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doctor’s chocolate on Fox TV

I did a morning slot for Fox 4 TV in Florida a few days ago. It was aired Thursday Sept 4th

I talked about the Doctor’s Chocolate. Tracey was a nice interviewer but she kept repeating the usual caveats “See your doctor” etc etc. Not once but 4- 5 times. She seemed to forget I’m a doctor and know a LOT more than the average MD What’s the point of asking ignorant MDs, who wouldn’t understand nutrition if it bit them in the butt?

Anyway, it stirred the sales of lots of bags of healthy chocolate. Go take a look: learn about The Doctor’s Chocolate, designed by me! It was a short segment, only about 10 minutes.

If you start from the home page, you need to go to “Morning Blend” and scroll down the right-hand side till you see “The Doctor’s Chocolate”

To order some, go to, not the link they give you on screen.

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