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5G, How To Help Your Immune System Beat The (Fake) Pandemic

Dr. Keith goes over the 5G coronavirus controversy. How come coronavirus, listed in medical textbooks only as the cause of the common cold is suddenly transitioned to a deadly world pandemic killer? (as if!) Also, officially there are 20,000 – 40,000 flu deaths in the USA so far this season (2019 – 2020). So how come less than 10,000 deaths WORLDWIDE is suddenly a pandemic?

Something weird is going on. Meanwhile, we tell you some GOOD solutions, to protect you and your family.

Learn More About How To Protect Yourself from EMFs and 5G


Dr. Keith (00:00:00):
Anyone has come to the wrong webinar. You think this is going to be about hairdressing or lyposomal skin employee on the wrong webinar. This One is about mystery illnesses going on around the world. The strange story of what’s going on. The EMF, which we know are a major health hazard anyway, 5g mystery and beyond. That’s what we’re going to be talking about. And there’s a lot of people I know a spectacular number of people have been excited by this prospect and have agreed to come and join us tonight and they will, there is a recording running so we’ll be able to show you the replay as well. UOh, okay. So somebody he is, he’s saying are you muted before seven?

Dr. Keith (00:00:58):
Look at it carefully because nobody else is complaining. They can’t see and hear the honor. Slava, where are you? What do you see? . I doesn’t say, I’m very curious actually. Sounds maybe like Eastern Europe. Anyway, the numbers are going up and up and up, so I’m not going to try and keep track of those. I think it’s time we got started. And let me introduce my two friends. Dear friends at least. If I say usual suspect we we’ve got, we’re missing one and replaced another, but nevertheless they’re going to introduce themselves in a minute. But I’m going to be working with John Hache and Rob Vanbergen. Rob has a different surname because he’s the son of a beautiful for lady who we don’t have with us tonight. She is usually a strong link. Those guys are going on her own with that woman help. How scary is that guys?

Dr. Keith (00:01:57):
Hopefully she’s in the back there somewhere. She’s needed. Pick up the pieces. Okay. All right. Lots of messages. Thank you everybody that’s taken the trouble to say yes. They can see what they can see and hear us now an individual problems. Well there’s one in one thing you can always do. If you can’t get full on sound and sight to close it down and then start again. I don’t think you need to close your whole computer down. But maybe just closing down how your browser, how you’re interacting with this, which for the rest of us of course a power point presentation within a browser. Okay, well this is a very nicely designed beginning slide that’s going to tell us what we’d be doing and I’ll repeat what I just said about five, 10 minutes ago, which is important. If you’ve got questions, we’re going to deal with them.

Dr. Keith (00:02:50):
Promise you. Typically we spend up to an hour and answering question even more one time answering questions. We answer questions until we’re just about exhausted and there are no new ideas coming up. That’s our commitment to you. But please don’t try and interrupt us with questions or chat or things. You know, if you’ve got something comes to mind, if you want to type it in the box and submit it as a Q and a or in the chat box, that’s fine. But I really don’t want to be trying to feel these questions. I’ll just leave them all till the end anyway. Okay. Are we ready? You guys are ready. We’re ready? Yes. Ready and waiting? Yes. Okay. Let’s, let’s kick it off here. Ooh, hang on. Didn’t even get going there. I’ll use that little click arrow instead. So let’s be clear what we’re going to be doing.

Dr. Keith (00:03:42):
This webinar is really talking about EMF dangers, radiation dangers, and what we can do about it. I’ll be honest, we’re not wanting to do government conspiracies, you know people are, I’ve got as extreme as there is no virus. It’s all EMF radiation, and they’re trying to pretend it’s a virus. We don’t go along with that. There is enough evidence that viruses are out there and there’s some problem and people are dying of pneumonia. They are, I don’t think that’s being invented. A big problem I’ve got, which I’ll introduce to you, he sees a handful of people on the whole planet. I mean, apparently pandemics been declared. That means that at least a hundred million cases and so far it’s nothing like that. It’s about a hundred thousand worldwide. It just, it just isn’t adding up. So anyway, we’re not, like I said, going to be doing the conspiracy theory.

Dr. Keith (00:04:39):
We’re going to be doing the health science and facts story and there is no question that electromagnetic frequencies, EMF, Oh, harming us, they’ll harm our immune system for sure. And so that’s gonna make us somewhat vulnerable to being infected with all kinds of things. Now, as I’ve said or hinted this, this so-called out, but well first of all, let’s say who we are. Then we’ll come back to that around the contentious issue. Most of you I think know who I am because you’re my subscribers that have been notified, but there will be some people, maybe you’ve never met me or heard of me. I was a wacko doctor back in the 70s and even more wacko in the 80s I was saying, you don’t need drugs, you don’t need that stuff. Trust mother nature. I had this completely ridiculous idea that if you do natural things, you’ll get healing.

Dr. Keith (00:05:34):
I’m being ironic. Don’t write to me please. But that’s what I found my doctor. You see the typical doctor has the viewed you’re, you’re not, well, you’re busted. There’s something wrong with it, but don’t worry, we can fix that with drugs. We’ll patch over the cracks and you’ll get buy drugs for the rest of your life, but somehow you’ll get by my physician and doctors like me. Basically I said, there’s nothing wrong in a patient. It’s external forces that are acting on that person, whether it’s chemicals in the environment, whether it’s electromagnetic radiation, whether it’s food allergies, viruses and parasites, all these things that external to that person. Okay. So that’s me. And in case you’re asking, yes, I’m a real real doctor and I speak in probably as I say, such outrageous things. People sometimes say, are you a real doctor? I think. And I say, yeah, you can come and touch me afterwards. You know? But and that’s obviously not in the sense in which they mean it. Now you’ve seen this picture before. It’s someone, a lot of you. He as I say, the usual suspects Laurie Lorraine on the bottom left there isn’t with us. She’s here in spirit and she’s nearby. But we’re not going to be interviewing her, so we’re going to talk to the guys at John Hache. Tell us about yourself, John, and then Rob. Tell us about yourself.

John Hache (00:06:58):
Oh my I’m a doctor of natural medicine. I have my PhD in integrative medicine have been around or maybe 35, 40 years. I haven’t been doing calculus. I won’t be around for a long time, but yeah. And I’ve been involved in microcurrent for the last 20 years or so as you know. A lot of people are probably aware we’ve been doing and we are also very much involved in, in the on an integrative medicine. We are looking at different causal factors that create diseases. Inflammation being one of them break down your immune system is another and so on and so forth. I think people are stressed out of their poor of minds and this announcement, I’m just not doing nothing less than stressing a lot of people.

Dr. Keith (00:07:57):
It’s adding to the problem actually, isn’t it? You know, so solving it, everyone’s stressed and frightened and running around panicking,

John Hache (00:08:03):
Buying toilet paper, like it’s going out.

Rob Vanbergen (00:08:05):
Oh, going to see another roll again. Right.

Dr. Keith (00:08:10):
Come on Rob, tell us about yourself.

Rob Vanbergen (00:08:13):
So I’m Rob. It’s nice to meet everyone. I don’t think many people here will be familiar with me. I’m a John son and Laurie’s son. And I’m a holistic health practitioner, so I haven’t really been doing this for as long as John, I’m, I’m, I’m definitely real skin. I’m not as much dust. I’m not being held together in a form.

Dr. Keith (00:08:34):
I think Methuselah hasn’t been doing it as long as John,

Rob Vanbergen (00:08:39):
But for me, yeah, microcurrent has become my wheelhouse as well. But I have noticed over the last couple of years I’ve been doing this really seriously, that there is a huge variety of different things we need to look at. There’s so many causal factors as you, there’s not a one size fits all answer. It’s always been sleuthing the mystery and trying to figure out what it is

Dr. Keith (00:09:03):
Right now. You to be careful of using words that you’re not defined. You said wheelhouse now that’s an American expression that people all over the world, people in Hong Kong and Australia, what the hell is a wheel house? Come on and tell us you’re correct. It is your wheelhouse, but what’s a wheel?

