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5G or CoronaVirus Which Is It?

Most people have now at least heard the theory that the so-called coronavirus might be a side-effect of 5G, damaging the immune system. Wuhan, which is ground zero for the virus, is also the center of a MASSIVE 5G roll-out. It makes you think.

One thing we know for sure about 5G is that we don’t know ANYTHING about 5G. It’s never been tested for safety or, if it has, the findings were suppressed, which is ominous in itself.

I doubt there is any way to stop 5G coming. Heck, it’s not just about crooked telecommunications companies riding roughshod over safety concerns and public protest. It’s also about dopey, ignorant people who WANT this technology. They are dreamily unconcerned about safety. I just want faster wi-fi, faster gaming, more connectivity. Nothing can hurt me mentality. It’s stupid but it’s out there in spades.

Is it a coincidence that areas with major 5G roll-out (China, Italy, Iran) are suffering serious outbreaks of “the virus”? Is the virus just being blamed for what technology is really doing? For sure, the few pathetic death tolls elsewhere are not even an event, never mind an epidemic. When deaths (not cases, deaths) in the USA alone reach 50,000 then – and only then – we have an epidemic.

When the death toll passes 1 million, we may have a pandemic. In the meantime, total deaths to date, WORLDWIDE, are less than 10,000. Yet shills are screaming “It’s a pandemic”. The WHO, by the way, which is under terrific pressure to declare a pandemic, so folks can all make a TON of money from the suckers, is still hesitating to use the term pandemic.

WHAT IT COMES DOWN TO IS THIS: 5G is bad news, it’s never been tested and it is scientifically known to be more harmful than anything that has gone before. You don’t need to “test” it when it’s known to be a more biological damaging form of radiation.

YOU NEED PROTECTION, STARTING NOW. I know which is the best 5G protector device on the market and… guess what? THIS COMPANY HAS BEEN SHUT DOWN ALREADY BY THE TELECOMS COMPANIES. It’s started up again (Holland).

But how long will you be able to get this equipment? Be in no doubt: they were shut down because their equipment works. Hundreds of other wannabes just shout and make claims. But telecoms giants are not concerned about THEM.

They want this effective equipment GONE.

Join me in a webinar tomorrow night (Thursday) where I’ll be interviewing someone who really knows what they are talking about.

We’ll give you a ton of mind-boggling facts and figures. In return, I’ll ask you to consider getting this protection. We all need it, virus or not.

Never mind about stockpiling toilet paper. Get 5G Protection while you still can!

Here are the webinar details:

It’s called Mystery Illness, EMFs, 5G, and Beyond…

Date: March 12th, 2020.

TIME. 5.00 pm Pacific (summertime, remember!), 8.00 pm EDT, Sydney 11.00 am next day (please check)

Here’s the link you need to register. This is going to be a MASSIVE webinar, so register NOW, to be sure of a seat.

Attendance is FREE, of course.

Be there!

Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby

The Official Alternative Doctor

I’m holding a worldwide webinar tomorrow Thursday.

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