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dr. Keith’s News Headlines

Better than trying to write a newsletter this week is to layout lots of what’s available. I’ve been busy; VERY busy!

There was my very popular webinar last night about protecting ourselves and family from 5G and other EMFs (even 4G was never safe). There was also some discussion on whether 5G roll-outs might be the real cause of the Mickey Mouse “pandemic”. It’s certainly something to think about: the countries hit hardest—Italy, Iran and China—have had the highest level of 5G roll-out. I even found out that the Diamond Princess cruise ship, with the majority of the passengers sick and I think, now 8 deaths aboard, was boasting having comprehensive 5G available to passengers.

Meantime, official figures in the USA record 20,000 – 40,000 NORMAL flu deaths so far this season (the 2019-2020 season). That’s one thousand times the number of coronavirus deaths. So why is coronavirus a “pandemic” and these annual flu deaths don’t count?

The CDC admits it’s not testing for COVID-19. Just “presumptive” numbers ie. wild guesses. So we have no idea what the true numbers are. We can be sure they are much exaggerated.

But they CLAIM it’s accurate! 30 – 40 million cases of supposed “flu” this season. People that want the world to panic are very clever at blurring the COVID-19 deaths (if any) with this annual rash of flu cases and deaths.

FLU, real flu, is bad. Every year. It’s like a cull that has been going on for centuries. It takes out the old and frail every winter. Of the 26 deaths in King County Washington, all but 4 are in an elderly care facility. But that’s not being publicized.

And now, suddenly, the flu season is winding down already (warming up, spring). It’s probably almost all over, apart from massaging the stats.

Oh yes, and China is returning to normal – having screwed up the world! All the emergency coronavirus hospitals are now closed. You won’t hear that from the fear-mongers.

90% of Chinese businesses have now re-opened, according to a letter today from Starbucks (they have coffee shops in China, of course).

It’s OVER! Life for them is getting back to normal.

According to Medscape, China has now turned the tables on us and is demanding sick foreigners entering China are quarantined, to protect Chinese citizens from the coronavirus!

It’s a loony circus out there.

If you missed the series of Livestream videos I did for Facebook, please go to my page there and watch them. Each is just a few minutes but quite explosive in what I revealed. Just don’t forget to LIKE my page and FOLLOW (please) before you click off and leave:

Vitamin C

This continues to be the ONLY recognized effective treatment for coronavirus cases. That’s official, from China. 3 separate studies have looked at the effects of IV vitamin C and it worked! It works well. People were being sent home in a day, healthy and well.

As I said, all the emergency hospitals are now closed.

We can’t all access or afford IV vitamin Cs. But there is an answer: my own Dr. Keith’s Own® Super C is specially formulated to take in substantial oral doses, without usual diarrhea and abdominal pain. If you want to stockpile anything, stockpile that. It’s more affordable than even an afternoon in the hospital!

Go here to grab some for your medicine cupboard. Take 1 or 2 scoops daily (per person) and you’ll probably never have to have in IV because you have come down with flu.

Colloidal Silver

Yes, that too. I’ve been asked repeatedly if I recommend it. Of course, I do! It’s featured majorly in my book How To Survive In a World Without Antibiotics.

But not the watery junk that wannabes and shills offer on Amazon and eBay. Those are typically about 100 – 200 parts per million (ppm). The one I sell from Honey Colony is 4,000 ppm!

That’s the real deal; colloidal silver on steroids. It costs more for a bottle but is cheaper in terms of concentration. It’s actually cheaper by far! Think of it like detergent sales: if you pay $80 and can wash 2,000 plates, or pay $25 but only get to wash 150 plates, which is the best deal? Sure the $80 is “more expensive” but the cost per plate is only 4 cents. The cheap stuff costs 16 cents to wash a plate! Ha ha!

Read more and get your “Silver Excelsior Serum” (love that name!) here.

It’s an important standby and, again, you should have a plentiful supply for your medicine cupboard. That way epidemics won’t scare you!

They don’t scare me. It’s government control and loss of civil liberties that scares me.

As for other antibiotics controls (won’t all work for viruses, remember), get my book How To Survive In a World Without Antibiotics. It’s a survival manual, rather than a textbook. But things like hydrogen peroxide and colloidal silver will work against bacteria, viruses and other microbes.

In the days before antibiotics, not everyone died of their infections. There were scores of great, workable non-drug solutions to infections. These remedies still work! One of them, a simple tea, tested by USDA (US Department of Agriculture) performed better than a well-known “last-ditch” antibiotic, Vancomycin.

Researchers investigated the antibiotic activity of 11 catechins from green tea and compared these to the strength of 5 medicinal antibiotics.

Their findings and conclusion were startling: three of the catechins beat tetracycline and vancomycin (effective at lower dilutions). I quote: “The results show that three of the catechins exhibited exceptional bactericidal activities at very low levels in the nanomolar range. They were more active than medicinal antibiotics such as tetracycline and vancomycin.”

But white tea extract seems to be even more powerful, according to a 2004 study conducted at Pace University. Researchers found that White Tea Extract (WTE) may have prophylactic applications in retarding the growth of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Their findings were presented at the 104th General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology.

You need to get to know these not-so-humble alternatives and get re-acquainted with our folklore and natural heritage again and fast. You never know when the next outbreak will sweep your neighborhood.

It comes with a small self-help virus treatment book. But I’m working on another, much bigger compilation, eradicating viruses, such as herpes and flu.

Here’s the link.

OK, here’s to a healthier future for all.

Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby

The Official Alternative Doctor

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