Rob Vanbergen (00:09:18):
So I suppose what I mean by that is the microcurrent is where I am most comfortable. That is my most familiar type of therapy. So when I’m applying different therapies to situations and trying to finance those, my go to is microcurrent therapy for sure.

Dr. Keith (00:09:34):
Yeah. Okay. All right. So we’re going to talk about technology and the spinoff effects. Now tonight, it’s not really about giving up technology, right? It’s about protecting ourselves with, we’re in trench too far. We like the lifestyle. We like the convenience, don’t we? And you know, it’s pretty unrealistic to say, look, everybody, you need to drop yourself, your smart phone and your tablets in the trashcan. Just don’t use them. Life would come rapidly to a halt. So yes, we’re keenly aware of dangers that we, but we’re not saying don’t do it. We’re saying there are answers which we will get to. So will we like technology, but what it doing to us if indeed you guys either reviews quick fill an arena.

Rob Vanbergen (00:10:21):
Yeah. I mean this is the thing, right? The technology that allows us to connect all across the world and do whatever we need to do, do our daily jobs. It’s the same thing that is causing damage to our cells, the system. But it needs not do that. No, it’s quite, it’s quite a simple fix and we’ll tell you about that in a few minutes.

Dr. Keith (00:10:39):
Oh, okay. So the question that a lot of people have got on their mind now is this five G doing it? We don’t all have 5g, but anyone who’s, you know, not living on planet Zada some distant corner of the solar system must be aware that where the virus seems to be the most intense and destructive are in places where 5g is in preponderance. It’s rolled out Italy, Iran, China and so on. And somebody, one of my subscribers very kindly wrote in, by the way, I said, did I know that the diamond princess had wall to wall 5g well, I didn’t know that most of the passengers and crew had fallen sick and they had like eight deaths on a ship. That’s serious. You know, that’s, that’s bad news. But they had it too. So you know, this is one of the questions that uppermost I think in people’s minds and we have to address it.

Dr. Keith (00:11:32):
Guys. There’s no question. I mean we’re not going as far as saying 5g is the real problem. There’s no such thing as a virus. It’s a hoax, but we’re saying 5g is really pretty damaging and no wonder if two bit viruses get a grip on us. I mean we’re going to talk about the Corona virus right now. This is the picture of the actual virus. Corona means a crown. It’s Latin for crown and you can see it looks a bit like a ground, doesn’t it? Hello is bit sticking up on the top. A Corona virus is listed in medical textbooks is the cause of a common cold. It’s not the cause of SARS or deadly flu. What’s going on there? That’s a bit odd. Now I’m not saying therefore it’s bologna, but maybe with weakened immune systems, something like this isn’t able to get get a grip on us.

Dr. Keith (00:12:24):
I mean, my, my question here, I’ve already hinted and it’s going to come up a few times, is why the hell is this a pandemic with just a few thousand cases in the USA? We’ve got just about a thousand cases now and just minimal few hundred deaths. But the seasonal figure now that I’m talking about season, not the year 20, 19, 20, 20, the winter of that’s our season. So far there’ve been 20 to 40,000 flu deaths. These are official figures. Why is that not important or it doesn’t count? And this two bit virus thing is deadly. It’s lethal. It’s going to obliterate life on earth as we know it. There’s something wrong, isn’t that you can’t, we just can’t deny that. So you know, could it be like, as I said, some people think maybe it’s just a cover up for five, five G damage. There is a virus.

Dr. Keith (00:13:21):
I don’t think there’s any question of that, but look, let’s, let’s put this whole story into one picture. Look at this picture. This is in China. Of course you can tell by the Langton’s but doesn’t this say all, they’re all running around, you know, protective masks, why it’s one of the most polluted atmospheres in any city on earth. It’s appalling what they have to breathe. And they’re all wandering around with phones, spraying themselves. Will Han is probably ground zero for five G and they’re having all the trouble. Why is that a coincidence? We as good scientists don’t believe in coincidence is do we John, we know there’s no such thing really is a coincidence as an unexplained fact or mystery which needs clearing up. So I think that we have the problem in one picture really in a sense. Anyway, let, let’s back up and do our, you know, our personal experiences, shower this over to you John. And this is, this is the story, of your professional life.

John Hache (00:14:21):
Yeah. We, well we’ve been in practice now for my gosh myself maybe almost 40 years here in this area. But 20 years, nine years. Yeah. I, with Lori and I and, and, and yourself, who’s joined our practice. And we started saying, you know, normally when you study medicine, you study all kinds of diseases that are now in textbooks gathering dust in the back of our offices there somewhere. We don’t see those anymore. We’re seeing these new things start to appear. And so the people were starting to come to see us with these mysterious, debilitating autoimmune style symptoms and auto immune disease and auto immune disease. We, we, we wrote a paper on that actually there’s a commonality between auto immune disease and, and it’s inflammation and inflammation and involvement of the immune response immune system. Yeah. I mean the system is going to be, it’s really key to this conversation, right? It really is.

Dr. Keith (00:15:21):
That’s your defense system. I mean, there are lots of defense systems now. The liver detox skin respiration, then excretion, but immune systems, no question is the killer. And that we saw that with A’s, didn’t we? I mean that’s why it kills people age like 50 years and you know, took a couple of years and then died. That’s what happens when you don’t have an immune system. Yeah. Now let God just let me throw in my 10 pen. Can I go? So, you know, I go back a ways with this. I used to do food allergies, environmental chemicals back in the eighties I, one or two of us and I started noticing that people were getting sick in strange ways and early on I was getting reports that patients, you know, they’d switch on some device, like just say the TV, the streets, the TV on, I’m feel crap.

Dr. Keith (00:16:11):
And I used to just joke, you know, I says, you’re right. You watch some better programs. I feel if you watch American TV, that’s for sure. But our first, my first explanation and I wrote about it at the time and I was being interviewed on TV and stuff, was I think it’s chemicals being X gas from the hot wires, you know, the plastic and installations and things around the back of the TV. We’re giving off chemicals and these people were falling. So now super sensitive people. It took about two or three years for the penny to drop. It was actually the electromagnetic fields surrounding these devices. And remembering those days, TV was cathode Ray. So it was spraying x-rays and gardeners everywhere. It was, you know, really scary issue. So I was, I was sort of spotting anyway, back to you guys. Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt much, but it has been an interesting pathway, hasn’t it? So these are the symptoms that you, you, you were noticing you’re picking up on. Yeah,

Rob Vanbergen (00:17:08):
Yeah, absolutely. I mean, people, chronic pain, right? I mean that’s, that’s number one. We see that more than anything else. And sometimes we have a quick fix for it and other times not so much and that’s sort of when we tend to look at it a little deeper. I jumped.

John Hache (00:17:22):
Yeah. The ones that came in the most often were like insomnia, sleep disturbance, people. Right. You know, their major complaint, pain, sleep at night. Yeah. One was a headache.

Dr. Keith (00:17:35):
John just picture the bedroom in those days. All these days. I mean, you know, it had a tea maker and it had an automatic radio that came on woke you up, there’s a television for the bed so you could watch the TV program fall asleep with the TV, still spraying you with stuff. I mean it was a deadly trap actually. The bedroom was one of the

John Hache (00:17:55):
Not conducive to sleep. No, not at all. The other one, the other symptom they came in with was actually ringing in news or tinnitus. Right. And the general fatigue, everybody seemed to be tired or country. And I said, Oh my God, we got to go to find some country in the world or people that are a little bit experiencing some form of bliss because they weren’t doing it at their cognitive disturbance as well. You know, concentration problems, memory issues, but stress was the major stressors on it.

Dr. Keith (00:18:33):
Now there’s a funny one we didn’t put on this list, but I noticed it. I wrote about it in my book, the original one. You read John virtual medicine and then it’s, it’s big brother medicine beyond, and that was, people were hearing buzzing noises from the teeth and jaw. I mean I forgot the tinnitus, but what was happening is the metal in their teeth were acting like miniature radios. You know that crystal radio, all you need is a little crystal in a wire and you can set of headphones and you can hear stuff that was actually happening with metal in the teeth for weird. But anyway. True. Yeah. All right. Sorry, back to you guys.

