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Dr. Oz Controversy Lambasted By The Forces Of Villainy

Not that I like Dr. Mehmet Oz, don’t get me wrong. But this story the Dr. Oz controversy is about the machinations of fake science and the control by manipulative evil forces over medical institutions.

A bunch of 10 medical retards got together and wrote a letter to Columbia University, where Dr. Oz is an assistant professor of surgery (and quite a good one by all accounts). They demanded he be removed, because of “conduct unbecoming of a medical school professor”. Strong words!

There’s more: the physicians cited his “disdain for science and for evidence based medicine,” and specifically his “baseless opposition to genetically modified foods [GMOs]”.

Aha! All of a sudden it makes sense; Dr. Oz criticized the criminal filth of Monsanto and other biotech firms, so they want him nailed. Lo and behold, four of the physicians who signed the letter have ties to the American Council on Science and Health, a front group that whitewashes products and practices, such as genetically modified agricultural seeds, glyphosate herbicide, fracking, and e-cigarettes, all of which the ACSH has supported, in return for corporate donations (meaning fat salaries for fat cats).

Plus one doctor, Henry I. Miller, MD, worked for the FDA and organized their phony corrupt stance on these dangerous products, on behalf of the GMO food industry. More on him below…

Let’s not get mad; these guys that sparked the Dr. Oz controversy are just trying to really earn their corruption bribes! It’s kind of sweet!

The part I have trouble with, is that they accuse Dr. Oz (I don’t like him remember but I am totally on his side against this array of crooks) of disdain for science. By that I presume they mean he doesn’t go along with the proven, brazen, forgery, corruption and lies of which Monsanto is proven guilty on the world stage?

The Roundup story is known to everyone: the French researcher Gilles-Éric Séralini, a professor of molecular biology at the University of Caen in France, produces impeccable science showing that rats exposed to even the smallest amounts of glyphosate (a widely used herbicide), developed mammary tumors and severe liver and kidney damage as early as four months in males, and seven months for females.


Up to 50% of males and 70% of females suffered premature death.

Monsanto, true to their Satanic nature (I have heard them re-christened Mon-Satan), claim Séralini’s science is all a below standard and fake.

One of the arguments they use is the strain of rats he tested was the “wrong” ones—but the whole world now knows he used the exact same strain of rats as Monsanto in their phony short-cut tests! It’s mind-boggling, the scale of lying and deceit.

They said he used too few rats for the test to mean anything. But look: if even just a couple of rats got cancer, that’s bad and the fewer the rats, the more potent the risk!

All this against the background that Monsanto blustered its Roundup product through supposed public safety controls, WITHOUT EVEN ONE STUDY TESTING FOR THE LONG TERM TOXICITY OF ROUNDUP. They only ran tests for 90 days.

Can you imagine a test for smoking risks, which had a group of subjects smoke for just 3 months and then stating it was safe to smoke for life?

That’s the scale of lying here. Its unreal.

Well, predictably, the journal that published the study was hounded by Monsanto bullies into retracting the published study. Thank heavens; you breathe a sigh of relief – that means GMO foods are safe after all… phew!

Yeah, right!

“Dr. Oz is guilty of either outrageous conflicts of interest or flawed judgments about what constitutes appropriate medical treatments, or both,” wrote his critics from Hell. “Whatever the nature of his pathology, members of the public are being misled and endangered, which makes Dr Oz.’s presence on the faculty of a prestigious medical institution unacceptable.”

So the members of the public are being “misled” by this TV personality, eh? Unfortunately, Oz has made some stupid blunders from his own greed, like the green coffee bean fiasco (it may emerge he’s being given backhanders to promote products, I don’t know).

But one thing is for sure, the long-suffering public is being misled, lied to, cheated, harmed and even killed by the pharmaceutical industry. Give me the mafia, any day. They are not hypocritical. But the assault on decency, honesty and public concern by these monster corporations has to stop IN MY LIFETIME, or we’ll all be dead.

Oh, and did I mention the disgusting sneaky tactics used by these odious creeps? They wrote the letter and sent it off and then, right away before waiting for an answer, they “leaked it” to the press, hoping the press would come down on Oz.

This is akin to “leaking” a story that Alexander Fleming was a pedophile, therefore the public should not trust penicillin; it doesn’t work.

Columbia University’s reply was along the lines of, “Columbia is committed to the principle of academic freedom and to upholding faculty members’ freedom of expression for statements they make in public discussion.”

Well, I hope they mean it.

Dr. Oz Will Not Be Silenced, Shamed, or Bullied

Next day Dr. Oz came back, asserting his First Amendment rights in the face of what he called “public shaming and bullying.” “Freedom of speech is the most fundamental right. These 10 doctors are trying to silence that right. We will not be silenced”, he said in a press release.

In a subsequent episode of his show, Dr. Oz reiterated charges that the ACSH is just a front group to launder commercial bad practices, which ACSH says isn’t true.

A portion of the show billed as an investigative report also took aim at some of the individual signatories. It described one of them, Henry Miller, MD, as a key supporter of the tobacco industry in the 1990s who “helped write the guiding scientific principles of a group established to fight smoking restrictions.”

According to Oz’s researchers, another letter-signer, Gilbert Ross, MD, the executive and medical director of the ACSH, was convicted of Medicaid fraud in 1993 and served time in prison.

Speaking to the camera, Dr. Oz took offense at the “brazen letter” for calling him a quack. He said that even his harshest critics — the authors of a study published last year in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) — did not stoop that low. The study found that of 80 randomly selected healthcare recommendations made on The Dr. Oz Show, roughly half lacked believable evidence, or else were contradicted by the evidence.

But in fact the authors of the BMJ study absolutely repudiated any suggestion that Dr. Oz and physicians on another television show were quacks or charlatans. “Our data in no way supports these conclusions,” they said and Dr. Oz quoted this statement on his show. Hooray!

Dr. Oz talked at length about genetically modified foods. He said that contrary to what the letter writers alleged, he does not categorically oppose genetically modified organism (GMO) products. “But just like 64 countries around the world, I support GMO labeling so you can decide on the foods for your family.” He also said that he has reported both sides of the issue, interviewing the maker of the “Artic apple” that is genetically engineered not to brown, for example.

Dr. Oz speculated that the 10 physicians urging Columbia University to fire him may have coordinated their letter with a bill before Congress that would prevent states from requiring that GMO foods be labeled; prevent, notice, not discourage. The evil has crept into US government and the current president is surely as guilty as all the other players in this murky subterfuge.

That’s the sad, shady, creepy, despicable state the so-called medical science has sunk to today. It makes me ashamed to put the letters MD after my name. But, outspoken doctors like Oz and myself will never be silenced or bullied.

Hey! To cheer us up, here’s a picture of me and Vivien in Hawaii (Maui)!


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