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Are Electrical Toxins Destroying Your Health?

Electrical toxins are fairly new to the human experience (within the last 100 years).  Long before the days of WiFi and cell phones, people were starting to react to their increasingly electrical environment.

These days, we are constantly barraged with electrical input – known as electromagnetic fields (EMFs) – around the clock and no matter where you go.  These are known as electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

Strong science is finally emerging on these unseen radio waves and emissions that can and do affect your health – damaging your body at the cellular level.  EMFs are just as damaging an intrusion as xenobiotic chemicals – perhaps more so because your exposure today is millions of times higher than it was fifty years ago.

Protecting yourself and your loved ones from electrical toxins starts with lowering the “dose” that your system is exposed to on a daily basis.

EMFs In Your Home

Your home is the main source of danger.  It’s right to worry about your cell phone but your home poses a much bigger (and more persistent) threat.

The space where you sleep is particularly critical since you spend (hopefully) 8 hours every night sleeping.  This is roughly one-third of your entire life…so making sure the place where you lay your head is free of electrical toxins is critical.

If you look at the average household bedroom, chances are you’re going to find a television, clock (or cell phone plugged right next to the bed), perhaps a tablet, lamps, and other odds and ends like baby monitors, electric blankets, white noise machines, or diffusers.

To make matters worse, you sleep inside a power ring.  This is the arrangement of wires, hidden in the walls, that go around your bedroom to each power socket (outlet).Inside this ring, you get the maximum intensity field exposure.

Exposures to electrical toxins at these levels (one-third of your lifetime, remember) have been tied to an increased risk of diseases like cancer.  Children are naturally more sensitive to EMFs so the risk is higher.

What Can You Do?

  1. Buyan EMF meter. I have the Tri Field Meter 100XE (provides 3 different measurements: electrical field, magnetic field, and microwave field). I bought mine on Amazon and it’s not very expensive but it’s definitely something you need.
  2. Remove all electrical equipment in the places where you or your family sleep. This includes your television unless you sleep at least 20 feet from it.
  3. Test for fields coming through the walls and floor. You’d be amazed at the pollution “spray” from fluorescent lighting specifically. It reaches down to head height and can travel up through the ceiling, meaning if your kitchen is on the first floor, it can penetrate the floor in your bedroom above.
  4. Consider having filters fitted to your power outlets. I recommend the Graham-Stetzer filters because they’re the only ones that have been tested for the last 10 years and scientifically proven to completely remove what we consider to be the most “biologically active” EMF energy (4kHz to 100kHz) that rides on a building’s electrical wiring, hence reducing a person’s exposure to this ubiquitous form of harmful electromagnetic pollution.

EMFs from Your Mobile Phone

In case you’re wondering if it’s proven that radio waves from mobile phones increase your cancer risk, I’ll tell you that the technology and telecommunications industries have a distinct conflict of interest here.  For decades, they’ve produced shill studies, which they pay for, and the outcome has always been (predictably) that mobile phones are “safe.”

A large and rapidly increasing body of honest science tells a completely different story. There is no question that EMF radiation increases the risk of tumors, especially brain tumors, but also it tends to make an established tumor grow more rapidly – a double whammy.

This is a difficult truth since cell phones are virtually a necessity in our modern lives.

What Can You Do?

Throwing away your cell phone is both impractical and expensive.  You could live on a deserted island but EMF radiation literally blankets the entire planet.  I often say that wherever we are on Earth, we have the equivalent of the entire Tokyo Stock Exchange going through our bodies daily!

  1. Keep cell phone use to “as needed” – and since that’s never going to work…
  2. Avoid Bluetooth or wireless headsets since they compound your EMF exposure. Use the speaker function or use wired headphones with the phone placed away from you.
  3. Store the phone as far from your body as possible – do not place it in your bra or pants! Even if the phone is only 12 inches further from you than touching, your exposure drops by 90%.

These are the two biggest areas where average people are affected (but far from the only ones).  Creating an intelligent strategy to lower your exposure to electrical toxins is critical to survival in the coming century.

After all, the amount of exposure (and strength)is going to continue to grow as mankind’s technology outpaces what the human body can handle.

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