Rob Vanbergen (00:19:12):
Yeah, I mean, and that sort of comes down to it, right? It’s like, well, well you get all these symptoms and what do we do? Right. Cause our traditional approach used to work or it did work for a lot of people. But there were always people that were not being able to get rid of that sentence or they weren’t going away completely. Right. And, and that sort of brings, you know, as, as people that like to sleuth and find out what’s the root of a problem. We’re always hunting

John Hache (00:19:36):
And they, well, the medical field their, their solution was to medicate until the pain went away or the disturbances went away. And, and when they got sick from their medication and it ended up coming to see us, our job was really trying to define the causal factors behind everything that was going on.

Dr. Keith (00:19:57):
Well, you can imagine if somebody’s pain is caused by cell phone towers, they’re going to end up on painkillers the rest of their life. It isn’t going to go away. Is it? Tell us about this scale. I mentioned her in one of the emails I sent.

Rob Vanbergen (00:20:09):
I hadn’t explained that you know her well. Yeah. So Ann Ann was a patient of ours and she had had a diagnosis of arthritis and it was specifically rheumatoid arthritis, which is the autoimmune version of this. Right. And she came in and we got her to enroll in our protocol, stop doing all of the things that we usually do. You know, we got to have good nutrition and exercise, sleep, right. All these things contribute. Everyone knows that stress control and stress control. As well as trying our own microcurrent. And, and I mean, it didn’t seem to make a difference. She kept coming back week after week with issues that when we were not touching whatsoever. Right. and it was actually only when she went on vacation.

Dr. Keith (00:20:54):
Oh yes. Let’s bring that one up. So, theory, nothing helped. And then you went to New Zealand.

Rob Vanbergen (00:21:01):
Yeah. But beautiful land is sheep and enrolling fields and a distinct lack of wifi and a constant exposure to EMS. Right. And she noticed after just a couple of days there that her swelling, Ashley had started to reduce and she was, wasn’t a stiff. And she was feeling significantly better. She even had more energy. So of course we thought, well, what could be the cause of this while maybe, Oh, stress levels have finally tanked down because she’s no longer, she’s on vacation. Right. I mean, that’s the goal of vacation. We relax. But then she came back to the U S and a couple days later, her, her pain was back and everything came back. And yeah, so it was, the swelling was back and she was absolutely devastated. And I remember her not knowing why, and we again, we were like, well, what is it? Like, what is the actual thing that is triggering this?

Dr. Keith (00:21:57):
And this is likely,

Rob Vanbergen (00:22:00):
And this is, this is it, right? We, she lived in an apartment in New York on the upper levels. So smart meters. Yeah. Right. Smart meters, wifi, all the these,

Dr. Keith (00:22:10):
And they put the towers on top of these skyscrapers, don’t they? To get good coverage.

Rob Vanbergen (00:22:15):
Yeah, they do. And so it came down to that. It was like, well, maybe this is the problem. Right. So, so we sort of started to work work with it from that angle. And we will, we’re going to explore this EMF angle a little bit here and then we will get back to, to an story and tell you how that ended up.

Dr. Keith (00:22:32):
Yeah. Okay. Let’s keep going. Yes. Electromagnetic. Well, an EMF is electromagnetic frequencies, but they are fields of course,

John Hache (00:22:41):
And electrical and electromagnetic fields. Yeah. So we’ve been working I mean well we call it now Schumann waves that came along a little bit, a lot later than our beginning on this planet. And we’ve been walking on this planet for many thousands of years. And everything from the ionosphere down to the good was putting out these fields, electromagnetic fields that we finally wrong. We’re somewhere in the range of seven to 12 words. Yeah. So the seven to 12 Hertz now known as alpha also permit us to be able to digest our food. Actually our bone growth is related to seven and seven hundreds as well. And also this one relaxation, this is being able to repair to be able to relax is all related to seven to 12 hours in that field, right in there.

Dr. Keith (00:23:38):
Well, I put it in his eight Hertz, definitely 7.8 is the figure usually quoted, isn’t it? But around there, those frequencies, that’s what the earth is doing all the time. And we, we, we grew up with that through millions of years. So it shouldn’t have bothered us. And it doesn’t,

John Hache (00:23:52):
It doesn’t is actually a, we actually rely on this range of frequency and people are used to earthing and putting their feet in the earth. And in finding that our whole physiology changes, they get less stress and blood pressure normalizes, blood sugar, normalizes. All of these things happen. And when you go back into what we call a parasympathetic state stage, simply means is sleep, digest, assimilate, and repair.

Dr. Keith (00:24:23):
Right now the important thing is these, these are radiation frequencies, the Schumann waves, but it’s friendly to us. Two G three G four gene especially 5g are not, frankly, they’re way out way, way outside that frequency. What’s the gigahertz? Come on.

Rob Vanbergen (00:24:44):
It’s like the difference between a millionaire and a billionaire, right?

Dr. Keith (00:24:48):
Oh yeah. Okay. Yeah. I don’t want to get giga rich then. Yeah,

Rob Vanbergen (00:24:54):
Yeah, exactly. So I mean a cell phone is, is millions of times higher than a stream and resonance and 5g is billions of times stronger then the Truman residence.

Dr. Keith (00:25:07):
Right. And it’s very penetrating and disruptive when it’s high frequency, isn’t it? Yeah. I mean, you know, the long slow waves, like radio waves, not so bad, but the ones that go very fast like that, those are very hurtful. Yeah. That was a poor demonstration. Anyway. Yeah. So this, in a way, this slide sums it off. Yeah.

Rob Vanbergen (00:25:30):
Yeah. I mean that’s it right. In the end, you know, it may not be immediate, but over time we start to get saturated with, excuse me. And they clog out. Unfortunately we can’t. I know, I know that people used to try and almost run away to different parts of the world to avoid them, but not anymore. It’s really hard now they’re everywhere. And I mean we, you know, we could decline everything we had like that, trying to throw it on smart meters and all these things. But our neighbor on that side, he’s got a smart meter. The neighbor on that side has got a smart meter too, that they’re not. Yeah. Your mother was standing at the door blocking them out. Right.

John Hache (00:26:13):
And the guys who come in, they said bigger, bigger and bigger fellows to try to convince you to mom that they needed to install a smart view.

Rob Vanbergen (00:26:24):
In the meanwhile you look to the left and they’ve got one being installed. And I mean

John Hache (00:26:29):
There are only two people on this whole area that actually have smart meters and don’t have smart meters and we’re one of them. Yeah. But our neighbors have,

Rob Vanbergen (00:26:40):
Yeah. So that right. And not smart meters,

Dr. Keith (00:26:44):
But you know, we have cell phones, we have computers. Right. Okay. Well let’s, let’s move on a little bit cause I think people know where roughly where the exposures are coming from. But this phenomenon of you know, electrical, environmental and electrical sensitivity hypersensitive. And I mean many people who react to levels that wouldn’t bother all of this. Now this is recognized worldwide. The only place that won’t recognize it is North America. They just try and block it out. No. You know, you can’t Sue. There’s no such thing there. I mean, that’s what it’s all about. It’s about the dollars protecting their business interests. And I refuse to believe they don’t fully understand what’s going on. They’re just covering it up because they know that once they admit that it can happen and that will open the door to a lot of lawsuits. Okay, what does it mean to our bodies? What are the bits and pieces? What’s going to happen to us if we don’t do something,

John Hache (00:27:41):
We’re going to break apart. Well, what happens is that the photo repair system of the DNA, like DNA has to repair itself continuously. You can, you can damage DNA to 95% or more in within 24 hours. It needs to be there and it will, unless there’s a block in the photo return system and that blockage is not, it’s not something hanging off your DNA is actually an electromagnetic field.

