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Dr. Keith’s Virus Protocol

Friends and subscribers have been asking me for months now for my suggested anti-virus protocol. What follows is not a knee jerk reaction to COVID-19, like many wannabe writers, but a summation of a lifetime’s experience in dealing with severe illnesses and engaging with Mother Nature’s awesome healing powers.

My experience goes back decades before SARS-Cov-2 was concocted and is based on what I impertinently call “Medicine For Real”. It’s what we did before the pharmaceutical industry took over from doctors! And it worked.

Buckle up for a wild ride!

Maxim #1: Any good health measure is a good anti-viral measure.

The idea that you can eat and drink garbage, blow out and get fat, eat nutritionally depleted food, OD on sugar, slob around watching TV and THEN take some magic potion that will save you is NONSENSE. If that’s your way of living, you deserve to die! (and you will).

But if you nourish your body, don’t abuse it, and cherish it, you will be rewarded by years of good health, and little will hurt you. One caveat to that last though: even a healthy individual can be plunged into sickness by stress and/or a sudden shock.

Maxim #2: The usual cause of coughs, colds and flu is not “contact with an infected person” but stress or sudden loss or shock.

The immune system goes down and you become vulnerable. Another good reason for right living (courage, integrity, love and compassion)…

But that’s for another day.

Chronic Viruses vs. Acute Illness

In my career we have seen the emergence of chronic viral loads in a degree that did not exist before. I blame vaccinations, which dump all kinds of overload on the immune system. But bad diets and pollution have also contributed to this weakening of the immune system.

We now have a condition called “post-viral syndrome” (aka. post-viral fatigue syndrome and often mixed up with fibromyalgia (ME) and Lyme’s)

There is no easy way back. You just have to rebuild your health, mouthful by mouthful; eliminating chemicals in your environment; guarding against excess EMF burdens (WIFI, etc.); and, if you get to work with the right person, eliminating disease “shadows”, using homeopathy.

Most of what I am going to write here today concerns acute viral illnesses. But these protocols can be valuable against post-viral syndrome too.

The 3 Massive Healers

Now let’s clarify the terminology here: sticking a tube up your backside to insufflate with ozone is not exactly “natural”. But it is in accordance with Nature’s laws, if the purpose of doing it is to supply abundant oxygen to nourish damaged tissues.

The three really BIG hitters I’ll start with are:

  • Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)
  • Molecular Hydrogen
  • Oxygen (as ozone, or as nebulized peroxide)

If I was allowed only ONE healing tool in my medical kit bag, it would be copious vitamin C. It works as a vitamin, an antioxidant, a virucidal, bacteriocidal, a vigorous anti-carcinogen and a detoxer par excellence. That doesn’t leave much, does it? Mainly self-damage caused by bad lifestyle! Well, you have choices, don’t you.

Next comes molecular hydrogen (H2). Hydrogen normally hangs around as a positive ion: H+. The universe is flooded with it!

Nature’s pharmacy! How much hydrogen do you need? This space cloud is 11,000 light-years long and 2,500 light-years across! Talk about abundance… Phew!

When 2 hydrogen atoms get together, it’s called a molecular hydrogen, or H2. It too is a very powerful antioxidant but with special qualities. It does destroys the –OH radical (hydroxyl) which is good: but leaves a little of everything, because we need some oxidative stress for what’s called molecular signaling.

It’s great for coughs and colds (these are mainly caused by our old friend coronavirus) and works very fast; seconds, not even minutes. See hydrogen is the lightest substance there is, so light it will soon escape from glass jars and bottles! That means when you swallow water in which H2 is dissolved, your tissues are 100% flooded with it, within seconds. It goes EVERYWHERE in your body! Take a tablet of ActiveH2 once or twice a day. More if you are acutely sick.

Ozone remains very controversial and the FDA claims it is “toxic” Well, so is aspirin: if you take too many you will die. I’m talking about safe, properly administered ozone and whatever the FDA says, it works and it is safe. The late professor Velio Bocci at the University of Siena, Italy, published HUNDREDS of peer reviewed papers, testifying to the medical safety and effectiveness of ozone therapy.

