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Eat this chocolate and be healthier, live longer


Dr Keith’s magic chocolate

It’s over a year now since my designer chocolate went on the market*. In that time we’ve had people lose 50 lbs, start sleeping and relaxing, get rid of stress and everyday tension, kids sleep better and I know at least some people have got rid of depression and thrown away their pills. They are happy to munch THE DOCTOR’S CHOCOLATE.

This is not some candy gimmick. It’s a healthy functional food that is carefully put together with the BEST science can tell us. Prof. Normal Hollenberg of Harvard University is on record as saying epicatechin (which is in my chocolate) should be classified as a vitamin, it protects us against so many good things—notably cancer and heart disease.

According to a study published in the prestigious British Medical Journal, people who eat chocolate live longer on average than those who don’t. You can be sure it’s not the sugar and fats that help: it MUST be the magic of chocolate itself.

Science is now POURING out of the universities, showing just how wonderful a health food (real natural) chocolate is.

I have recorded a very interesting and highly informative talk (about 42 minutes), which you can listen to here:

If you are tempted and want to buy the product, don’t hold up when you see the price. It’s truly an amazing functional food, not just a candy. The “dose” is just 2 a day, that’s less than the cost of a latte coffee at Starbuck’s! What’s more there is next to no fat and sugar in this product, which scores just 20 calories a piece. That’s 40 calories a day: less than eating an apple!

Enjoy, with the blessing of science (could be a Christmas idea too).

The Prof.

*At first the CEO put it with an MLM company, which I hated. There are so many sleazy false chocolate companies out their selling junk chocolate by MLM (one even uses sucralose as a sweetener, which has no credible safety record). THE DOCTOR’S CHOCOLATE is now with some great people called True Healthy Products LLC.

PS. If you are a real hurry, cut straight to the chase and buy here: You’ll hear me talking there!


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