Dr. Keith (00:28:09):
Yeah. Yeah. I mean there are videos everywhere aren’t, they’re showing this effect and chromosomes being shattered and so on. Diarrhea is no doubt scientifically there are a few dr shills that try and take the a, you know, the official corporate line that there’s no problem. He doesn’t do anything. But every intelligence scientist knows that it actually does basically. So we are carrying around a potent source of damage and destruction and danger in our pockets. That’s research though, isn’t it? I mean we, we know there’s research and it’s been furiously suppressed or twisted. One of the worst offenders is T mobile, the German company. They’re very naughty at manipulating the truth. Anyway, the few papers here you found Rob, I mean there’s hundreds but you know, we just had a few select papers showing essentially all of them showed increased risk of neuromas gliomas and you know, a slew of other symptoms as well.

Dr. Keith (00:29:12):
But you know that there’s way too many to post here, but you’re right, they get suppressed. They don’t really make it into the mainstream. And when they do, they get debunked by someone. Yeah. Some shill will get upset, say, ah, this is a week weak methodology. I mean, there’s nothing crappy or a weaker methodology than what big pharma tries to saddle us with. But you know, careful scientists are saying during their work carefully and saying there is a problem that are often trashed or even lose their jobs. You know, so it’s a, it’s a Obama and acoustic. Well, I think most people have heard ly, OMA, that’s what killed, what’s his name? Kennedy. Dan Kennedy. But acoustic neuroma. It means that a growth or tumor swelling on the the auditory nerve. And that’s no surprise if you’re holding your cell phone here, you’re really radiating your ear and all the nerves that supply it, I guess. Yeah. Okay. Moving on. There’s a lot to get through folks. Let’s,

Rob Vanbergen (00:30:05):
Yeah, from the other side effects are Porter from the research. So we don’t have to linger too long on that, but you can see that the damage, again, DNA damage comes up again. Cellular repair is slowed down arising cortisol levels. So your stress goes up cause when stress goes up, the immune system goes down. Right. toxins passing the blood brain barrier, thyroid issues. That’s huge. With that is, and it was found in every study that was done and most people were looking for nine OMAS or brain tumors when in reality, every one of the three to four G were actually damaging. Tyroid. Yeah.

Dr. Keith (00:30:41):
Right now you, you’ve read my book medicine beyond and it’s predessessors I made it very clear that, you know, real holistic expert, you know, killer investigators that are good with electronic key puncture. For example, the AAV Vols system, time and time again we’d find an association between thyroid disorder and cancer just over and over and over. It seems almost in a way that thyroid dysfunction precedes cancer and it’s a strong marker for the fact that a person is heading for big trouble in the form of a tumor. Yeah. So anyway, we, so far with that whole talk could have been five years ago before it was fire G, now you throw 5g in the kitty and my goodness, it’s a,

Rob Vanbergen (00:31:27):
It’s everywhere, right? And I mean, yeah, everything, everything that was done before 5g could only be worth with 5g. It’s not going to have gotten better. We’re already signed to sort of see the, the rollout of 5g all over. Right.

Dr. Keith (00:31:42):
I don’t think we’re going to stop it. You know, signing petitions and writing to your politics. You know, the nearby politicians are street marches. I don’t, I think the agenda has already been settled and public opinion is going to be suppressed. But you know what? Pissed me off quite a bit. And there’s a lot of loonies out there that want this. They don’t see the danger then listening to the danger. They want faster gaming and faster videos and more connectivity and then actually clamoring for it. So, you know, those of us who are being cautious and saying, hang on a minute, you know, we’re being swamped by lots of geeky, especially young folks. They don’t care. I’m young. I’m going to live forever. You know, everyone thinks they’re going to live forever when they’re in their twenties. You’re in your 20s. That’s what I’m saying.

Rob Vanbergen (00:32:36):
On the street yesterday, I’m walking his dog. One, he had a cell phone.

John Hache (00:32:40):
He was watching a Netflix show while walking his dog through the, through the street and Dartmouth down the hall. So he has high, high powered streaming on his phone, just walking around, walking, walking his dog. That poor dog should have

Dr. Keith (00:32:55):
Well said. Okay, come on. I said anyone has access to this map? But what’s interesting, this is what 5g where, you know, where it’s been rolled out somewhat are field trials anyway, look at Africa and there’s no, you know, there isn’t any Corona virus to speak of in Africa. Is that why? Because, and you know, central America because there isn’t any 5g is it as simple as that guys?

John Hache (00:33:22):
Well, one of the, there’s what complicates it all. If we look at, let’s look, let’s be real for a minute. And I know that they have broadcast how many deaths and they’re saying, well, there’s a 3% average of those who, who get coronavirus that die. Right? But every one of the debts so far had been 80 years old and older.

Dr. Keith (00:33:47):
Well, it’s a bit of a generalization, but let’s say they’re previously debilitated people, right? You know, I was reading one today, a guy from China, from [inaudible]. They were finally doing an autopsy on his court and the guy had liver disease for years and another guy had fragments of heart muscle circulating in his blood. He’d obviously had a severe heart attack at some stage. He was in big trouble and probably on the point of dying. And then you know, he gets the coronavirus and dies. What’s the real

John Hache (00:34:17):
Cause? You know what I mean? We’re godless, how you look at it, right? Immunity. Immunity is going to play a role here and this type G is going to drop your immunity and job. Your immunity is going to build your cortisol because of the constant stress and it provides, and I just want to, I’ll just give you a little idea on this pituitary thyroid issue. For example, the results were obtained with an exposure of 30 minutes per day. Now, 30 minutes per day. I don’t know if you use a wifi more than 30 minutes a day on a five day week at 900 megahertz. Okay. Okay. Now that the millionaire instead of doing that right? Yeah. Five G would bombard people 24 seven at a much higher range of frequency. We’re talking about 24 dash 86 gigahertz. That’s, yeah,

Dr. Keith (00:35:05):
And the yeah, I mean, the big worry is you’re walking down the street, you’re sprayed. It’s no good saying, Oh, I’ll leave my S, you know, I do. I said, I’ll leave my phone at home. I don’t not going to take any calls for the next hour. So why carry around this, this beast, but it won’t do any good. Now you’re driving past all these sauces. So I think that, look at this scientific American, I won’t say it’s the highest authority on the land, that it’s a well-respected journal and says we are, have absolutely no reason to believe five GS say. And that was 20 October 20, by the way. It was less than six months ago. Just about six months ago. All right. So we were talking about the impact on the immune system back to you. Clinicians go for it. I think we more or less said this anyway. So,

John Hache (00:35:52):
Yeah, we’ve, we’ve pretty much already said this, but I mean that, that’s it, right? This stress on your body. Well, the one thing about stress and your body for example and th this is a Bruce Lipton story where he says you’re running from a bear. Yeah. You have diarrhea. Does your body stop to repair the diarrhea or does it just keep running it’s thing to survive. We’ll fix it. Diary after we stopped running. Right, right. Right now what it really means is that if you are stressed, the body does not repair. Yeah. You will not repair during stressful periods and what do you think five G is doing? If it’s, if it’s stressing you, then you are not repairing, you are going to break down over time.

Dr. Keith (00:36:42):

John Hache (00:36:43):
[Inaudible] And if you’re already immune challenged, then you know it’s a perfect recipe.

Dr. Keith (00:36:50):
Right. Well, I mean I’ll just give another example. I, I’ve been reading a lot of stuff lately, but that we have a lot of cases and deaths in King County. Is it in any way? Washington 26 deaths. What they haven’t said, and you’ll never read, is that all but four of those cases are in an elderly patients care facility. So I mean, you know, I’ve said it’s a bit brutal to say it, but every year there’s kind of an annual flu. Cole, it’s kind of a coal mother. Nature comes along and takes out the weaklings. It sounds brutal, but it’s very difficult to stop her. That’s her plan a and you know who we to interfere where we do our best. But I mean, you know, you can’t, if a person is elderly and their systems are shutting down, they can’t defend themselves from it because make no mistake, flu, flu is an extremely severe illness.

