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A Hospital IN your hands

The exciting Avazzia EVOLUTION device enables you to successfully, even miraculously, treat a huge diversity of health conditions. It will even bolster your immune system, against bacteria, viruses and other pathogens (know what I mean? wink wink!) It’s FDA approved for a treating a host of conditions, also with the CE mark and Health Canada approval. It really is like having a hospital in your hand.

Video Highlights:

4:47 – What is Microcurrent Therapy and what can it be used for?
7:12 – Pain and Inflammation what’s the connection?
8:37 – What are the symptoms of Inflammation?
9:23 – Painkillers – The 4th leading cause of death in the USA
10:29 – Standard Medical Solution for Pain and Inflammation
16:45 – The Gut-Brain Connection
19:01 – The Devices that provide a solution
25:22 – Before & After Results
41:42 – How To Flip The Switch on Inflammation
51:51 – Microcurrent Therapy and Scar Tissue
57:26 – Regeneration & Muscle Problems
1:01:37 – Boosting Immune System
1:10: 48 – Q and A

>> Learn More About The Avazzia Evolution <<

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