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The Very BEST Of Fast Food!

Here’s a picture of a beautiful plate of calamari (squid) and aubergine (eggplant) I ate once in Italy, fresh from the sea (right next to the sea too!) It was very pleasurable, as you would expect, but it’s a real drag, having to cook and prepare such complicated dishes. It would be nice to have quick and easy calories now and again.


But the paradox is that so-called fast food is not always the healthiest.

I’ve always kept my eye on the food “bars” market. Trouble is, the “healthy food bars” are a complete hoax. They are made with sugar (incl. honey) and grains—about the worst two food classes you could possibly eat. Oats, which they often justify as “heart healthy”, are not healthy if you add sugar or corn syrup! That’s what the manufacturers of Cheerios do. It’s a lie!

Well, I’ve grown pretty cynical over the years.

Then suddenly, up pops something amazingly good: they got christened “Doctor’s GR8” bars (GR8, “Great”, get it?) I was persuaded to try them and—at last—something worth eating!

GR8 Bar

Doctors GR8 Bars are even keto-friendly (don’t be fooled: “keto-friendly” won’t put you in keto, but in small amounts won’t knock you out of keto!)

So now we have something that makes sense medically, is nutritious and is really convenient for that urgent snacking desire. But do they taste good, or are they just healthy and disgusting, a common combination?

I had a few sent to try and… Tra La! They taste great! I love ’em. They taste a bit sweet BUT CONTAIN NO SUGAR. In fact testing shows they have very little effect on your blood glucose (so, diabetic friendly too) and do not bump your after-eating insulin levels (which is the most dangerous aspect of diabetes).

See this chart, which compares GR8 bars against a very popular alternative (post-prandial means “after eating”):

Drs Nutrition Bar

More Details

Before I go on, with a request to try them out, let me throw in a few of the technical details. 

These bars are made mainly from organic almond butter, GMO-free non-soluble tapioca, pea protein crisp and sunflower lecithin (rich in phospholipids).

What mild sweetness there is comes mainly from the foodstuffs but there is also a smidgeon of chocolate in there—hooray! (100% organic cacao chips, of course), plus organic coconut and organic coconut oil.

So right away, you know why these bars taste so-o-o-o good and yet are very healthy.

They are certified non-GMO and gluten-free.

CAUTION: I have to say this. These bars contain tree nuts (almond and coconut) plus are made in a facility that processes soya, dairy milk, peanuts and eggs. So if you have an allergy to any of these ingredients you can stop reading right now!

People’s Reaction

The manufacturers (a bunch of doctors like me, not “holistic entrepreneurs”) tested the bars on the public and got great feedback. Most patients felt a mild but sustainable energy boost, mainly because of the very high phospholipid content, which increases mitochondrial function.

Patients also said the bar helped them stay productive, improved their workouts and helped them remain more active.

About 75% of patients said they felt improved mental clarity, compared to only 30% of the current popular brand, and 95% said they would recommend these bars to others, compared to only 15% of the most popular bar!

See the chart:

Bar Comparison Study

Now you know why I recommend these bars highly and give them my full support medically! And I repeat: I did think they were delicious, munchy and satisfying!

What You Should Do

I’m going to start carrying these bars on my Dr. Keith’s Own line. I want to know how you guys enjoy them.

So, I propose an introductory tasting offer, as follows:

You can purchase one box (containing 12 super-delicious bars) for $25, 3 boxes for $67.96 and 6 boxes for $108.99. 

Beware: When People Taste These, You’ll Be Re-Ordering Very Soon!

Give me feedback, if you will (but not essential).


Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby

(from Paris. Hey, somebody has to do the dirty jobs!)

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