Dr. Keith (00:37:43):
Very. If you get real flu, you’re not going to be over in four or five days or a week. It’s three weeks of shuffling around, hardly able to walk out, lift your head off the pillow. It’s a terrible disease. And then I’ve got something to say, guys, listen. Now I went off to the library and I thought, let’s just check this out. So I got the famous Merck manual. And look, this is the entry, if you see it in the middle there for Corona viruses, these are listed as the cause of common cold, not flu. They’re not, they’re not supposed to be, or SAS or influenza or anything like those Corona viruses along with rhino viruses. Those are what cause your common cold. And yet we’re being sold. This is a monster beast. That’s gonna wipe out two thirds of mankind. I don’t think so. Oh, I’ve made a mistake. This is my fault. I’ve lost some writing on the right. So I do apologize. We might not need it and I don’t want to pull out, that’s my edit. Sorry, folks that tell us what

Rob Vanbergen (00:38:41):
Yeah, I mean, this is, this is, I’d say it’s a common misconception, but I think it’s becoming less and less so that people think that the government, the law is going to protect us. It’s on our side. But, but that’s not really true in this case. We’ve seen countless places try to block 5g unsuccessfully. And in fact, one thing I like to quote is this telecommunications act of 1996 the States that regardless of environmental or health effects, local, state, state, or local government cannot regulate the placement of any cell towers.

Dr. Keith (00:39:14):
Right. They’re protected. So even if even if everybody knows the story, you can’t attack these people. It’d be like the virus thing, isn’t it? You know, Ronald Reagan, bless his socks, brought in this law that nobody can Sue the vaccine manufacturing companies, no matter how many kids they kill, no matter how negligent. Yeah. With standards of manufacturer you know, as, as poison and cancer cells and all those things in it. You still can’t Sue them. Thanks to Ronald Reagan. Yeah. Okay. So so did we say no health studies? I don’t know if we did or not. The big health study is now where it, yeah, they’re seeing what happens to us and the story will be modified from that. Anyway. Like I said, we still, we’re just pointing out the problem. Let’s fix it where there are solutions. I, by the way, guys, I notice back in the eighties you know, a strong association between food allergies and this electrical hypersensitivity.

Dr. Keith (00:40:11):
If the person went on an exclusion diet, electrical sensitivity often improved dramatically. That might be some of what happened to that girl. And she went and ate differently in New Zealand. You know, obviously she’s still got the underlying sensitivity, but you know, if you eat crappy food and spray yourself with electromagnetic radiation, you’re going to get sick. You’ve got, you’ve got a choice out of there, screening yourself from the electromagnetic radiation and giving up your cell phone or eat differently. So all of these, they’re all factors, you know, a number of factors that come at you at once. Yeah. So what we’re looking now for is how can we protect ourselves without going back to the stone age. We don’t want to do that, do we? No,

Rob Vanbergen (00:40:55):
No. And I mean we mentioned this earlier as well. Like even if we completely go wireless here, it doesn’t mean our enables a gun too. It doesn’t mean that they’re not going to put up 5g things all along the st Paul’s cause that’s what I’ve, I’ve heard about that is that they need to, they need to be essentially on every lamp post cause they need to be so close to them.

Dr. Keith (00:41:13):
Yeah, about a hundred meters at the most. Yeah, because it’s not to, you know, it doesn’t travel far. It’s intense and disruptive, but it doesn’t travel that far. So the, the blank carpet bombing the whole area with devices and transmitters. It’s terrible. Yeah.

Rob Vanbergen (00:41:30):
And isn’t that right? We had to figure out how do you, how do we protect from this

John Hache (00:41:34):
Stuff without giving up our ability to connect with the world? Because we could’ve just set ourselves up in a Faraday cage and completely ignored everything. Right. But even fairly occasionally we’ll not call. It will block the maps that are healthy for us. You have to remember that.

Dr. Keith (00:41:47):
Right. Okay. Now not everyone I think would know a Faraday cage. It means living in a metal cage to screen out the electromagnetic.

John Hache (00:41:56):
It’s like Sesame street, the guy 30 cage

Dr. Keith (00:42:01):
Starting to cough again. All right. Let me, let me just cut in again with something I say repeatedly in these webinars. Guys, you’re very welcome to ask questions and use the chat box to, to ask questions. If you hover down the bottom of your screen, you’ll see your offer, the Q and a. Maybe have to go to the right too. You find three dots and if you hover on that you’ll see chat come up. But we’re not going to interrupt the story too for this, you know, we’re going to keep going and we will, we won’t be, you know, maybe another 20 minutes and then we’ll switch over to questions. So we will deal with all questions we want to resolve, but I don’t want to interrupt the flow of things. Okay. All right, so let’s introduce what we found. Well John and Laurie found it first and told me and that’s the device called the flow with a w two Ws.

Dr. Keith (00:42:56):
I mean there’s a lot of funny things out there. I mean like sticking funny little stamps on the back of your phone. I have a very good, and in fact, best friend of mine is on this webinar in the audience and he sells a device, which is just such a thing, but he was able to show with a meter that it does make a difference, but there’s an awful lot of fluff and I mean, for goodness sake, down go to eBay and Amazon. Nobody’s responsible for quality control, integrity, telling the truth and you know, all of that. It’s all a problem. But anyway, this, let’s talk about this company flow. You found it. What did, how did he get come across this John?

John Hache (00:43:35):
Well, well, the idea there for me, I said I found like my daughter was wandering about at night and, and I kind of pinned it down to electromagnetic fields and I was worried. I said, you know what, we, I sent the Lord the next morning. I said, you know, we need, we need an antenna on the roof of our house that would gather all of these EMS and then we can transfer them into something useful for Pete’s sake. You know,

Dr. Keith (00:44:01):
Stealing electrons and energy from the environment. Yeah. Right.

John Hache (00:44:07):
It’s necessary. It’s an idea from this company, from the Netherlands and who were referred to us by a company that was actually manufacturing Skinner in the, in the Netherlands at the time.

Dr. Keith (00:44:19):
Skinner, the, the Russian microcurrent therapy device folks scanner as it was, what I used to call, I still do, I call it star Trek medicine. I’ll just tell handheld something. I’ll fix anything from legs to a heart attack, cardiac arrest and it, anyway, so we’re down to this guy. This is

John Hache (00:44:38):
So actually Jim Wagner he, I think he was around in the 1960s, somewhere around there.

Dr. Keith (00:44:45):
Oh, it looks like it was around in the 19 20th.

John Hache (00:44:52):
One of the things that Jim had discovered, he was looking at plants. He was looking at he was looking at these, he was looking at just about everything agricultural and he was, he made the correlation between the knitting and and poor agricultural growth of production. Right. So he was looking for a way to be able to disarm this, elect these electromagnetic fields. And he knew at the time, he said, it’s actually a typing our bee population and that, that, that is devastating.

Dr. Keith (00:45:25):
God, who’s years ahead then? Oh yeah, absolutely. Here’s ahead. Yeah, good old Jim.

John Hache (00:45:31):
There was a nut. There’s another fellow, another player that came along and Mark checked [inaudible] Mark was, he was I believe he was an accountant and he’s a PhD in accounting and he would go into his building and he would get all the symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity, right. Like a brain fog. And he couldn’t operate and he needed to be able to use his brain and he would get so fatigued as soon as he opened his laptop or even entered the building. It was crazy. I’m down. [inaudible] So what he did is he said to his boss, he said, I’m going to take my laptop and everything. I’m going into the forest. This is where he met Jim. And Jim offered them this piece of technology and he said, try this. Okay. W w. And the funny thing is that Mark actually, his wife was a gynecologist and she still is. And he convinced his wife to join him in this tent in the forest because he couldn’t, he couldn’t operate in this Wagner. And he said that, I don’t sell basis, but try this and tell me how you feel. Well, all the symptoms disappeared

Dr. Keith (00:46:54):
So he was able to move back in the house like any normal man. All right. So how does it work? I mean, explain it. I mean, the key thing isn’t it. Instead of trying to block things and trying to hold things out, it’s almost impossible to hold that. It’s saying, hang on a minute, let’s change it into something that’s not as destructive. Which has always made sense to me.