There are the main ways to use ozone:

  1. On the skin (topical or cosmetic)
  2. Blood draw, ozonation and returning the blood back to the body (autohemotherapy or AHT)
  3. Insufflation

My readers will only be interested in the 3rd approach. Ozone, mixed with oxygen, can be introduced into the body by a process called “insufflation” (blowing it up, like a balloon). In practice this means using a tube in the rectum, vagina or ears. It is swift, painless and very effective.

You can do it at home. You will need an ozone generator and an oxygen supply (we don’t use pure ozone, which is highly irritant in its natural state; we let it down with pure oxygen).

Generally a few minutes a day will suffice. And by the way, this treatment has good published science for a variety of conditions, including knee arthritis! PLUS: I found 4 papers on PubMed showing its efficacy against COVID-19.

There is one other way to enrich your body with oxygen and that is by taking (as a meds) hydrogen peroxide. Again, this substance is potentially toxic, BUT ONLY IF YOU ABUSE IT. Done correctly, it is safer than aspirin or Pepto-Bismol!

You can go to the trouble of diluting it and self-administering drops in the mouth. But the easiest by far, if you can get hold of one, is to use a nebulizer.

Regular 3% hydrogen peroxide works fine. You can buy 30% food grade hydrogen peroxide and dilute it tenfold 1:9 (= 3%).

You’ll need a friendly doctor to prescribe the nebulizer (some countries OTC). You put the 3% peroxide directly in the nebulization chamber. If that’s too irritant, dilute it till you are comfortable. It may help to put a drop of Lugol’s iodine in the chamber, along with the peroxide.

Use for 10-minute sessions and start with several sessions a day (hourly, if you are really rough).

Usually you will notice an improvement within hours. But do persist for a couple days after you feel you have recovered. Not only does the peroxide reach your lungs, it floods the whole body. But the danger zone, as it were, is the upper respiratory tract (nose, throat and sinuses), where the viruses congregate in large numbers and keep feeding new pathogens down into the gut and lungs. You want to block that, obviously.

In this day and age of manufactured, gain-of-function viruses and possible forced vaccination, I strongly recommend buy your nebulizing equipment NOW, so that you can treat yourself or your family at a moment’s notice. You don’t want to wait days for your order to arrive before starting treatment.

What To Do If You Choose (Or Are Forced) To Have A Vaccine

Soon we will have to have a vaccine to be able to fly. Already France is “closed” to unvaccinated people, who cannot now eat and drink in a bar, café or restaurant. This insane unscientific trend will continue and expand, worldwide, quite apart from lockdown madness.

This is what you do:

Take 2 – 3 scoops (10 – 15 gram) of Super-C per day, starting 3 days before the  shot, 3 the day of the vaccine, and 3 days afterwards. 

Couple that with 1 ActiveH2 tablet dissolved in water, 3 times a day, the day before, day of, and day after the shot.

Immediately afterwards, start with daily FIR (far infrared) saunas. You have to get the non-medical toxic garbage out of your body before it does any damage. Vitamin C, hydrogen and FIR saunas will NOT block any useful antibody response, tell your doctor.

Shower off well after each sauna, to remove virus particles you may shed, for the protection of others, as well as yourself.

I’ll be introducing a fuller protocol for this soon, called Thermal Chamber Depuration.

Meantime, initiate a full detox routine. That means: 

Magnesium (400 – 500 mg daily)

Glutathione precursors:

  • Alpha lipoic acid (200 mg)
  • NAC (500) mg daily

Large doses of niacin (B3), as you can tolerate it. Start low (100 mg and try to work up to 2,000 mg. Stop after one week.

These toxin busters are all in addition to your normal vitamin and mineral supplements.

We do not need CBD, bentonite, fulvic acid, chlorine dioxide (MMS) or other B*S* hype. Shun the loonies who want you to chelate graphene oxide. It is NOT a metal and so cannot be chelated.

There will be a generalized inflammatory tendency after any vaccine and omega-3s could be a lifesaver. Take your favorite and take LOTS of it; at least 3 grams a day. Properly purified Krill oil is tops (heavy metals from the ocean removed).

Well, I have used up a lot of space and barely touched on this big topic. Clearly I need to create a full handbook on this. I have not even started on chronic virus load and how to treat that.

Meantime, I’ll give some thought to a part 2 next week. What thinks?

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