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3 Upcoming Programs From Dr. Keith

Hi Everybody,

First a big THANK YOU for answering the survey about what to call my podcast series. It seems the overwhelming choice was for me to use my own name. “We want you out there, getting known” was the cry!

So “Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby Podcast” series is about to be born. By the way, I don’t know if I mentioned this, but I have many hours of good stuff just kicking around on my hard drive and scattered on the Web. I’ll round those up and start an archive.

Here’s a picture of me running my radio show (2007)!

I myself am particularly fascinated by a theory I found as to why TB deaths crashed, after the famous Spanish Flu epidemic of 1916. It intrigues me, as you might guess, because it’s a brilliant and plausible theory, with figures to support it, yet mainstream medicine COMPLETELY ignored the whole idea!

I broadcast all the details as an audio years ago, that I had virtually forgotten about. You’ll enjoy it. It will be in the archives.

Next: I’m Available To Talk To You

Some of you may know that the bullies at Google are tightening the screws on alternative and holistic health ideas. The greedy and stupid owners just want money, money, money…and POWER, and have sold themselves to the medical industry and Big Pharma. They have sworn to crush freedom of speech and have effectively banned Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, and Joe Mercola (Joe is as big as royalty these days!) They will be coming after me soon. It’s only a matter of time.

Accordingly, I’m going to be going live on Facebook more often (still trying to master piffling 1-minute videos on Instagram).

I’m also, as of today, going to be available for a quality discussion with anyone who wants to connect with me. There are considerable medico-legal dangers in this, so you will have to excuse my extreme caution.

The talks will be brief (20 minutes or so). Of course you can book more than one slot. But it’s very important to understand I will not be giving medical advice to overrule your doctor. I’d end up in jail, for sure. I will teach, educate, inform, discuss at length… whatever you want. But not treat.

I am banned by law from practicing medicine without a license and I do not intend to apply for a license. Moreover, I don’t have indemnity. Here in the USA, for someone my age, it would be suicide!

So please be realistic.

Having said that, good ideas can change the world. And acquiring missing knowledge can change lives, even save lives! Most of you know my slogan: the commonest cause of death is ignorance. What you don’t know CAN kill you.

So I’ll help you fill in the blanks in your knowledge.

I’ll enjoy meeting with you. It will also give you guys the opportunity to tell me what you want most. What you NEED most, to go on partying for decades to come.

Here’s what you do: go to and book a slot. You can pay by PayPal, which is a very safe method of making online payments. We can get through a lot in 20 minutes and that’s probably sufficient for most people (don’t forget, you only get 1 – 2 minutes with the average doctor visit! That’s been well documented) You can always take multiple slots if you want.

Introducing Dr. Graham Simpson MD

A more heavyweight program, if you are struggling with serious cardio-metabolic disease, is to get a full-on medical consultation with someone who is licensed and who I trust and recommend. That person is Dr. Graham Simpson MD. He lives and works here, nearby in Las Vegas, and he’s GOOD (I consult him for my issues, which are few but important).

By cardio-metabolic disease, Dr. Graham means, especially, overweight, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and related health issues. If any of these apply to you, chances-to-certainty are that you have what we call insulin resistance. Conventional doctors woefully mismanage this, to the point they are literally killing people with stupid advice.

For example, they cannot even conceive of eradicating diabetes, and blunder on with dug-based solutions that do NOT work; meaning, you will live 15 years less than the average person, because of that dangerous incompetence. That’s true even if you take all your meds daily and keep your blood glucose (hbA1C) exactly within prescribed limits. It makes no difference.

They even TELL patients that diabetes is incurable, you MUST take your prescribed medications for life, otherwise you will die of complications. Great propaganda by the drug manufacturers. But there is one little detail they don’t tell you…

Controlling blood sugar does not avert the disaster of rapid aging. It does not reduce the incidence of blindness or amputations.

The reason is simple, though lost on most doctors: insulin is very damaging indeed. It is highly inflammatory and tears up your artery walls in a way that makes cholesterol seem like candy! YET THEY GIVE INSULIN IN HUGE AMOUNTS, TO “CONTROL” THE DIABETES. Duh!

In fact diabetes type 2 is relatively easy to reverse with few or no meds and, as a bonus, you get rid of insulin resistance (meaning insulin levels drop and it starts to work as it should in your body). Insulin reduces your blood sugar and it stops going to fat. Dr. Graham is particularly good with this condition. He calls it diabesity! But the real mechanism, as I said, is getting rid of insulin resistance and normalizing blood insulin levels.

It’s best to start with a short discussion, using the consultation link above, so we can find out your aspirations and how knowledgeable you are, before booking Dr. Graham’s personal coaching program.

That link again: go to

Finally, if you want to see an interesting YouTube video of me and Dr. Graham interviewing one of his patients—who lost over 120 lbs. and reversed all his health issues, go here:

You’ll be impressed.

Here’s to an ever-changing world…

Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby

The Official Alternative Doctor

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