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5G, How To Help Your Immune System Beat The Pandemic

00:00:58 – Introduction

00:06:58 – Introduction of guest (John Hache) and (Rob Vanbergen)

00:09:34 – 5G Technology and it’s effects

00:11:50 – Why is the Corona Virus a pandemic?

 00:14:13 – What are Auto-immune Diseases and what causes them

00:17:04 – Auto-immune Disease Symptoms

00:19:14 – How can you deal with that disease

00:20:06 – Anne’s Story

00:21:58 – Uncovering the mystery of EMFs

00:22:35 – What are EMF’s?

00:27:34 – What EMF’s do to our bodies

00:31:17 – More information about 5G

00:32:56 – World Map of 5G Trials

00:35:43 – Impact of 5G on your Immune System

00:37:58 – Medical Manuals have to say?

00:39:58 – The Solution to EMF’s from 5G

00:42:46 – EMF Protection Devices

00:47:04 – How does Floww Works?

00:55:00 – Mechanism of Floww

01:05:47 – Mobile Floww

01:06:12 – Screen Floww

01:06:36 – Personal Floww

01:07:30 – Home Floww

01:09:46 – Anne’s Cure

01:10:26 – Proof that these solutions work

01:12:57 – How to get yourself 5G protection –

In this video I go over the 5G coronavirus controversy. How come coronavirus, listed in medical textbooks only as the cause of the common cold is suddenly transitioned to a deadly world pandemic killer?

Something weird is going on. Meanwhile, we tell you some GOOD solutions, to protect you and your family.

>>Get 5G Protection<<

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