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Disastrous Nutritional Advice Is The Real Sickness

The American Dietetic Association has come out with a new position paper. Surprise, surprise—they haven’t the faintest clue about nutrition! Sheesh, as cartoon Yogi Bear used to say!

As worldwide consumption of vitamin and other nutrient supplements soars in the $billions annually, these people are trying to save their own position by pretending it’s all an unnecessary hoax.

Just eat your greens and you’ll get all the nutrients you need is their “new” position.

And what do these dodos think is in the food on your plate these days? Agribusiness today is lethal to the world population masses. Its products are devoid of most natural nutrients. Many products we are almost forced to eat are actually counter-nutrient (like soy, in virtually all manufactured foods).

Then there is the problem that their suggested requirements are tragically, dangerously below needed levels. Take vitamin D: the official requirement here in the USA is 200 IU. The minimum for health and survival is 1500 IU; 2000 is better. I take 4,000. There are no toxic effects, even up to 10,000 IU and beyond.

200 IU is criminally wrong. It stops you having rubber bones and that’s ALL IT DOES. It’s nowhere near enough to fend off cancer and infections. Yet these dodos go on saying you get all you need from food. Thank God for sunshine, is all I can say.

One more: folic acid supplementation has been shown to be vital in preventing major birth defects, notably spina bifida. Across Europe the incidence of spina bifida increases as you travel to the west, reaching a peak in the west of Ireland. It’s so preventable, with simple folate tablets. It’s a crime to infer we get all we need from food. Often the food itself is nutrient deficient, as in this case.

But where these fools fall down so badly and why they are so dangerous in their message is that we are living in a highly stressful, toxic world. The sheer volume of chemicals we are exposed to means that our natural defence mechanisms are completely overwhelmed in struggling to detoxify.

We need, today, AT LEAST 100 times the natural levels of glutathione in our bodies. Glutathione is the #1 detox substance. But for every molecule of toxin removed, we lose a molecule of glutathione. It needs constantly replacing at a higher level than ever before. It’s simply not possible to get enough precursors to necessary substances like glutathione.

Look, let me put this nonsense to you in another way: nutrition is the main requirement, the main pathway to health. The American Dietetic Association is so far removed from any understanding of the real needs of nutrition that their country has now dropped to #35 in the world table of healthy nations.

Nuff said.

[December 2009, Journal of the American Dietetic Association]

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