John Hache (00:47:21):
Well, he knew what they knew at the time. They said, listen, we’ve gone too far. We can’t go back. We need to be able to transform to grab these frequencies and make them somehow into something that’s useful for their living, for, you know, for biological models walking around on this planet because that’s the way we’re going. And and we knew it. We knew it as well because I know I knew pertinently pertinently well that there was not a single ed tech company that actually had a medical doctor on the payroll. So what they came up with was a piece of technology and actually w it’s what we call passive electronics. And if you took an an induction coil and you add a a device that actually collects electricity and you use the case as a grant, as a, as a Mantegna, you can actually transform the frequencies and do something useful. Right? Right.

Dr. Keith (00:48:30):
No, he used the word that our induction, a lot of people are, you know, we’re into hell for into love and we’re into woo. We may not know what induction means. It means there’s some electrical, some electrical business going on there by, we’ll make something else spark up with this similar or a or a copycat electrical energy. You know, like if you play the fiddle and their piano, the piano strings will begin to hum. That’s a vibrational thing, isn’t it? And so it does it the same with electricity. Yeah. Yup. All right. Now the big question is, does this work? Can we do this? Is this baloney or does it work? And I’m going to show you guys a video and what, and unfortunately I’m going to have to stop my screen share to get to change the sound. At the moment. You can see I’m using my headphones, the headset.

Dr. Keith (00:49:18):
I need to use the computer audio, otherwise you won’t get it. So there’s going to be a slight hiccup. Fallout. I mean, it’s smooth enough, but you know, w we’re disturbing the flow, shall we say while I do this. So, so let me come out of the slide show and then go to the, we’re going to be shown, this is just a symbol to say sitting here is a nice video and then I’m going to go back to screen. Oh, hang on, I’ve got to stop share. Let’s do that right. There we go. So I’m going back now, the usual suspects there, and I’m going to share computer sound and optimize and share. So now we should folks that you can, folks that have taken the trouble to chat me, just let me know in the first 30 seconds so you can actually hear as well.

Video (00:50:09):
You are watching video images from the private files of Anna Van Wersh Professor of Psychology at Teesside University in Middlesborough. These were made during an experiment that was performed on Anna and her husband in preparation for a replica investigation and to the effects of flow.

Dr. Keith (00:50:27):
Sorry I screwed that up didn’t I? Oh it is working well it was working for us but it wasn’t

Video (00:50:33):
Full screen. You are watching video images from the private files of Anna Van Wersh Professor of Psychology at Teesside University in Middlesborough. These were made during an experiment that was performed on Anna and her husband in preparation for a replica investigation and to the effects of flow and a found Wersh is a specialist in health related psychology. One of her specific areas of interest is that of complimentary medicine. I’m one of her published books is entitled complimentary medicine and health psychology. She’s a respected or authority in her field. And so flow international approached her with a request to perform a series of investigations, one of which was to repeat the study done by Sangeeta Hoobner of the Humana University here. A dark field microscope was used to observe the movement of red blood cells exposed to the radiation emitted by a mobile telephone. The replica experiment repeats this procedure, but this time using a minutely small microscope, the side of camp, but advice about the size of a ballpoint pen.

Video (00:51:45):
The tip of this is pressed against the skin, close to the ear and allows the movement of living blood cells within the body to be viewed on a computer screen. The dark field microscope is effectively a primitive version of the cyto cam where a blood sample first has to be taken from the subject and can only then be observed under the microscope. Professor found Wersh submitted both her own blood and that of her husband, Burt young, to be tested in this manner by mrs hooker. Three different sets of observations with before and Bert Yon was the first subject. Firstly, the zero line test made after he had not eaten or drunk anything. For several hours, a drop of blood was taken and viewed using the dark field microscope. The red blood cells here look perfectly normal. The second observation took place after birth. John had been holding an iPhone in his left hand for five minutes. The phone was on with no active connection to another phone. The blood sample made here reveals a clustering of red blood cells that resembles a stack of coins, also known as rouleaux formation.

Video (00:52:56):
Before the third observation, Bert Yon held an iPhone in his hand for five minutes now actively connected, but this foam was also fitted with a mobile flow device. The red blood cells are moving here with a good free motion. In fact, they appear healthier than those of the zero line test.

Video (00:53:19):
Bert has worked in the pharmaceutical industry and as not a man to be easily convinced, but these results far exceeded his expectations. Anna’s blood when tested after using an iPhone without a mobile flow revealed a less negative image than that of her husband. Although this didn’t surprise her because she’d been carrying a personal flow constantly for several months for the reason of pure scientific curiosity. She is surprised, however, by the attitude of other researchers who reject flow simply because it has not been scientifically proved. So she says, if we scientists don’t get ourselves involved with this, then who is going to prove if it works or not?

Dr. Keith (00:54:07):
Good, good point. Logical. Now again, I’m going to stop the share and go back to the slide show. Oh, Oh well I’m on the slide show anyway on the bill. Anyway, let me share again and this time I will use my headset and again, sweet folks in the distance there. If you can make it clear for me. All is working. All is good. I’d appreciate that. Thank you. Can you hear me? Can anybody hear me? Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Craig Craig has raised Craig. If it’s to ask a question, I’m not going to do it, but if it’s to say yes, thank you. Thank you very kindly. No, no. And I haven’t got there yet. Okay. It’s the next slide that’s now gone blank. That was the video, remember? Okay. So here’s one, I’ll lock. I’ve, I’ve screwed up again with the edge. See the text, there’s enough text to make it out. This was a very quick last minute edit folks.

Rob Vanbergen (00:55:10):
And this is, this is really just, that’s what the inside of a personal flow, I have my personal flow here is the one that Anna was carrying from us. Yeah. That’s the inside of a personal flow. So you can see all the little components in there. If you would have written the case off, which we don’t recommend,

Dr. Keith (00:55:29):
They ended the guarantee. If you do,

Rob Vanbergen (00:55:34):
And this is a quote of it, it talks a bit about how, because there is the relationship between the electromagnetic fields in the environment. The more electromagnetic fields you’re exposed to, the more potent the flow field is that’s created. So you end up, your body ends up having more positive experiences as a result of this increase in, in wireless waves. And yeah, I have to, because I know people that are wondering, they’re saying if there’s that bar level, then it will interfere with my wifi interview. Right. So phone reception in principle, if you were standing outside on the lawn, you would be getting what we’d call earthing or grounding experience where you’re picking up electrons

John Hache (00:56:24):
From the earth. Yeah. If you were talking while you’re doing that, you’re talking on your cell phone, that would not interfere with your cell phone reception whatsoever, but the electrons which are in the seven to 12 Hertz range would actually put you in a parathyroid sympathetic state. So the stronger the feel, the more parasympathetic you would be.

Dr. Keith (00:56:54):
I suppose it’s all summed up in this last line, isn’t it? The stronger the dangerous radiation, the stronger the protection radiation, the counter counter radiation as it were. Oh, good. Great. Terrific system. But that’s what happened.

Rob Vanbergen (00:57:09):
So back in 2016, a flow was huge in Europe and it had a naturopathic doctors all over the place who were prescribing these, these devices to that patients. And of course this was going great for flow, flow was happy, everything was looking well. But the telecom companies started, they didn’t really like that. So there was a bunch of media coverage I believe. And a lot of

John Hache (00:57:39):
What do you, what would you call it? Well, you know,

Dr. Keith (00:57:43):
Trap trashing his reputation would be something y’all understand, they just trashed their reputation. They lied. They broke shells, scientists as they do, people lost confidence in the product, stopped buying it and company was more or less forced out of out of business.

Rob Vanbergen (00:57:58):

They sort of moved and reopened. It was a couple of months later. It wasn’t all that long later cause this, that happened was the end of 2016 and then early 2017 he was able to reopen.

