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The VIRUS Inconsistencies and Spin Grow in Magnitude

One thing we know FOR SURE about COVID-19 is that we are being lied to. Figures are being massaged and spun. What to do?

At one end of the spectrum, people are ignoring the supposed dangers and actually boasting they remain active in public, posting pictures of themselves having fun together on Facebook. These are called “COVID deniers” and they are supposed to be very wicked, putting everyone at risk.

Well, governments responded to that with lockdowns and banning public meetings. It wouldn’t do for those who ignored the fear campaign to be seen walking around, entirely unharmed, would it? That would undermine the scare  propaganda.

I saw an article for doctors yesterday: “How to deal with COVID virus deniers”, meaning HOW TO GET THEM SCARED so they stop making the rest of us look foolish.

At the other end are people who live in terror. I know a crazy Brazilian woman who locked up her 18-year old daughter, because she complained of feeling “unwell”. No flu, no doctor, no illness really, certainly no COVID-19 testing. But she sequestered her daughter, who is now an adult, technically a very serious crime.

That’s insane. But people I have seen on my exercise walk will cross to the other side, to avoid any proximity with other humans. They really BELIEVE this nonsense will help. That’s the power of propaganda, as Nazi Goebbels discovered.

In the middle, of course, there are people dying. Not many; indeed, hardly any. But for some this virus is fatal. I just don’t believe the numbers. It’s hard to believe any official stories, when the common test for COVID-19 infection is unreliable, indeed a swindle.  

Why would Italy have so many more infections than other countries? Does the virus speak Italian and slip in under the guise of being friendly? Ha ha! But really, that’s how silly the current science is.

Meanwhile KNOW THIS: The UK authorities have DOWNGRADED the COVID-19 threat and, as of March 19th, it is no longer considered a major threat. Technically, it was classified as HCID (high-consequence infectious disease) and has now been downgraded from that category.

Why? The numbers show it to be rather mild, not many people get seriously ill. Not many cases. It’s a non-event, as I have been saying.

Here’s the quote in full:

Status of COVID-19

As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious diseases (HCID) in the UK.

The 4 nations public health HCID group made an interim recommendation in January 2020 to classify COVID-19 as an HCID. This was based on consideration of the UK HCID criteria about the virus and the disease with information available during the early stages of the outbreak. Now that more is known about COVID-19, the public health bodies in the UK have reviewed the most up to date information about COVID-19 against the UK HCID criteria. They have determined that several features have now changed; in particular, more information is available about mortality rates (low overall), and there is now greater clinical awareness and a specific and sensitive laboratory test, the availability of which continues to increase.

The Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens (ACDP) is also of the opinion that COVID-19 should no longer be classified as an HCID.

The need to have a national, coordinated response remains, but this is being met by the government’s COVID-19 response.

Cases of COVID-19 are no longer managed by HCID treatment centres only. All healthcare workers managing possible and confirmed cases should follow the updated national infection and prevention (IPC) guidance for COVID-19, which supersedes all previous IPC guidance for COVID-19. This guidance includes instructions about different personal protective equipment (PPE) ensembles that are appropriate for different clinical scenarios.

[SOURCE: https://www [dot] gov [dot]uk/guidance/high-consequence-infectious-diseases-hcid#status-of-covid-19 Amend this “dots” to make this URL work.]

In fact official UK government sources are saying “it will peak by Easter”. That’s a bit different to what we are being told in the USA.

Here the CDC is having wet dreams over mandating a vaccine that they alone will produce (ignoring the existing vaccine, which is already in use elsewhere in the world). They are stalling and holding back on this. It will be spun and spun, till they get what they want. No science, no common sense, just GREED and LIES.

What Can We Do?

Do not fear the virus! It doesn’t kill fit and healthy people. They are claiming a third of deaths are among healthy people. That’s propaganda. How could they know? It was people who “appeared” fit and healthy. But they were not, as the outcomes revealed.

Here are some proven remedies:

Vitamin C. PROVEN in China. Take 5 – 10 grams a day, in divided doses, to remain well. If you get ANY virus, never mind our “novel” friend, take 10 – 20 grams daily, again in divided doses. The best way to do that is get a (small) stockpile of Dr. Keith’s Own® Super C here.

Homeopathic Gelsemium. PROVEN in the deadly Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918. Hardly a single case died among tens of thousands given this treatment. Bryonia can work too. Some facilities are already “homeopathizing” (no such word but you get what I mean!) the Coronavirus. DOSE: Buy Gelsemium 30C and take it 3 times daily, while the threat lasts.

Molecular Hydrogen (H2): I got this from Dr. Dr. Nanshan Zhong, the Chinese epidemiologist famous for managing the SARS outbreak, which infected 29 territories across the world and killed 774 patients from a total of 8,096 infected (another “pandemic” that didn’t happen). Dr. Zhong has tried hydrogen “on the job”, as it were, and found it helped as a potential therapy for serious cases of Covid-19.

See this is the thing: people who die of COVID-19 mainly don’t die of virus toxicity (as they did with smallpox, for example). People are dying of respiratory distress. The mucus—which typically someone with a respiratory illness coughs up—is proving very sticky for some patients and that’s the danger. It blocks the airways and people can’t cough it up.

Respiratory failure can happen very quickly.

Chinese epidemiology expert, 83-year-old Dr. Zhong Nanshan

According to Dr. Zhong, hydrogen inhalation was making his patients breathe much more easily, even those hospitalized on a respirator. You won’t be able to do that at home. But you can do this… Get yourself a few bottles of H2 Molecular Hydrogen here. It’s a fantastic anti-oxidant too and that lowers the infective “cytokine storm”.

So what happened to the old cloth over your head, inhaling from a steam bowl, containing what we call mucolytics? It sounds impossibly old-fashioned. But in fact it could save most patients with acute respiratory distress. It worked then and it will work now!

What was call mucolytics, meaning dissolved mucus, are the drugs of choice for this. Another name is an “expectorant”, meaning makes you cough up phlegm. In my day (ever so long ago!) we used to prescribe ipecac. It’s an emetic (makes you vomit) but also makes you cough uncontrollably!

Today, there are modern mucolytics, which your doctor would probably be happy to prescribe, though he or she would have to Google it, while you were not looking! Carbocisteine is favorite, as capsules or liquid. Erdosteine is an alternative, as capsules only.

But back to homeopathy: 

Belladonna is good for a cough with the following symptoms: Tenacious mucus in the chest. Voice weak, hoarse, and whistling. Nasal tone. Loss of the voice. Larynx, sore, painful, spasmodic constriction. Danger of suffocation on pressing the gullet, on coughing, on speaking, and on breathing. Constriction of the trachea. Short, dry cough, from tickling in the larynx, with headache, redness, and heat in the face. Take 30C hourly until better, or see a homeopath for a stronger dosing.

Aconite is a good mucolytic too. Also consider Bryonia, Hep sulph and Ars. Alba. You may need to consult with a homeopath to understand all the possibilities.

Well, I hope you and yours steer safely through the storm.

I repeat my obnoxious joke (but true): we are more likely to die of politicians than we are of this virus.

See ya!

To Your Good Health,

Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby

The Official Alternative Doctor

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