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Beware of Sham Holistic Practitioners and All Herbs Are Not Equal

They want your money, just as sure as money-hungry MDs. Some are good; some are bad; some are downright dangerous.

OK, I guess this week you are in for a diatribe. But something got me mad just a few days ago…

A friend who lives down the road was not feeling well, so I dropped by. Let’s call her Annie. She had been feeling weak and actually fainted at one point, we were told; she had to be picked up off the floor. Vivien and I just wanted to make sure she was OK.

We knew Annie’s current lifestyle and her work was EXTREMELY emotionally stressful at times (I couldn’t endure it for more than a few hours, never mind months). She had been diagnosed as adrenal exhaustion by a holistic practitioner and prescribed large doses of B12 and folic acid, by injection. This is NOT a recognized treatment for adrenal exhaustion.

What’s more alarming, the doses were seriously wrong: she was injecting 5 mg of B12 every second day. That’s insane! (and probably dangerous). When Annie started fainting, the same practitioner had told her to increase the injections to daily. That’s 5,000 mcg 7 times a week: 35 times the MAXIMUM dose I would ever consider.

Fainting and headaches is a recognized side effect of B12 overdose. Yet this practitioner had her double the dose she was taking. It’s just drug-doctor mentality, not holism.

This was a dangerous practitioner in my view (remember the near-riot conditions at the Nevada assembly 2 years ago, when there was a move to license all health practitioners, so some control could be brought in against these crazy fools, who demanded their “rights” to practice?)

Annie was also having a chiropractic “adjustment”, having been told the problem was really in her spine (see below).

There’s more. Annie was taking ashwaganda; she felt nauseated and had almost constant headaches. This brings me to a very important point. Ashwaganda is very badly tolerated and makes many people violently ill, mainly headaches and nausea. It is not a good herb, for all its reputation.

All Herbs Are Not Equal

I want to point out the folly of the belief that all "herbs" are good, natural and healthy.

No herbs are good, natural and healthy by nature. Some have benefits for some people, some of the time—but all contain strong, potentially toxic ingredients (aren’t marijauna, opium and hemlock just “herbs”?)

Now here’s the point. My medical paradigm, which has produced tens of thousands of miracles over the years, is that eliminating things is much more crucial than supplementing. If the body is under overload conditions, as was surely the case for Annie, then STOPPING foods and supplements is the way to go.

I told her to quit the ashwaganda and all injections and in fact all supplements. Overnight she felt better. As soon as I walked in the door next day, I could hear the difference in her voice. She was over 90% better; the nausea and headaches were gone; her physical strength were improved to the point where she was now out of her housecoat and dressed; her face, which had been grey and drained of color, was looking pinker.

I won’t be sharing the rest of the story (it’s ongoing) but here’s the take home: many holistic practitioners, even with licenses and prescribing rights, do not know what they are doing and are potentially dangerous.

Yet they try and take the moral high ground, yapping about those nasty rotten MDs. Mike Adams (the Health Ranger) is part of this mindset: all doctors are bad; all holistic practitioners are good. Neither, of course, is even nearly true.

So beware. Choose carefully and remember they speak B*S* as fluently as MDs!

The Science of Elimination Can Rejuvenate Your Health

Just like Annie, you can easily feel better, get rid of terrible allergies, body overload, and relieve inflammation once and for all. There are trigger foods that will spark allergies, increase overload, weight gain, and other illnesses in your body. The truth is that certain foods can be hostile.

Everyone is different and you need to find out which foods are not safe for YOU and how to eliminate them from your diet, even if they are seemingly “healthy foods”. It’s a scientific secret I have used with many patients for over 40 years and it works immediately.

I wrote a book on how to do it for yourself and it’s the ONLY book you’ll really need to feel better and shed unwanted fat easily. Click here to find out why you need “Diet Wise.” Because once you read it you would truly be wise about your health, by discovering these select and scientifically-backed health principles.

She Couldn’t Afford to Ignore Cancer

One more example… A lady I was treating for cancer made a good recovery with my IV regimen. It was a recurrence and I warned her, in no uncertain terms, that she MUST deal with her emotional issues, which were clearly unresolved.

She dismissed the idea and put her faith entirely in the Gerson plan.

Half a year later, I was winding down my clinic, prior to marrying Vivien and emigrating. On the very last morning, this lady appeared again, reporting difficulty in breathing. She had been seeing a chiro for many weeks, who was (again) adjusting her spine because that, the practitioner claimed, was what was making her breathless (I mean… what can I say).

She was frightened and wanted my help. She was very crestfallen to realize I could not take her on for further management.

Well, I am I believe, a competent doctor and sent her across the street immediately for a chest x-ray, because I knew what was coming. Sure enough, her lungs were ploughed with secondary metastases. She was very brave when I told her but I was devastated, I can tell you; I had not lost a patient in YEARS.

I wanted to scold her for being so foolish and ignoring the obvious buried emotional component. But it would serve no purpose. Instead I gave her some love and comfort, as best I could, and wished her well with the colleague I recommended.

It was a sad story but one with a moral, or maybe two morals:

  1. Don’t trust to the competence of a holistic practitioner OR a doctor, without clear evidence they are capable and properly licensed. Great people exist everywhere (there are thousands on my list of subscribers.) But you have to sift through practioners and find the right ones.
  2. Never never never ignore the emotional health component of disease. It can put you in your grave. To me it’s very silly because the immense wealth of good feeling that comes on dealing with emotional sludge is so wonderful and liberating!

Learn To Select and Grade Your Knowledge

I just finished a short video for New Thought Horizons (material from the new book “Boom!”) in which I talked about knowledge gating. It’s a term I invented for making sure you don’t allow junk data to will-nilly enter your mindset.

There has to be some selection. Yet every week I get emails or comments from people, often rude, saying “Didn’t I know about…?” and then quoting some nonsense health claim, that I already know about and consider erroneous, dangerous or just downright fraudulent, like Simoncini’s bicarbonate scam (kills people) or Mad Hulda Clark’s claims of “Curing All Cancers”, which she says are all caused by a parasite that doesn’t even exist in the Western world (Fasciolopsis buskii).

It tells me that many people are daft enough to believe what they find on the Internet, without any selectivity.

There are dangerous writers and bloggers out there (like Marc Sircus, who called me a madman, hiding behind the Internet, so he feels safe from a libel suit in Brazil). People like him have no proper medical training and do their “research” on Google. Yes, he bought himself a weekend OMD certificate but that doesn’t impress me.

In a way the holistic field suffers from one of the big problems in orthodox medicine and science, which is that people copy each other’s mistakes. In my medical textbooks you would see some “scientific” statement that was copied and re-copied from others, in the sincere belief it was correct. But it wasn’t!

If you type “Rife machine” in Google you’ll find over 3 million returns, all parroting the same myths about the “correct” frequencies. Most of them have not understood how the carrier frequencies and buried sideband frequencies worked and how engineer Philip Hoyland cheated even Rife himself. The truth has only emerged recently, after decades of circulating myth from the writings of John Crane.

The full truth is here:

And by the way, if you want to read a real holistic fraud, see what shady-but-famous Andrew Weil has to say on this topic.

Weil tells you to go and get conventional cancer treatment and that Rife machines are proven not to work, quoting the American Cancer Society!

OK, I promised you a tirade. I delivered!

Next week we get back to love and light!

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