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Are You A Little Overweight, Being Honest?

Well, that’s lucky. Seriously! Most people today are GROSSLY overweight.

In fact, the majority in the Western world are seriously overweight or even obese. Especially in the USA, where 53% of the population is obese, pre-diabetic, or obese AND diabetic (a condition that’s been christened “diabesity”).

You would think maybe that the USA comes off worst. But that’s not true, actually. Even China, of all places, is worse than the US. Forget that mental image of a spidery, wiry little coolie and realize that—much as they are griping about US political and economics—they LOVE the Western lifestyle!

Macdonalds is present and in the Middle Kingdom (a pet name for China) and we all know what that means. The infamous chain opened the then-largest restaurant in the world. The grand opening day in April 1992 was exceptional: more than forty thousand customers were served by nearly one thousand employees!

It’s mind-boggling. The food industry, of course, is the single biggest cause of obesity and ill-health. Remember Milton Spurlock told us in his movie “Supersize Me” that after a month eating Macdonald’s burgers and colas, the had to give up — on his doctor’s advice: that style of eating was producing visible liver damage in LESS THAN 30 DAYS!

Today, we know a lot more. We have the science of weight loss. Medical science has worked its way past the “You need more willpower” and “Eat less and exercise more” stages, we’ve begun to understand that there are a host of factors that affect our weight; not even just how much we eat!

We realize now that it’s not will power, it’s not just the food industry lies. There are DOZENS of factors which influence weight, including, but not confined to, poisons in our environment, right now, that will force you to gain weight, even if you are a careful and measured eater. We call them obesogens (obesity generators). 

GMOs and glyphosate, for sure, make you gain weight.

Epigenetics—not just your genes but what influences your genes—is now known to be really crucial. The people who used to say, “It’s in my glands” or “In my genes” were laughed at. We knew they were just gluttons. But in fact, these individuals are right. If you have certain metabolic disorders, you will never lose weight, until the condition is corrected.

Here’s a jokey cartoon, sent to me by cartoonist Fran Orford!

I know science is a dirty word these days (too much of it is faked). But there are good people out there, researching hard, and finding surprising answers for us.

Shockingly, your bowel flora has more influence on your weight control than almost any other factor in your physiology and makeup. It’s CRUCIAL to have the right bacteria down there in the warm, wet dark, working for you. The wrong bacteria will make you gain weight, even if you practically starve yourself (OK, I’m exaggerating for effect, but you get what I’m saying).

What I’m trying to tell you is that we all have to know what we are up against. Over and over, I find myself stating that the commonest cause of death is ignorance. Nobody can afford to be ignorant today. The world is far too complicated and harsh, even dangerous.

In the USA alone, 88% fail one or more healthy parameters associated with glucose metabolism. Put the other way round, only 12% of the US population are healthy, in terms of weight control factors (fasting insulin, triglycerides, BMI, hip-to-waist ratio, etc.)

To help you survive and live long, plus enjoying the benefits of abundant healthy eating, I have compiled a book with all the best of the current ULTIMATE SCIENCE OF WEIGHT LOSS. No starvation needed. It’s a bumper compilation (over 200 pages, with citations and cross-referencing), to tell you all you need to know to be healthy.

Ultimate Science Of Weight Loss

And that’s it really! My other saying (well, I have hundreds, of course!) is that it is impossible to be overweight and healthy. It works in reverse too. If you get even some of the factors I’ll teach you about under control, your weight will melt away, without doing much directly about it.

Willpower, starvation, sweating at the gym and having no fun are all gone, thanks to the knowledge in this book. Of course, you have to change SOMETHING, otherwise, nothing changes! (duh!)

But this guide will tell you what easy and intelligent changes to make! Listen, it’s not just about losing weight, getting healthy and living longer… it’s about contentment, self-worth and living a life of joy!

Get this guide to your future! It’s available in PRINT format, for tablets and reading on a computer or your smartphone!


Order The Ultimate Science Of Weight Loss


Here’s to reaching a healthy weight and enjoying life more!

And—as an aside, though hardly irrelevant—cutting carbs, slimming down, will boost your immune system and render you FAR less vulnerable to viruses of any stripe!

To Your Good Health,


Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby

The Official Alternative Doctor

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