Dr. Keith (00:58:11):
Right. They’re very, they’re pretty well under the radar now. Yeah. To a degree. Anyway, so listen, I I, this is a slide I’ve added without telling Robin John, but in a way this is a warning, right? Gig for Gus. Obviously telecom companies do not want you to be say no, not, no, I think they intend to hurt you, but you know, any implication that there might be some problem with this technology is fought tooth and nail. So if you have crappy migraines and then you pick up one of these devices that will shield you from cell phones and I run no more migraines, what’s, what message is that putting out that the telecoms are hurting you and they don’t want that. So they’d rather people stayed sick than anybody raised the question. So just remember, I mean they got put out of business and there may be put out a business again someday. So you know, if you’re like getting one of these type devices do it quick. Cause here’s another story. This is suppression in Canada, right? I didn’t know this until John and Rob, John and Rob, and they were speaking to us from Vancouver Island in Canada. If you don’t already know that. So they’re very well aware of the Canadian scene. What, what happened here guys?

John Hache (00:59:22):
Well, I haven’t had, one of my clients that came to see me have some serious problems. I actually got a cancer that was developing and I told him about he was working in [inaudible] in, in, in heavy electromagnetic fields. He owned one of the biggest distribution of cell phones and he, they were building towers, wifi systems and do the biggest in Canada. And when he heard about the flow from me, of course he immediately, he said, we need to sign a partnership. Yeah. So we started a company and he bought immediately $50,000 worth of flow to be able to protect his employees.

John Hache (01:00:08):
Yeah. And within a short period of time, he called me back, says, Johnny said, we’re going to have to dissolve the company. I said, why? He said, you are so gung ho. He said, the problem is this. He said, I mentioned that to the company that we distribute. I don’t know if there’s Motorola, one of these companies. And immediately I got a call from a lawyer saying jurisprudence. And he said, what do you mean it’s, well, what happens is if we start using this technology saying that we are now going to protect you, it means that up to this period in time we were damaging you. Yep. And it opens us to be totally pursued by everybody. Well any, it’s going to be the same with five G two if they researched 5g and actually look at it and say this is damaging people then wants to say 40 years because the difference is just [inaudible] was founded, damaged thyroid emitting culpability

Dr. Keith (01:01:11):
But then never then Rob, they’re never going to investigate 5g cause they know it’s dangerous. They know they can’t, they can’t fudge it anymore. So then they’ve, the reason they’ve never done safety tests is they know it couldn’t possibly pass with even maximum fudging. They couldn’t get it through. So they’re just taking the other tack and saying to hell with it. Let’s not study it at all. We just force it on the people.

John Hache (01:01:36):
A Senator or governor of Delaware for example, he said, I welcome 5g with open arms and one of the senators actually had brought in the three major cell phone company presidents and he asked them, publicly said what ha, how much money I could put into research into the safety of this for the general population. And they all looked at each other. I don’t know of any study that has been done.

Dr. Keith (01:02:04):
No, I mean they fudged a bit, didn’t they? They finally had to admit no, we’ve done nothing. Okay. We’re going to tell you about a range of products shortly. Folks. Let me just repeat what I keep saying. We are going to do questions and interaction and you know, some of you can come on and to us, but I want to leave it till the end. Let’s get through what we’re doing. And then when young Rob bell goes off to the chatline where he can answer your questions online questions we continue. John and I will continue fielding questions for the rest of the presentation for the rest of the evening. Really. Anyway, tell us about this product range. You can. I think a lot of people know you can do funny things on the phone that will help, but there’s more to it than that, isn’t it? We saw a personal flow. That was the one that professor Hannah had. Yeah.

Rob Vanbergen (01:02:55):
Got personal flow. One is designed to carry around on your person. It goes in your pocket, purse, backpack. And it’s your personal mobile protected. You’re on an airplane and all have sign up. Yeah. Yeah. So it, these games will protect you while you’re flying around while you’re moving around while you’re driving around this, this one right here, the screen flow, which is mentioned there on the screen for tablets and computers is a, you can see it’s got a little stand.

Dr. Keith (01:03:25):
Oh, a little totem. Yeah. That’s the one that they yell at the red nail varnish. Yeah,

Rob Vanbergen (01:03:29):
Exactly. Yeah. You put that in and we always keep this bio screen that we’re using. We can move it around between different screens. So you go watch TV, you can put it on there. I know of people that have even taped them to the back of that TV so that they can’t lose them. Yeah, exactly. You just tape them on sticking to the back of your computer monitor that you’ve want. Protection from the screens that we are constantly exposed from. Mmm, of course. That’s the mobiles. You can see that the little mobile flow on the back of my phone here.

Dr. Keith (01:04:01):
The little Scrabble tile, isn’t it?

Rob Vanbergen (01:04:04):
Yeah. Yeah. They might even be a little smaller than a Scrabble tile, but they’re actually, they’ve got a bit of a thickness to them. They’re about to send to me in a thick and that’s how they fit the, the technology and that it creates a little lamb Tena. Right. And they, yeah, the mobile flows. We keep them on the back of our phones and they actually transfer between phones. So if you were to, John’s has been through four or five phones by now, five phones anyway, these stay on them doesn’t go off.

Dr. Keith (01:04:33):
Sure. Question. Is there any problem, can you stick these onto your cell phone case?

Rob Vanbergen (01:04:39):
Yeah. So I built them all out.

Dr. Keith (01:04:41):
This is not a detriment. You have a case then you stick it outside on the case.

Rob Vanbergen (01:04:46):

Dr. Keith (01:04:50):
Okay. Just, just checking. That was an obvious question. Yeah, carry on.

Rob Vanbergen (01:04:54):
Yeah. There’s the home flow system, which I think has caught off a bit on the PowerPoint there cause of the zoom. But that’s the one in the corner that with the five pieces.

Dr. Keith (01:05:04):
Oh look at that in a minute. Anyway, the one that looks like he’s got two toilet plungers on it. Yeah. Okay. Well we’ll come to that in a minute anyway. Let’s let’s take a, oops, hang on. Sometimes it will do what I ask it and then sometimes it won’t. I can’t find my cursor. Where the hell is it? I have to click it on something. No, seriously guys, I can’t, I can’t find my cursor.

Rob Vanbergen (01:05:35):
You just have it.

Dr. Keith (01:05:36):
Yes. Accidentally. But anyway, let’s back up. Yeah. I don’t know what happened there. Anyway, I’ve got the, the actual you know, cursor keys going. Alright, there you go. So my system, Obi-Wan, where we’ve discussed that led to our next obviously this will be of great concern to parents because you know, we can, we can live without it or we hold it alarms length. I would just say letting the damn thing ring. But kids around it hour after hour after hour and this is,

Rob Vanbergen (01:06:06):
They sleep with that under that pillow was an alarm.

Dr. Keith (01:06:09):
Yeah. Yeah. Terrible. Oh, and you mentioned the screen. Well, we can’t see it. Is that chopped as well?

Rob Vanbergen (01:06:16):
It looks like it’s been cut off as well.

Dr. Keith (01:06:18):
Damn, I’m sorry. That’s my mishandling. If we had it all in view before. So anyway, so place it within tense, what 10 centimeters? What’s that in real money about six inches in less than a bit less than six inches. Yeah. And that’s the personal one. Yeah.

Rob Vanbergen (01:06:39):
Yeah. That one you can carry it on your person. That’s something I’d like to mention about this one here because it might be a point of interest for people to get to the site. There’s actually two sizes of personal flop. There’s a medium and a small, and they, they develop this because they found that the fields generated with the medium in high EMF areas actually made cause women to get headaches. So they develop the small one that doesn’t do that for women and children.

Dr. Keith (01:07:08):
So it doesn’t transmit as much energy or trans, what’s the word? Trans, whatever, whatever the word is, modulate that so they don’t modulate so much energy.

Rob Vanbergen (01:07:17):
Yeah. So they definitely say women. And children should go with the small and then should go with the, with the medium. It’s just a noteworthy.

