wouldn’t it just be easier if you could re-program your mind to take the weight off without even thinking about it? Hypnotism has the potential to put slimming on automatic, so you just have fun and don’t need to think about what you are eating.

  1. Sugar

Whatever the food industry wants you to think, no question: sugar is the number #1 killer. Sugar is the number one cause of obesity and overweight (fact). But is there an alternative? How can I enjoy desserts and delicious drinks in my life without gaining weight? [just this week emails have been published between Coca Cola and the CDC, making it very clear that Coca Cola wants the dangers of sugar in its drinks played down]1

  1. Enter The Fat Switch!

The what? Yes, there really is a fat switch in the body. The world’s top scientist will explain to you how easy it is to switch it OFF and burn fat and how it switches ON, so you don’t go there! (hint: hibernating bears do it every winter!)

  1. Meals To The Door

Yes, this is the ultimate lazy way to lose weight. It could be right for some. But you need to know the pros and cons, otherwise you may end up eating what is wrong for you.

  1. Food Allergies

Decades ago, I made a super discovery: if you avoid certain foods your body doesn’t tolerate, the weight just drops off, without feeling hungry. The secret we call “hidden food allergies” and you need to get the dope on this. Everyone has a least one “hidden allergy”.

  1. Fiber

Choose the fiber-rich foods and nature will pay you back with easy weight loss. The special chapter will show you how to eat delicious foods with fiber, not just boring vegetables!

  1. Diabesity

Diabetes and obesity go hand in hand. We now talk about diabesity. Don’t go there! Diabetes accelerates aging. Even on medication, you still risk blindness and amputations. Doctors don’t even believe there is a cure. In fact you can totally reverse diabesity in as little as 4 weeks, say today’s top doctor diabesity experts.

  1. Pills and Tablets

Can’t I just take a simple pill and be done with it? Not without knowing the many dangers of weight loss pills. They screw up your metabolism—that’s what they are supposed to do. That’s never a good idea—not when there are so many better ways to do things.

  1. Herbs For Weight Loss

These can help. They won’t do it all for you. Some remedies are scams and this section will tell you what could help, what has little or no science and the absolute scams to avoid. Oh yes, there are lots of them, preying in people who are struggling

  1. It’s In My Glands!

You may have suspected that. But friends and family say “Yeah right.” It’s humiliating. Thing is, you may be right. Poor thyroid function and excess estrogen, for example, both cause massive unpleasant weight gain. One of the world’s best patient advocates of thyroid dysfunctionality is here to help you and get your metabolism up to speed.

  1. Estrogen Dominance

We live in a strange chemically polluted world that makes it really hard for anyone to be healthy. One of the big problems is estrogen-mimicking chemicals in our environment, the water supply and food. Some make you gain weight and are called obesogens. Every woman knows the estrogens make you gain weight relentlessly and feel grumpy (PMS). You have to learn to correct this if you want to be slim and healthy (men too!)

  1. Hidden Shocking Surprise Factors

Science is now telling us there are things that cause weight gain you would never guess. Hidden parasites, poor sleep and stress overload are among many factors that can’t be corrected by just “eating less”. You have to fix the real cause of the problem, then sail onward to your desired target weight. Cortisol, for example, the “stress” hormone, has the unpleasant side effect of causing weight gain. Fortunately, there are ways of improving your sleep or reducing stress (or both) that make it unnecessary to diet.

  1. Inflammation

The vicious trap that may have you in its grip! The number one #1 cause of obesity is inflammation. Yet inflammation is the #1 cause of obesity! Want the weight to start tumbling off, with little or no effort? Get rid of inflammation. You can have it measured and there are LOTS of easy ways to reduce inflammation. That could be a better option the starving or munching endless carrots!

  1. Exercise

It doesn’t work! Whatever you may believe or have been told about working out, sweating and punishing your body (no pain, no gain, right?), IT DOES NOT HELP MUCH WITH WEIGHT LOSS. There are several good reason to take plenty of healthy exercize—but weight loss isn’t one of them! An hour of strenuous tennis is about equivalent to a spoonful of sugar. Much easier to give up the sugar!

  1. Keeping It Off

The second biggest “fail” in weight loss is keeping it off. All too often the slimmer is successful and thinks of rewarding herself by going back to pizza or cheesecake. There are secret for keeping weight off permanently and these are shared in my book from successful slimmers, who have been in good shape for many years. How do they do it? They tell all!

Get yourself a copy of The Ultimate Science Of Weight Loss from this page (more info and purchase options explained too):


Here’s to a slimmer, fitter you!

Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby
The Official Alternative Doctor


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