Dr. Keith (01:07:27):
Okay. Alrighty. All right, come on. Moving on. Cause a lot, a lot of folks, you know, they’re committed at least an hour, an hour and a quarter to us, but may not have unlimited time. I mean, here’s a typical home now sprayed with wifi, radiation anywhere, everywhere. And you’ve rightly put up some overhead, electric piles, pylons, I don’t know if you’ve ever tried this experiment guys, but you know these fluorescent tubes you can get if you walk outside on a dark night, if you stand within a hundred meters of one of these overhead, you know, high, high power, high tension cables, just hold up the fluorescent tube, it will begin to glow. There is so much, I mean, this is what Tesla taught us, right? There’s so much energy field spraying around these high tension wires overhead. It will actually light up a fluorescent tube a hundred meters away. So if you are anywhere near one of these things with your house, and a lot of people are, gosh, bad news. But anyway, there is an answer to the whole hub. This is the, this is what I call the toilet plungers. It’s just a joke that actually wouldn’t stands folks. I don’t take my twisted sense of humor, but what do we do with these like five parts? How’s this going to add up to 10,000 square feet and protection?

John Hache (01:08:45):
They protect the electrical system that comes into the house. There’s one that goes on that, the heating systems as well. Some people that are heated with water, others are electrically, it’s on and so forth. So each one of these little devices actually protects you from the electrical and circulating within the ad. Why is circulating within your how screen electromagnetic fields. So they protect you against those fields as well. Now they do toilet plungers as you call them, geo Maggio flow. And the other one would go to the highest part of your house. And together they’ll actually create a, like a bubble around your house for up to 10,000 square feet, depending on the size of your house, right? So

Dr. Keith (01:09:35):
How many people have a 10,000 foot? Those that have one could probably afford to buy two sets. So it’s not an issue. Oh yeah, we’re nearly finished. But back to Anne. So she bought a flown, that’s what solved it for her then was it, I mean she couldn’t go and live in New Zealand, but living in New York,

John Hache (01:09:56):
No, she couldn’t go to the New Zealand. Yeah, yeah, exactly. So, so she she got the personal flow to try. And she, she didn’t take long. It was about seven days and almost all of the swelling was gone. And after that point she was, she, she got the whole system. You want to protect a home. I think she even brought them for her, for her grandchildren. Kept children.

Dr. Keith (01:10:19):
Yeah, yeah, yeah. They’re not that expensive. You know, if you’ve got some money and you’re looking after people or you care, get a few, you know. Anyway, let’s do some testimonials. And I always say, folks, testimonials are not science, but it’s nice to know some people get good results and you know, your question is, will you get good results? Well there is a, you know, money, money back guarantee. I wouldn’t worry about that. But you know, for lots of people who’ve been real difficulties, yeah. Nothing works. Every kind of good health and health care isn’t working. It could be this. And if it is, there is some protection. Yeah. Here’s another one. Look, this is NA Sandrine that’s Nevada. I wonder if she’s just around the corner here in Las Vegas right now. Yeah. So I mean fibro myalgia, enough fatigue and aches and pains. That’s what basically what fibromyalgia is in there. And for a lot of people it is electrical hyper sensitivity. He is a British story. Graham.

Rob Vanbergen (01:11:29):
Yeah. I think the good race car driver, but for Graham he was a, it was a concern about children on phones. And you know, consistently sitting around a table all texting, playing games on that phones. And they had attention issues, sleeping problems and yeah, a great Graham found that, you know, the mobile flow was a worthwhile, something to try. Cause then there, as you say, they’re not very expensive. So he got them each a little Christmas present, which I’m sure they didn’t appreciate because kids never appreciate that sort of thing. I’m set up on that phones and yeah, he recorded back that essentially a sleeping better on even starting to do better in school. Less complaints.

Dr. Keith (01:12:09):
So very worthwhile for ADHD families. Yeah. And autism spectrum. Do we have any of those? I mean, they’re very overlapping anyways. We know. And this is Sarah from California.

Rob Vanbergen (01:12:21):
Yeah. Sarah chronic pain for years. This is the, and this is the most common thing, right? Chronic pain that won’t be resolved by all the sauces. EMS. I mean, as we said, 15% of the population suffers from electromagnetic hypersensitivity. So if you are in pain and you’re not getting results from other things, you know, it’s definitely, and yeah, the Sarah, she got the home flow on the recommendation of a friend, I believe. And it was just pain levels dropped substantially. Sleep is improved. It’s like protecting your home, giving yourself a safe place to be. Right.

Dr. Keith (01:12:55):
Yeah. Okay. So how much is it going to cost? There’s a question in everybody’s mind. Well, the mobile look is less than $46 yeah, just just about $46 plus shipping and handling. Now, the personal flow, you said there are large and small sizes, is that the cost of,

Rob Vanbergen (01:13:13):
Yeah, they’re both the same.

Dr. Keith (01:13:15):
Oh, the same price. They’d just sell the same amount of technology packed in it. Then even that look, even the home to be able to protect the whole home for just like $1,200 just over $1,200. That’s pretty stunning. Anyway, so if you decide you want one of these, any one of these all assets, I don’t know if you, we should say that. You can have a personal set, so you get a ScreenFlow, a mobile flow, and a personal flow. That’s for you to look after yourself and then the home flow is a system. Of course, there are offerings out there where somebody can buy a home flow and then a personal set, and then if they want to buy it for other people in the home or family, you can let them have that, you know, an increasing discount rate. They spend, depending on how many they want to order, I don’t think you need to discount them really.

Dr. Keith (01:14:05):
And if somebody wants five mobile flows, it’s not when it’s not going to break their bank is it? And it’s, it’s worth noting as well that I know. Do, did yearly increases flow are increasing that prices? Oh yeah. That’s another thing. Yeah. So I mean that, that, that happens. It’s inevitable. So we’ve got until the end of the month, we’ve got a few days at least anyway, when people do go and grab one yet, I think we need to move pretty quickly because there’s a blockage. Yeah. From Europe to America. Oh yeah. Yeah. The canceling flights, they might cancel shipping even anyway, this is where you go folks to learn more. It’s the usual center shop. This is John Lowry and Rob’s business side. It’s called the [inaudible] shop. And it doesn’t match what people, capital letters in that or not. You can, I’m pointing down the bottom of the screen. Can you all see that?

Dr. Keith (01:14:55):
I actually can’t see a case. Oh crap. Oh dear it on another slide. Well let me, let me describe it. And then the final slide. I know it’s that in the middle cause I’ll put it right. So We don’t need to go through all that should be or dust. Now I asked these guys to be straightforward about what the guarantee was and the one that you stick to your phone and I’m going to take back. That’s logical. I think that anything else, you get your money back minus what’s called a restocking cause. It won’t be sellable to any, well, it will be sellable to somebody else but not sold as new.

Dr. Keith (01:15:53):
Now what are, when you go to the, I want to call your attention to something here. I don’t know if you can see my cursor, but look up at the top right, there’s a little button that says, leave a message. If you click on that, then this whole panel here that says chat, welcome to live chat or Rob will be there to answer your questions. You type them in and he’ll type the answer and so on. And if you decide to go ahead, you, he’ll tell you what to do. It looks like I got a heavy load, so I suppose I better take my leave and go start helping people out. Yeah. Well thanks for talking with us, Robin. I’ll talk to you tomorrow anyways, you know? Yeah. So great. And Weldon on prefer preparing the slides would are slightly spoiled by him enlarging too much in the wrong direction.

Dr. Keith (01:16:36):
Come on. Take center stage job. So I mean, let’s go to the I’m going to leave. This is the turn of last slide and I’m going to leave this up while we take questions. So it’s kind of a shock. That’s where you’d go to get one of these things. I’ll get, you know, get the whole suite and sets. It’s up to you where you go, but it’s the center, forward slash E M F in upper case letters. John, are you ready? Gosh, this 36 in chat. I don’t know how many in the in Q O another 16 in Q and. A. We’re going to be here awhile, brother. I all set. Let’s make a start with the Q and. A’s. Just, you know, to start somewhere. We’re not Oh, I see. Yeah. Sorry. Can you say that in the middle? Is it covering up the link? No viewing case. Go movie screen duty options. I can see the whole thing and also know that it’s just that the Q and a panel opened up right in front of that slide. All right, so let’s just take them as they come. We’ll do our best folks. Some people are very clever at coming up with really weird questions that we just don’t know, but we will undertake to find out.

The post 5G, How To Help Your Immune System Beat The (Fake) Pandemic appeared first on Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby.

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